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Found 1 result

  1. Let me just start by saying I love my wife and kids and I wouldn't purposely do anything to hurt them. I have a history of anger problems which forced me to go to anger management and my counselor identified my love of sports as a potential problem. Anyhow, I'm sharing this because I know I am not alone and I know this issue is more prevalent than most would care to admit. When Roddy dropped the ball at the end of the game I lost my mind. I picked up my 40 inch flat screen and slammed it on the ground. When I ripped the tv off its stand, the cord you plug into the wall whipped around and hit my 7 year old son in the face. It didn't hit him hard but he started crying. To make it worse, I was so angry that I didn't even notice. My wife said he hid behind the couch and started crying uncontrollably, while I was in the other room slamming my head against the door frame. I feel absolutely horrible. My wife won't talk to me and both of my children are scared. Have any of you ever dealt with anything like this? All I know is the Falcons better get their **** together next year because I can't take much more of this.
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