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Found 1 result

  1. First off Id like to say, I have posted this before because Im just baffled as to why Dunta is struggling so much as of late. I have said before part of the reason I believed he has was because of the speedy receivers in the nfc as compared to the majority of the number ones he faced in the afc were larger, more physical receivers such as Wayne, Ward, Andre Johson, Moulds/Evans , where as here and the past few years in Atlanta teams are going less typical speed burners in the south we have Steve Smith 2x year, Desean/Macline in pitts the ward has changed over to wallace, TO and Moss gone, Plax Gone and now the youngsters are quicker less physical guys and more of the beat you with route/speed guys. Another thing Ive noticed is in Atlanta, He plays 8 yds off the line and in Houston he would often be up in press coverage and he would put his hands on the wr off the snap.......this is where he begun to win the battle....He would corral the route and get the timing off and he would stay close the entire route.....here whether it be due to getting burnt that hes backed up some, or just the playcalling or scheme im not really sure but it doesn't suite his ability. Hes a more physical corner and needs to be in close contact with the receiver the entire way. My guess is that he does really well this week because he will be matched up against one of the bigger, more common build receivers from 4 years ago in Mike Williams....I will be interested to see if he has one of his great games of past this week and I believe he does... What do you guys think about his recent lack of excellence and what can be done to make him snap out of it if anything.. If he continues to struggle this year I would try switching it up with him and getting grimes in at the #1 spot and flipping dunta to 2 or getting grimes in 1, and hayden at 2 and putting owens at 3 . I have to say owens has looked pretty amazing this year......so far.....Id be willing to give him a shot. We could try Dunta out at safety with sanders or moore........I think Dunta would make an excellent Free Safety......dont knock me for being creative...he has the ball hawking ability we look for in a safety and I think our D would be amazing with him back there......plus we all know he likes to lay the wood.....Id be interested to see him at safety...then he wouldnt have so much pressure of these small guys burning by him, hed be upfield hawking the balls...and hey if hes not getting the job done, what would it hurt to try it...you never know...he might just be the best safety in the league
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