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Found 1 result

  1. Five winning seasons and executive of the year accolades may be making Thomas Dimitroff's ego become outsized. Granted, he has done what no other GM has done in team history however he is showing a nagging stubbornness to select who he wants and make personnel decisions which seem to have a "this is my way, and I am in charge" tone. For instance, the insistence on "cheaping" in the key area of the trenches. Games are won or lost on the line of scrimmage yet he is stubbornly building against the proven grain of inside out rather than outside in. No run stuffing tackles, pass rushing ends, pancake blocking tackles or road grading guards but cornerbacks and safeties. Why is the same virtual defense, which was ranked 24th last year (and 25th in 13) still intact, other than Trufant and Alford at the corners? What will happen when this unit eventually fails at stopping the run, a fact which has caused the eventual demise of the previous 3 campaigns? Why does Dimitroff insist on forcing the Peria Jerrys, Jonathan Massoquois, and the Cliff Mathews on our sensibilities as if to say that they will succeed, evidence be ignored? I assert that Dmitroff is coasting on four good decisions: Hiring Mike Smith, drafting Matt Ryan, signing Tony Gonzalez and boldly trading up for Julio Jones. The remainder of his personel decisions have been dubious. Again, what is this reluctance to acquire defensive stoppers, particularly at the defensive tackle position? His arrogance in doing it "his way" has lead to a lack of a pass rush in all of his 5 seasons as GM as well as an overall inability to stop prolific rushing attacks (in the 4 losses in 12, all 4 teams ran for nearly 150 yards and other than a last second miracle against Seattle, not stopping the run would have again led to an early exit from the playoffs) It is time to address these needs and admit that, as far as the line of scrimmage goes, his way is failing noticeably.
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