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Found 5 results

  1. Battle of the bottom. Panthers 1-45th in overall offense5th in passing offense13th in rushing offense14th in scoring offense 18th in overall defense15th in passing defense28th in rushing defense27th in scoring defense Falcons 2-319th in overall offense14th in passing offense22nd in rushing offense19th in scoring offense 24th in overall defense27th in passing defense8th in rushing defense26th in scoring defenseShould be a good game. Thoughts?
  2. Panthers: 1-2 7th in overall offense 4th in passing offense 24th in rushing offense 17th in scoring offense 17th in overall defense 14th in passing defense 25th in rushing defense 18th in scoring defense Bears: 1-2 23rd in overall offense 17th in passing offense 31st in rushing offense 17th in scoring offense 25th in overall defense 26th in passing defense 18th in rushing defense 19th in scoring defense Going on the road is always difficult. Especially for young teams against competitive competition. I trust Newton to evade most of the pressure that comes at him from their front four,
  3. Lions: 3-0 10th in overall offense 4th in passing offense 26th in rushing offense 4th in scoring offense 6th in overall defense 4th in passing defense 21st in rushing defense 3rd in scoring defense Cowboys: 2-1 5th in overall offense 3rd in passing offense 27th in rushing offense 13th in scoring offense 5th in overall defense 12th in passing defense 2nd in rushing defense 16th in scoring defense I think Suh is going to put a hurtin' on Romo. On that same note, I think Ware is going to put a hurtin' on Stafford. I think the Cowboys will double/triple cover Megatron. Force some o
  4. Jaguars: 1-2 28th in overall offense 32nd in passing offense 6th in rushing offense 31st in scoring offense 4th in overall defense 7th in passing defense 5th in rushing defense 13th in scoring defense Saints: 2-1 2nd in overall offense 2nd in passing offense 14th in rushing offense 2nd in scoring offense 21st in overall defense 27th in passing defense 9th in rushing defense 30th in scoring defense All signs point to the Saints going in and taking care of business. If Jack Del Rio does the ole "Run the ball 200 times a game, and not pass", then the Saints have this locked up by at leas
  5. Colts: 0-3 29th in overall offense 27th in passing offense 21st in rushing offense 28th in scoring offense 19th in overall defense 18th in passing defense 22nd in rushing defense 29th in scoring defense. Buccaneers: 2-1 22nd in overall offense 21st in passing offense 20th in rushing offense 17th in scoring offense 24th in overall defense 23rd in passing defense 23rd in rushing defense 9th in scoring defense. Looks like it's going to be the Curtis Painter experience this Monday night. Colts don't seem to be really trying. Their morale of their entire team seems to be at an all time low
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