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Found 11 results

  1. Dear Mr. Blank - If Dan Quinn remains head coach after today’s game, I will not spend another second watching this team or giving you my hard-earned money. How many more games will you allow your HEAD COACH to cost your team games? After years of questionable decisions and then insanely boneheaded decisions the past two weeks — last weekend him not challenging a clear touchdown and today giving the Cowboys at extra 8 yards, which was just enough for a hooking field goal to go through the uprights — he must go. Dan Quinn seems like a nice fella but he is fully incapable of leading us
  2. Let me clarify a few things first: I love this team through and through, and I think Arthur Blank and TD have overall done a great job as owner/GM. With that being said, I am so incredibly disappointed by our team's management these past two years. Devonta Freeman -- despite us having Tevin Coleman and plenty of draft stock -- received the highest paid contract for a RB in the LEAGUE. Desmond Trufant, despite missing the entirety of 2016 and our defense actually improving -- received an incredibly lucrative contract. Tevin Coleman has been reported to receive his money soon as well.
  3. With the end of a season that was disappointing for many, I decided to take a look back and appreciate where the franchise is at. I recognize that some feel that it's all pointless until the Falcons win a ring. While I can agree with that to an extent and it's certainly the first priority as fans and as a franchise, I wanted to take a minute to give some credit to Arthur Blank. I think we can all appreciate how crucial it is to have an owner that is set on doing what he think is best to win and then making it happen. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few numbers: As many o
  4. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21206250/dallas-cowboys-jerry-jones-owners-trying-halt-roger-goodell-proposed-contract-extension Sounds like JJ actually wants Goodell OUT as commish but knows he can't pull that off. So he's leading a group of owners who want to stop a contract extension for Goodell. Arthur is the head of the committee trying to get the extension done.
  5. I love our new owner Arthur Blank!! Did you see him dancing? Loved it!
  6. On her show, she was auctioning her wedding dress from the movie Mr. Wrong for her new charity called Start Rescue. While watching it, I looked for the winning bidder and lo and behold...It is our beloved owner Arthur Blank being the winner.. He won the dress for $8,000 for her charity as well as Ellen signed it. It is nice as a fan to have a great owner and person being generous and loving for animals.
  7. They've said that Arthur Blank will be on soon, might be worth a listen...
  8. On southpark i was like haha they did a good job drawing Arthur Blank
  9. If it wasn't for arthur blank we'd be the same ole falcons. Just think he deserves alot of credit for our success. He has been all about the ring from day one. Success has not came easy but look at us now. LOOK AT US NOW!
  10. Full head of hair. Camera friendly face. The writing is on the wall folks. Save this post. Mark it now. Nolan has EVERYTHING Blank looks for in a head coach. Mike Smith might not make it past pre-season.
  11. We fans miss you being on sidelines with your team in 4qtr. ( Alteast, on tv screen I dont see you ) Please make your presence available especially next to Shoddy White. May be you can bring some sense in to his potty head! PLEASE!!!!!
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