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Found 1 result

  1. I truly believe after just 2 games this coming season, you and many others will understand what TD, Quinn, and Blank have done this off season, and what they are still doing.. To make this team , the best team in the Country. I think we may have that team RIGHT NOW.. Big statement I know, but I didn't say it with no backup of what they have done this off season.. It still blows my mind when I think of it. We will be a top 4 team this year. But if you would let me add just one BIG IF,, IF Ryan can stay healthy we will be in the top 4 teams of 2016. My Bold Prediction. And I have never said that before a Season even began. People will say why did you say that.. 1.We have never had a year where we came even close to all the FAs we picked up before the draft this year. This move is what will put us at the top, much more than the solid draft we had. 2. WE had a great Draft and picked up the players that we needed and didn't get in FAcy. 3. Our D# scheme will be very much improved since Quinn has now had this off season to pick up the players we needed for His D#. 4.The only thing that can stop us now from being one of the top 4 teams in the NFL is if Shanny doesn't tweak his O# and take out those plays that take to long to develop.. As persice as they have been about every other need that we needed. I'm sure TD, Quinn, have got with Shanny about taking out all those O# passing plays that take an eternity to develop. I think they will use the Super bowl film to show Shanny how that Manning didn't take more than 4 seconds to get rid of the ball. That was the biggest key for Denver to win that game.. I never dreamed I'd see Manning keep all his passes short. but it was the key to keeping the ball and controlling the clock.. And getting another Ring to go out with.. , And this is the only way we will ever win a SB here in Atlanta. Draftnut57 from Dalton Ga. 5. And I believe we will win a SB either this year or the next. Blank is leaving no stone unturned , Never saw it on this fashion,, = Old preachers term ....
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