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  1. Guest

    Possible Fa Left

    I was reading through this article http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1129624-atlanta-falcons-free-agency-5-players-left-on-the-market-that-could-help/page/2 and I saw a few names that stuck out. Tim Hightower. He could help Turner out with splitting the loads of carries. I know he signed last year for just 1.2 million. so I wonder if we could get him to a 3 year contract for 4.5 million. - He is not a amazing player and he only did slightly better then snelling. Plus we got snelling back. So I wouldn't see this move happening. If we were to get a running back to split carries with Turner then I rather have addai, who was cut and projected at 3 million/year. Or ladainan tomilson who could go for a million/year. -but I am not sure if these would be wise moves. OK we lost Lofton. and a lot say for good reasons. and I have heard Lofa and dent will do just fine. but I am unsure. not all rookies do well in the NFL; but I hope dent does. Lofa took a long break, so he really should be at 100%, but I am unsure. and we lost Lofton, but I think we knew we were going to. anyhow I think maybe we could get a guy. E.J. Henderson He puts up numbers like Lofton and is better in pass coverage. only down side is, he has been hurt before. 2008/ only had 4 games, and 2009 missed 4 games. once he came back for 2010 and 2011 His numbers were better. And he is a guy who should take 3-6 million a year. The last on the list is Lardarius Webb. I would love to pick him up; but the only thing is that we have to find out what is going on with grimes AND webb is a first round tender. I do not see the falcons doing this. So do you think there is anyone else out there? I mainly think the only person we might consider off this entire list would be E.J. Henderson
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