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Found 2 results

  1. With the knowledge of the Falcons needs, I played GM and I went looking at the teams that need cap space and looked at the guys they have at the positions of need whose contracts are over after 2015. One name stood out to me: DeAndre Levy - ILB Detroit Any trade scenario would have to be for a pick that would allow them to get a top MLB as a replacement obviously. I think a 2nd rounder would certainly do that. They would get back 3.5 mil in cap space. They currently have only 5.5 mil. What do you think? What would it take? Would you do it?
  2. I know it's ridiculous but TD has proven himself to be agressive and I'm practing for my armchair/madden GM job. Both scenario's call for a healthy Peyton Manning. Besides it looks like we will have alot of cap room next year. Much of Ryans salary was absorbed this year and will be cheaper next year making him more valuable Scenario One - 3 team trade - Players several years into their contracts for minimal salary cap penalty - 1. Trade Matt Ryan for two 1st round draft picks and a 3rd string WR - Cleveland's two 1st rounders(incuding our pick for Julio) or any teams first this year and next. 2. Take those two first, Roddy, and potentially Grimes(franchised) if that's what it takes for the 1st pick and right to draft Andrew Luck. Matt Ryan replaced by Andrew Luck Roddy White replaced by Harry Douglas Harry Douglas replaced by 3rd string WR trade(Harry could still line up in the slot for 3 wide sets) Brent Grimes replaced by Kelvin Hayden or a FA(This one hurts most unless there is a great FA out there). Kelvin Hayden nickel job replaced by draft pick or FA(no faith in Owens or Franks) - D Walls could also compete at nickel/dime with a year under his belt. This scenario would trade away 2-3 high quality players near the end of their contracts so the salary cap implications would be minimal. Scenario Two: 1. Sign Peyton Manning - Peyton heals as recent rumors would suggest - Peyton's 28 million dollar option is not picked up in March since the Colts plan to draft A Luck and the injury leaves a question marks. I'm sure there will be changes to the Colts staff. Why try to rebuild short term when Manning is your only weapon? Kelvin Hayden has healed from the same surgery. 2. Trade Matt Ryan for two 1st round picks and use them I know neither will never happen but if it did we could upgrade the QB position we are already doing well at. I know everyone has an opinion of Ryan and I really like him. However he's in that good to really good range but not in the elite with Brady, Manning, Rodgers, and maybe Brees. I love his decision making but not his accuracy. Luck has a chance to be elite and Manning if fully healed already is. Good QB's have a CHANCE to win a Super Bowl. Elite QB's USUALLY win at least one Super Bowl.
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