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Found 1 result

  1. Most of us here love Matt Ryan. He is a Hall of Fame QB. He has been nothing but a godsend for the franchise and count me among his biggest fans. That said. He is 32 years old and has reached the age of diminishing returns. If the number is truly 30 Million a season, it is time to move on and I have a ready made solution that would keep Atlanta playing Championship Football: Tyrod Taylor. First, Ryan would still bring a significant return in a trade whereas we can strengthen the lines, maybe grab another reciever, or bring in a guy like Earl Thomas and Michael Bennet. None of those things may be posible with Ryan commanding 30 million a year. Regarding Tyrod Taylor. He is experienced. He is Athletic. He could be the reincarnation of Michael Vick in Atlanta! A mobile QB whose desire to do whatever it takes to win is well noted. Michael Vick had his best offensive Season in Atlanta under who? Gregg Knapp. The Bills can save $15 million from making Taylor a post-June cut and look likely to move on. The Broncos, who went after Taylor in 2015 free agency, have been connected as a possible landing spot. I say make a premptive strike! Trade Matt Ryan while the return is still good and turn the offense over to Taylor who at 28 is in the prime of his career. You can still draft a QB for the future from the benefits of a Ryan trade and still continue the´playoff run we have come to enjoy. I love Ryan. But I have to separate emotion from reality and realize that the time has come to trade the franchise in order to continue the franchise as we must get better in several áreas and a Matt Ryan extensión, while emotionally appealing would hamstring this franchise from being competitive financially for the duration of said extensión. Dan Quinn has shown that the defense will dictate the future of the Atlanta Falcons. We are no longer a Run and Shoot Team and Tyrod would also be a better fit for a ball control offense and has the wheels to escape should the pocket continue to break down. He is the most Athletic QB available and does not come with the inexperience of starting a rookie QB. Matt Ryan would flourish inDenver, Jacksonville, Miami, or any of a number of teams. Now is the time to cash in our lottery ticket just like we did when we drafted the guy out of Boston College.
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