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Found 13 results

  1. The fact remains that the Atlanta Falcons are currently strapped for cap space. However, without making any resounding moves they will need to get creative to improve the defensive line. I believe that this offseason will be the perfect test for this team and show they elect to move forward. The following are three defensive line free agents the Falcons should target. Charlotte Observer 1. DT Gerald McCoy After signing a 1-yr deal with the Carolina Panthers Gerald McCoy finds himself in a similar situation. He finished the season with five sacks, seven tackles for loss, and 13 quarterback hits. For example, Grady Jarrett finished the season with 7.5 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, and 16 quarterback hits. Adding another dynamic player to the interior could be the key to unlocking the Falcons pass rush. Link to full article - https://www.overtimeheroics.net/index.php/2020/03/14/3-defensive-line-free-agents-the-falcons-should-target/ Definitely wondering what yall think. Honestly, the TD way has been to sign lower-tier guys and get the most out of them. I'm not sure who those guys are in this year's crop. Who do you think the Falcons should target? Cuts definitely need to be made for moves to happen but I expect those to come soon.
  2. Checkout #P4PATL the latest video with me Toby D. addressing a poll I put out on twitter. "Have 2 7-9 Seasons Damaged The confidence Of The Fan Base In 2020". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke9NvR3yFlg
  3. Jets to consider trading Leonard Williams. I think he would be a great pickup say for a 2nd or 3rd rounder?
  4. Let me clarify a few things first: I love this team through and through, and I think Arthur Blank and TD have overall done a great job as owner/GM. With that being said, I am so incredibly disappointed by our team's management these past two years. Devonta Freeman -- despite us having Tevin Coleman and plenty of draft stock -- received the highest paid contract for a RB in the LEAGUE. Desmond Trufant, despite missing the entirety of 2016 and our defense actually improving -- received an incredibly lucrative contract. Tevin Coleman has been reported to receive his money soon as well. If you thought this was going to be an anti-Julio thread, you might as well walk out because I'm about to BLAST this front office. Y'ALL MADE SAM BAKER one of the HIGHEST PAID TACKLES IN THE LEAGUE. SAM MOTHER****ING BAKER. HE HAD DINOSAUR ARMS, A BACK MADE OUT OF GLASS AND ONE PRODUCTIVE YEAR. ONE. Y'ALL ARE WILLING TO DISH OUT HUGE CONTRACTS TO PLAYERS THAT HAVE NOT EARNED IT AND THEN WHEN PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY DESERVE BONUSES NEED IT, WE'RE ******. To the fans who think it'll be as easy as just trading Julio away from some draft stock..listen closely because you don't get it. You can replace Devonta Freeman and Desmond Trufant. You can't find another Julio. Sark was TERRIBLE in 2017 with the best receiver in the league, how bad do you think he's going to be without Julio drawing double teams? If TD ever lets DeBo walk, I'm retiring my football fandom. I'm furious, and I know a lot of y'all are too.
  5. I just watched a recent press conference with Thomas Dimitroff and Dan Quinn, and at the start of the press conference one of the replies by Thomas D. he replied to Dan Quinn as "Q" around 2:29 or 2:30. What do you think about that? Is that a good thing? Bad thing? Who cares? I grew up a big Star Trek fan and "THE Q" was an all powerful being who could control everything. SO when someone says someone is the "Q" that's what it means to me. But it might have different meanings to others. Thoughts? http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/5-Things-Quinn--Dimitroff-Pre-Draft-Presser/2d965c3c-b163-41d0-9baa-ced30975c72c Personally, I hate it when people try and create new catch phrases and symbolize someone doing such manners and things. I have a name and don't like it when somebody thinks it's okay to call me otherwise, it's disrespectful, and demeaning in my opinion. BTW: This is all in good fun and not some SERIOUS so let's get riled up about it Falcons fan's post. LOL!!!! First, post your thoughts on this, and second post a one word or letter name you feel that you would be replying to TD if he addressed you as a ONE LETTER PERSON.
