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Found 18 results

  1. Too many times people say, that the winning team must have wanted it more. Two undefeated teams. Someone goes home with a loss. The other is undefeated. Who wants it more?? This game proved both teams wanted the win just as badly. At the one inch line.... Great game!! except for I didn't like the mistakes. Lions go home dejected...but can hold their heads up......Go FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Were we ever this delusional?http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/9-7-could-win-our-division-%40falcons-week-17-a-360287/#.WAZvWOUrJdg
  3. http://sportsandgoal.com/nfl/breaking-cowboys-trade-dez-bryant-for-adrian-peterson/ Rumors surfaced this morning that Jerry Jones had been very privately communicating with Vikings ownership in an effort to acquire Adrian Peterson, but quickly found out that there was only one player that would make it worth it to the Vikings. Dez Bryant. After rapid fire meetings and discussions, the Cowboys decided to do the deal.
  4. November 2nd, mark your calendars. Discovery Channel Did anyone watch him cross the Grand Canyon? 'Twas epic! Especially watching it live. I have a HUGE amount of respect for this man and what he stands for.
  5. http://thinkprogress.org/media/2014/07/04/3456669/opie-and-anthony-host-fired-by-siriusxm-after-this-brutally-racist-tirade-on-twitter/ Warning language NSFW. Judging by the tweets I now think ABF has been trolled by Opie and Anthony!
  6. The Roma: A thousand years of discrimination continues in Europe, advocates say By David Simpson, CNN October 21, 2013 -- Updated 1205 GMT (2005 HKT) Greek authorities have requested international assistance to help identify the four-year-old girl. A handout photo released by Greek police shows the girl, who was found in central Greece during a crackdown on illegal activities by members of the Roma community. A woman holding her child poses for photos at the camp near Farsala, which lies some 280km (173 miles) north of Athens, Greece, on Sunday, October 20. the child from her biological mother. But the police say they are suspicious of the records the couple have provided for the child and for other children in the couple's care. Panagiotis Pardalis, a spokesman for Smile of the Child, the charity taking care of Maria, said the girl was found amid "bad living conditions, poor hygiene." (CNN) -- From the time they entered Europe from India a thousand years ago, the Roma were targets of discrimination. Countries passed laws to suppress their culture and keep them out of the mainstream -- and sometimes went much further. Roma were enslaved in Hungary and Romania in the 15th century and targeted for extermination by Nazi Germany 500 years later. Opinion: Europe's Roma discrimination shame Estimates of Romani deaths in the Holocaust range from 25% to 70% of the Roma population in Europe. Charity cares for mystery girl in Greece Greek couple claims 14 other kids <a class="cnnvideo_clicklink" href="http://edition.cnn.c...tml?hpt=hp_c1#" title="Click to watch this video"> France: Deported teen can return, alone Many Roma remain on the fringes of mainstream European society -- a fact underscored in the current case of a Romani couple accused of child abduction in Greece. The fair-skinned child caught the eyes of authorities when they visited a Roma community. The couple's attorney says they adopted the child from the biological mother but didn't go through a legal process. Rights groups say the latest case is bound to shine a harsh spotlight once again on the Roma. "The risk of this case is to further put more stereotype and racism on the general picture of the Roma community," said Dezideriu Gergely, executive director of European Roma Rights Centre. "What is important here is to understand that this case is not one that defines the Roma. It is a case that needs to be looked at as an individual case and that could happen in any minority group. Not culturally related to the Roma minority or ethnically related to the Roma minority. Criminality is not ethnically related." Photo gallery: The plight of the Roma How are the Roma today? Today, one in three Roma in Europe are unemployed and 90% live below the poverty line, according to the European Union Agency for Fundamental Human Rights. Many Roma continue to live in camps or caravans, but it's hard to say how many prefer that lifestyle and how many simply cannot find a way to settle down. Advocates say the Roma are denied a fair chance to secure housing, employment and education. And the EU human rights agency said governments must act to stop the "exclusion" of the Roma from mainstream society. How many people are Romani? From 10 million to 12 million in Europe, according to the EU human rights agency, which said last year that the Roma are Europe's largest minority. Most live in southern and eastern Europe, although they can be found throughout the continent. What is their language? The Romani language includes multiple dialects, all evolved from Sanskrit. The language is largely unwritten, however, because of the high rates of illiteracy in most Roma communities, according to information from Minnesota State University. What is their religion? Some are Christian and some are Muslim, having converted while migrating through Persia and the Balkans, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Why were they called gypsies? Because when they entered Europe -- perhaps from the 8th to 10th centuries, although scholars differ on the timeline -- people mistakenly thought they came from Egypt. Actually, they originated in the Punjab region of India. The term "gypsy" is considered pejorative by some Roma. Romani scholar Ian Hancock, a Romani raised in Great Britiain, says the term falsely implies