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Found 2 results

  1. Nice video of our first pick on the phone with the team as he gets selected. Glad to see we picked such a humble kid with character. The big moment is around 2:25
  2. The problem that I have with Mike Smith is plain and simple... He coaches this team the same way now as he did when he took over the position in 2008. Yes I know four years ago the Falcons franchise was a PR disaster and basically the laughing stock of the NFL. But that is long gone. I know it's still fresh in a lot of people's minds but it really is gone. Last decade gone! It's time to stop playing the PC(politically correct) game, and start coaching. This regime keeps saying they've taken the training wheels off and have higher expectations than just making the playoffs... but they don't act like it. It's time for Smith to stop worrying about losing games and start going out there and trying to be the more aggressive team. I can't stand that they play not to lose by calling the most conservative game plans ever... On both sides of the ball! It won't work with the way the NFL is set up now. I'm glad BVG is gone because his defense really couldn't stop anybody offense with a top 15 QB.MM is the next to go.We all know his contract isn't being picked up and they haven't let him go yet, because if he's fired he'll never get another shot at being a HC.(I feel so sorry for any team that may take him to be the HC) TD and Smith need to go get to coordinators that call both sides of ball aggressively. They can't afford to keep blowing shots in the playoffs, because this is going to be year 5 for Ryan and they have nothing to show but a winning record that consist of mostly beating teams with losing records.
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