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Found 4 results

  1. I used to live for 20+ years in Atlanta, but now I live in the Bay Area (since 2003). I left the city, but not the memories and my affiliation to the Falcons. This season has been like a jigsaw puzzle- difficult dissecting the Falcons. Regardless, I will take a 8-5 record with a difficult schedule with the chance of winning the division. The NFC is full of parity and no team is invincible. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Wild Card team causing havoc in the playoffs. The Rams and the Eagles Are unknown commodity in the playoffs with young inexperienced QB’s. The Vikings are good defensively, but are not a super team. I wouldn’t be surprised that a team like the Falcons, the Saints, and Seattle could be far more dangerous with experienced QB’s. The Falcons are focused and they will finish strong. The Panthers will be out of the playoff contention due to tough schedule and one-dimensional offense that is very predictable. As real fans, we need to be optimistic and anything could happen once we make it to the playoffs. We have a great Conference record and winning record on the road. We have beaten the Saints, Seahawks, Cowboys, Packers, and the Lions. We will blowout the Bucs on MNF, and will go to New Orleans with a momentum. Our Defense is looking good and more experienced than last year. We are producing sacks and hits on the opposing OBs. Our running game is strong and OL has only given 17 sacks. We are definitely talented and could cause major havoc in the playoffs.
  2. The criminal complaint an FBI agent filed in federal court laid out some details of the comings and goings after one prisoner was caught Feb. 3. Justin Stinson was returning to the prison camp with a bag containing tequila, a cellphone, scissors, cigarettes, cigars and food, the complaint said. Stinson was indicted on Valentine’s Day on one count of escape and five counts of possession of prohibited items. He is to be arraigned Wednesday.
  3. My partner in crime and I plan on invading Soldier Field and cheering on our Falcons for the season opener against the bears on Sunday September 10th and we plan on rising up in Chicago all weekend. There's actually a Falcons Bar there named Kelsey's! Pep Rally, anyone? I'm sounding the alarm and lighting up the bat-signal. Let's follow our team into battle and show them the real falcons fanbase. We. Want. You. Let's go!!!
  4. AUDIO NOT PHONE SPEAKER FRIENDLY too much bass: Here is a vid i shuffled together using the brotherhood videos and other utube vids. Regardless of the end results, we should all be proud of what this team accomplished last season. And use that as our fuel for the fire. Its a short vid and would appreciate any views thanks.