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Found 4 results

  1. I know that when your offense scores 28 points on the road, they problably did a good job and you´re supposed to win the game. And those two INT by Matty were most a result of the pressure that the falcons defense put on the offense, to try to make something happened. It was just desperation caused by our D. But in the first half Matt Ryan threw 5 times to Julio Jones, for 5 catches and 70 yards, but then when the falcons needed the most he didn´t look for him. In the second half Matt threw at him 3 times, for one catch for 12 yards. The others throws were; one, a bad one by numero 2 and a long one that was a little underthrow and could/should have been called for PI on Xavier Rhodes. My point is, that the falcons failed to take advantaged of his best playmaker, who was being nothing but effective, and instead they tried to force the ball to Roddy, who was slow, obvioulsy not 100% and having a bad day with 5 drops, I believe, and to Hester who did have a good game and is serviceable on offense, but they threw two long balls to him silimar to the catch he make against the saints, and he failed to catch any of those. The falcons D make the game hard to watch, I knew we were limited, but I never expect anything like these, but the offense could have done more, especially if you considered that Julio was killing it, that he´s the best player on the field and we needed points, and yet they forgot to use him in the second half.
  2. I've seen a lot of people calling Ryan the problem. Calling the coaches the problem, calling TD the problem, but the truth is, this thing is broken. The entire team from top to bottom needs to be reviewed and looked at, to see if we can move forward and finally create a winner that can also transfer that success to the Postseason. For me there is not one place that all the blame falls...it falls on this entire organization. The Falcons are the problem. To listen to Blank's comments after the game, TD and Smith are safe, so those arguments, no matter how valid can be put to rest, but no player, and everyone knows I love Ryan, but NO player is safe now. This team has shown over and over and over (3 overs for the amount of playoff losses) that they cannot compete with teams with playoff teams, and this year, we knew it, but many (like myself), continued to buy this bill of goods that this was a good team that would eventually hit it's stride. It's taken a third consecutive loss in three consecutive ties to realize that this team has hit it's ceiling, as currently constructed. Without changes to coaching and personnel, this team will always be good, but not great. Jim Collins said: "Good is the enemy of great", and thas how I feel about the Falcons today.
  3. I haven't seen the Falcons dominate another team like they did the Jaguars last night in a long long time if ever. I remember in Matt's rookie year they went out to Oakland and laid it on the BUST that was J. Russel. Held them to negative total yards in the 1st half. But even then I don't remember the O putting on a show like last night. Then I also them running the score up on the 49ers two or three years ago, but the defense didn't clamp down like they did last night. I know the Jags are a bottom 5 team. But I've seen them beat Baltimore and hold there own against the Chargers and Steelers, not to mention the beat down they put on the Bucs last week. The Falcons dominated them plain and simple big plays from Ryan, White, and Julio and the defensive line looked dominant. That was the 1st time I've seen both Babs and Peters getting consistent pressure up the middle. Combine that with able playing out of his mind and even Edwards applying pressure off the edge and it ended up being a 5 sack night. I know a lot of people on this board have envisioned this in kind of performance in there minds after adding players like Julio and Edwards. And hearing things like explosive plays and the new greatest show on turf. After 14 weeks of ups and downs it was nice to see a complete game in which the Falcons dominated. We can only hope that the momentum can carry down to New Orleans next week and keep on building. Prove all the analyst that still don't believe wrong.
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