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Found 1 result

  1. I was perusing my Twitter today when I came across this: "Both Joel Dressen and Jacob Tamme both played 80+% of snaps for the #Broncos. That's more than either Broncos RB" Didn't even realize this, so I clicked the link, which took me to footballoutsiders.com and revealed the following snaps played (%): Demaryius Thomas: 93% Eric Decker: 92% Joel Dressen: 86% Jacob Tamme: 83% Willis McGahee: 69% Knowshon Moreno: 27% Brandon Stokley: 25% As you can see, majority of the sets the Broncos ran were 2 TE sets. If this is the case again, we will be in more base sets than nickel sets. That means Owens or whoever won't be seeing too much field. But that also means Dent will be. I see him blitzing up the middle a lot with Nic and Spoon manning up the TEs. The problem the Steelers had with stopping the Broncos was cornerback play from Keenan Lewis and Ike Taylor. I'd say Asante is better than Ike and DRob is better than Lewis. But like I said prior, our corner play won't matter if Moore and Decoud don't step up this game. The Steelers corners sucked but the only safety they had was Troy P and he was playing close to the line. They were missing Clark. So I think we should be able to handle the players the Broncos field, but it will come down to stopping them and making Peyton force things under pressure. Peyton is good, but people keep thinking this is Peyton with Reggie, Collie and Clark. This isn't. He's still great, but is supporting cast is very beatable.
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