that Roma are not a race -- that they are simply a group choosing a lifestyle. Why did the Roma become nomads? Probably because they were distrusted and discriminated against by Europeans. Like Jews, the Roma often were prohibited from buying land or entering the more stable occupations. At some point, the nomadic lifestyle became the norm for them. By the 20th century, the number of truly nomadic Roma began declining. Some advocates say many Europeans wrongly assume all Roma still want to be nomads -- and use that belief to justify authorities' failure to provide housing when they evict Roma from camps. What kind of discrimination did they face? Roma were living in Spain, France, England, and large parts of what is today Russia and Eastern Europe by the late 1400s. They suffered persecution in those countries ranging from laws against their language and dress to expulsion, according to Minnesota State. In the beginning of the 15th century, many Roma were forced into slavery by Hungarian and Romanian nobles who needed laborers for their large estates, according to the university. Roma suffered persecution during World War II. The Nazis judged Roma to be "racially inferior," according to the Holocaust museum. "Their fate in some ways paralleled that of the Jews," the museum said. The Nazis subjected Roma to internment, forced labor, and murder. "While exact figures or percentages cannot be ascertained, historians estimate that the Germans and their allies killed around 25% of all European Roma," the museum says. "Of slightly less than 1 million Roma believed to have been living in Europe before the war, the Germans and their Axis partners killed up to 220,000." Is the modern discrimination just economic? Amnesty International says European governments continue to actively discriminate against the Roma. The organization says the French government, ignoring court rulings, continues to evict people from Roma settlements with inadequate provision for other housing. Amnesty International is spotlighting segregation of Romani children in schools in Slovakia. School segregation also has been an issue in Greece. The European Court for Human Rights ruled that Greek authorities discriminated against Roma children in the town of Aspropyrgos, where non-Roma parents in 2005 blockaded an elementary school to demonstrate against the admission of Roma children. The Roma children were placed in a separate building.
  7. Mixed this up from a few different rosters I've seen... I really feel like this is what we will see in 2013. Forgive me for any mistakes OFFENSE QB-Matt Ryan, Dominique Davis RB-Steven Jackson, Jacquizz Rodgers, Jason Snelling, FB-Brady Ewing WR-Roddy White,Julio Jones,Harry Douglas,Martel Moore, Darius Johnson TE-Tony Gonzalez,Levine Toilolo,Chase Coffman RT-Lamar Holmes, PhiillipKeith Manley RG-Garrett Reynolds, Mike Johnson C-Peter Konz,Joe Hawley LG-Justin Blalock,Harland Gunn LT-Sam Baker,Terran Jones DEFENSE RE-Osi Umenyiora,Jonathan Massaqoui,Stansly Maponga DT-Johnathan Babineaux, Richard Seymour, Corey Peters, Peria Jerry,Travian Robertson LE-Malliciah Goodman,Cliff Matthews, Kroy Biermann (fluid position) ROLB-Sean Weatherspoon, Pat Schiller MLB-Akeem Dent, Brian Banks LOLB-Stephen Nicholas, Joplo Bartu CB-Asante Samuel,Desmond Trufant,Robert Alford,Robert McClain, Dominique Franks SS-William Moore, Zeke Motta FS-Thomas Decoud,Kemal Ishmael SPECIAL TEAMS P/K-Matt Bosher,Matt Bryant, Josh Harris PRACTICE SQUAD Theo Goins RT/RG Peyton Thompson CB Terrence Johnson CB Adam Replogle DT Ronnie Wingo RB Sean Renfree QB Drew Davis WR Antone Smith RB
  8. As a life long Falcons fan, I cannot express how happy I am with the current organization and players. We only need a few good off season tweeks to get better. I am so excited about the future of the Falcons. We FINALLY have a franchise, elite, winner at QB We finally have a coach with a sustained winning streak and is an all around nice guy to boot We have a GM who is respected league-wide and is not afraid to pull the trigger on big deals (Julio) We have, to me, one of the GREATEST owners in all of professional sports If you have been around this franchise for more than just the last ten years, what we are going through right now feels like nirvana!!!!!
  9. the Extra Special People Network are really going to be reaching for reasons to sukk off their NY GIants this weekend. It will be interesting to see the delusional BS they come up with.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_3tl3mBfNs YOUR FIRST TIME SHOULD BE SPECIAL!!!! EDIT-- somethings weird about the topic liner, sorry for the double up.
  11. Looks like the U has lost some of their luster. Check out the stadium as the team took the field today: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/thanks-showing-miami-fans-photo-175408799--ncaaf.html
  12. https://fiber.google.com/about/ Google announces 1 GB per second internet and $0/a month internet.
  13. The Cowboys traded their first-round pick and their second-round pick to the St. Louis Rams to move up eight spots and select LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne with the No. 6 pick in the draft. The Cleveland Browns moved up one spot (from 4th to 3rd) to take Trent Richardson in the draft, giving the Minnesota Vikings their first, fourth, fifth and seventh-round picks. The Vikings moved back just one spot and now have 13 picks! And they still get their guy, Matt Khalil! Wow.
  14. I thought he'd be out for several games at least, and I worried that we wouldn't win this game after all...then somehow, he comes back and throws a 40+ yard 3rd down conversion to HD. Say what you will about him, but never claim he isn't tough or clutch...iffy game for him imho, but he did what he needed to do.
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