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Found 5 results

  1. What up falconsfam? From Pound 4 Pound ATL. I released a song on our YouTube channel. That I believe is a great song and video to get you hype for this 2020 season and those all black home uniforms at the benz. Wanted your brutally honest thoughts. You like it or trash it. Song is called "ATL Blackout". It's not what we usually release on the channel, but wanted to share.
  2. Did a lot of promoting Downtown Atlanta and at Training Camp and the song seems to be gaining a lot of popularity and traction just need more help...even if you don't purchase just share it to your Twitter, Facebook or any other social site and its greatly appreciated. I've worked hard and really would be ecstatic to have this anthem played in the Dome...check it out here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/how-we-rise-up/id858562957?i=858563044 you can sample the majority of the track for free...YOU AIN'T A TRUE FALCONS FAN WITHOUT IT!
  3. New Falcons Anthem heard here https://itunes.apple...957?i=858563044 finally made its way to the team today...several fans have already purchased and hopefully soon the Falcons will adopt it and we can lift the Lombardi with the track playing in the background.
  4. What's happening guys, I am going to training camp this Wednesday coming up and wondering if anyone else will be there. I will be checking the team out obviously but also want to get some cd's hopefully in the right hands. The new Falcons anthem is here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/how-we-rise-up/id858562957?i=858563044 and you can sample it for free without buying. It is the song that will be playing when the Falcons life the Lombardi at the end of this season. You ain't a true Falcons fan without it and I won't stop til it's rockin' the dome. Appreciate all the support so far and all the people that have purchased it.
  5. Check out my new Falcons Anthem for 2014 that I am pushing to get played at the Dome this season. I am posting the link to iTunes so it can be sampled for free.... https://itunes.apple...=858563044Â Â I have posted once before and not looking for advice on how to record or lay the track out as it is obviously already laid out and ready to go so either you like it or you don't but any comments welcomed...appreciate the time fellow Falcon fans
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