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Found 1 result

  1. So here's the story 6 months ago my wife and I traveled to Spokane to attend a concert with some friends.. after the concert we went out for a night of drinks.. my friend (David) was hammered by the time we left the first bar... he drove us to another parking lot which we barely made it to by the grace of god... after another 2 hours of drinks we returned to his vehicle where the real story begins.. as we got in his truck a random stranger jumped in the back seat... a argument ensued between the stranger and David/Me. David wanted to fight said stranger.. I kept the two separated until stranger got close to David.. David then decided to spear tackle the stranger into the vehicle and began fighting.. stranger got on top of David and had him pinned.. I grabbed the strsnger and pulled him by his belt up of David as they continued to fight.. the stranger pulled away from me landing on David who let out a squeal... fight ends, David ends up with broken femur, I carry him to his vehicle so his gf can drive him to the hospital... no police report.. no paper trail.. fast foreard 6 months... David is sending me papers via his lawyer requesting my homeowners policy trying to get me to pay his medical bills because he did not have health insurance and acquired 100k in medical bills.. advice please? He tried baiting me into saying I stepped on his leg multiple times after the accident, to which I denied every time and reminded him that it was him who started the fight unnecessarily thus getting his leg broken. He was highly intoxicated as was his gf and his brother. Basically it is me and my wife's word against theirs.. so yea.. complete horse**** deal on his part. Any suggestions? I've already talked to my insurance agent