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Found 20 results

  1. I don’t even know why they wasted their time writing this only to write it off as improbable but oh well https://247sports.com/nfl/chicago-bears/Article/Bears-trade-Vic-Beasley-ideal-scenario-128880767/Amp/ The offseason is the perfect time to think outside of the box a little bit. Bleacher Report's Brad Gagnon did just that when he wrote up some offseason trade scenarios for every team in the NFL. One of the more surprising scenarios he laid out was one for the Chicago Bears in which they would acquire former first-round pick Vic Beasley from the Atlanta Falcons. "It's po
  2. ATLANTA FALCONS Matt Ryan May Be Boring, but It's Foolish to Overlook the Former NFL MVP MIKE TANIERAUGUST 23, 2018 Adam Hunger/Associated Press Did you hear what Matt Ryan said on the Dan Patrick Show in response to Jalen Ramsey's "overrated" remarks in GQ? Buckle up, football fans, because these remarks are about to get bumpy: "You know what? I've played for 11 years. So I've heard my fair share of trash-talking from a lot of different people. And if this stuff kept me up at night, I probably wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. So I
  3. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2728492-monday-morning-digest-quarterback-fear-factor?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial A lot of good insight into other teams and struggles... Spotlight: Falcons Defense Preseason Story So Far Team owner Arthur Blank claims that the Falcons now have the fastest defense in the NFL. And while team partisans often offer some loopy opinions (see Clinton Portis' appraisal of the Washington backfield on the last slide), Blank may be onto something. The youthful Falcons starters swarmed all over the Steelers on
  4. I copied their FA rankings of positions that we may look into heavily this offseason. It's a little long might be an understatement. Here is a link to category for the positions. I recommend using CTRL-F or Command-F to find a position or player that they may or may not have wrote about. I found some of it very interesting. I mostly read the DT article because one of the contributors has some articles on the Falcoholic that have been very interesting. Defensive Tackle http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2693536-nfl1000-free-agency-rankings-for-the-2017-dt-market 4-3 OLB h
  5. http://thelab.bleacherreport.com/so-much-darkness-so-much-light/?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=programming-national This article man... Ppl can doubt the man because they feel he is not where they want him to be but i have no idea in my mind Vic will get it ..
  6. They love our boy! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2660578-simms-power-rankings-where-do-atlanta-falcons-rank-entering-the-year
  7. So, I just stumbled across this even though it was from March 14th (and couldn't find it posted anywhere on TAFT). They did a fairly in depth ranking of the top 40 free safeties in the NFL with a point scale taking Coverage (58/70), Run Defense (4/10), Tackling (5/10), and finally Value (15/15) and Allen came in at the #17 best FS in the NFL for last year. There is more of a write up in the article. Areas of improvement were clearly run defense and tackling but with his smaller size, this will likely always be his weakest aspects. If we can add in a solid SS in whats left of FA / Draft i
  8. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2546403-nfl-preseason-report-cards-for-every-team/page/3 Win-Loss Record: 2-2 Analysis You cannot help but notice the different demeanor of these Atlanta Falcons under new head coach Dan Quinn. The team has been more aggressive and a lot more physical than we have seen in quite a while. That's what happens when you add a coach who spent two seasons in Seattle and saw his defense allow the fewest total yards and points in the league. Rookie outside linebacker Vic Beasley certainly bears watching. So does the running back combo of rookie Tevin Coleman and seco
  9. was bored and stumbled upon this little gem i feel like we should all worship at the alter of ryan..its amazing to see how much hes grown right in front of our eyes..sunday was truly a special day but looking forward to many many more days like that RISE UP!!! http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2191591-matt-ryans-6-best-performances-of-his-nfl-career
  10. http://bleacherrepor...-rushing-attack Devonta Freeman's 2014 Preseason Stats Rushing Stats Receiving Stats Attempts 32 Receptions 11 Yards 143 Yards 146 YPC 4.46 YPC 13.2 TDs 1 TDs 0 Stats courtesy of NFL.com Small exert of stats from the article. Pretty decent write up. I love the kid and figured y'all might enjoy the read. It is Bleacher Report. Freeman Rawr!
  11. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2143276-ranking-atlanta-falcons-10-most-critical-players/page/11 By Spencer Harrison 1. Matt Ryan 2. Julio Jones 3. Paul Worrilow 4. Jake Matthews 5. Roddy White 6. Jonathan Babineaux 7. Desmond Trufant 8. Steven Jackson 9. Harry Douglas 10. Devin Hester I agree with the first three.
  12. Atlanta Falcons: Terrence Brooks, S, Florida State (Round 3) One of the draft’s more surprising examples of “Player X selected before Player Y” came with the No. 68 overall pick, when the Atlanta Falcons drafted Wisconsin safety Dezmen Southward before the most complete safety available on the board, Florida State’s Terrence Brooks. It would seem the Falcons fell in love with Southward’s physical potential after he posted some exceptional numbers at Wisconsin’s pro day,including a 4.38-second 40-yard dash and 42-inch vertical jump. That said, Southward was inconsistent in coverage at Wiscons
  13. "The Kansas City Chiefs haven't played anyone." "Sure the Denver Broncos put up a ton of points, but how many elite defenses have they played?" "The Carolina Panthers may have won four straight, but they didn't play any good teams." These rhetorical questions—and many like them—have been trotted out this season to describe certain team's play. Often times, it's a way for someone (a fan or an analyst) to look even-handed in describing a team that is winning (or losing) while that person thinks the team is worse (or better) than their record. At times, it's a legitimate way to push back against
  14. Matt Miller, Bleacher Report A quick note on red flags. As long as I've been evaluating players, I've been very critical of on-and-off field "red flags". Whether that's a failed drug test, contact with an agent or something as vague as "breaking team rules"; I have been one of the most staunch defenders of character as a scoutable trait. That's ending today. In my 10 years in this business there is but a handful of players who had known issues in college and the NFL. There are notable instances of red-flagged players washing out of the league, but it's becoming a non-issue for standout play
  15. Posting only the link due to how the article is laid out on the site, but, feel free to copy/paste it yourself. http://bleacherrepor...ownfall-in-2013
  16. This is a pretty good article that shows how our Pick Your Poision Passing Game works. http://bleacherrepor...atlanta-falcons Gregory Shamus/Getty Images With wideouts Roddy White and Julio Jones, the Atlanta Falcons unquestionably have one of the NFL's best wide receiver tandems. Add tight end Tony Gonzalez to the mix and you have arguably the league's best starting receiving group. The statistics make a strong case: Through 16 weeks, White has caught 87 passes for 1,309 yards and seven touchdowns, Jones 76 for 1,142 and 10 touchdowns and Gonzalez 88 for 889 and eight touchdowns. Combined
  17. I went to Bleacher Report today and came across an article that I thought would be interesting for discussion. It's the offseason anyway so, why not spend it looking back at our past failures? Um, Yay? Anyway, the games mentioned are all across the board and most don't even happen during the Smith/TD/Ryan era. Hopefully this will keep the trolls at bay but I doubt it. There probably aren't a lot of people here that remember some of these games but they are painful nonetheless, and maybe we can learn something by breaking them down. Oh, and yes, this Bleacher Report. I've blasted them a few tim
  18. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1021739-brian-billick-hire-would-be-brilliant-move-for-atlanta-falcons-and-matt-ryan
  19. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/903448-nfl-week-7-picks-atlanta-falcons-and-teams-whose-playoff-hopes-will-be-squashed I simply love representing an underdog team...soon these guys will eat a big fat crow with a sauce!!!
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