  6. http://58kmrwqf.blog.com/2014/02/16/war-room-the-legacy-of-bill-belichick-and-the-art-of-building-the-perfect-team-by-michael-holley-downloads-torrent-download-torrent/ Football games arent won on Sundays in the fall. Theyre won on draft day in the spring in the war room. In this landmark book, New York Times bestselling author Michael Holley takes readers behind the scenes of three contending National Football League teams and into the brilliant minds of Bill Belichick and his two former protEgEs Thomas Dimitroff and Scott Pioli. Holley masterfully shows how a single idea conceived by Belichick in 1991 how to build the perfect team triggered a journey filled with miraculous finishes, heartbreaking losses, broken relationships, and Super Bowl championships. Readers are given unprecedented access from the draft room to the locker room to the sidelines and insights into why Belichick is considered to be the NFLs best coach and premier strategist. Before he achieved success, though, Belichick was barely surviving as a coach. War Room opens in Cleveland, where Belichick, a young head coach, worked in an office with two employees in their late twenties: Pioli, a low-paid scouting assistant, and Dimitroff, a groundskeeper and part-time scout. After Belichick was fired by the Browns in 1996, the three men were in separate cities and seemingly a lifetime away from being recognized as leaders and champions. But soon they were reunited in New England, where they refined and burnished Belichicks method for constructing a winning team, overseeing one of the greatest franchises in modern NFL history. These three master strategists are now competitors. Belichick continues at the helm of the New England Patriots, while Pioli is now in charge of the Kansas City Chiefs and Dimitroff is running the Atlanta Falcons. And even though they no longer work for the same franchise, they do have a common goal: building the perfect team, one draft pick and one trade at a time. War Room is their unique and often astonishing story. It is packed with never-been-told anecdotes and new observations from team officials, players, coaches, and scouts, all leading to surprising and groundbreaking insights into the art of building a champion.
  7. Any remotely half-decent offensive linemen in free agency we can pick up? Or are we just stuck with what we got? The line killed us today. If they were even half decent we would have handily won that game. We're not gonna win a playoff game this year if they don't get their crap together.
  8. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/falcons-not-treating-brian-banks-104617958--nfl.html I have a feeling that his kid will make the team. You have people that are always talking about what Ray Lewis and Michael Vick have gone through. This man had 10 years taken away from his young adult life. I think that he will come in and take the NFL by storm. Fly High Brian Banks.
  9. Thomas Dimitroff has been focusing on turning us from a running team to a passing team and has done a decent job. But as far as making us a top offense and the greatest show on turf 2.0 he has failed. After week two we have a below average offense ranked 21st overall. Despite his only focus being passing we are still only ranked 12th, And between releasing our best blocking offensive and or pro bowl full back we have dropped from having a top 5 running back to being the 26th ranked rushing offense. All three of our running backs average 2.6 yards per carry or less. Keep in mind last year we lost to the Giants because we couldn't run the ball to convert a 3rd and short. This year we have given up completely passing on 3rd and shorts. Dimitroff has had two years to fix this problem and has not brought in a single player to help improve the situation. The Greatest Show on Truf had a 1000+ yard rusher in Marshal Faulk, however if things continue at this rate not only won't we be able to convert 3rd and short Turner will fall short of 1000 yards. Thanks to New Orleans being targeted by the NFL they are no longer a threat this year. So we have a good chance of making the playoffs but not a good chance of winning our first playoff game. Thomas Dimitroff has turned us not into the Greatest Show on Turf but the Colts with Manning who used to be god but took a decade to get a Super Bowl Win. Not to mention or defense falls short of the Colts. Our Defense doesn't have the pass rush that the Colts have had with Freeny and Mathis. Dimitroff also cut are best defensive player and pro bowl line backer i Curtis Loftan, and as he typically does he released him without even having a replacement. Loftan is a constant top ten linebacker in the league. Meanwhile his replacement previous backup Akeem Dent has only one tackle this season. We basically don't even use him just sticking with our outside linebackers. So it;s no surprise we have a below average Defensive this season. So with an average offense and below average defense I don't see how we will be able to match up with the top teams in the playoffs. Assuming we can manage to get there. I think we need to replace Thomas Dimitroff he has caused more harm than good to this team. But, since that won't happen I hope we can make some trades or free agent moves to help our running game, bolster our defense and possibly get a decent number two tight end so our passing offense can move up into the top ten.
  10. The best thing for the team would be to fire Thomas Dimitroff, but since that probably won't happen and is not anything we have any say about. I am just curious if you think we can still win despite the insanity he has brought as GM. No Cap Room - We have no cap room because he pays players like Roddy White and Matt Ryan to name a couple like they are Tom Brady and Larry Fiztgerald. No Draft Picks - We have no draft picks because he traded 5 picks for one wide reciever. Keep in mind we could have used a single pick on Troy Smith who had agrueably a better year. No Free Agents - He doesn't move on any Free Agent bargans as we saw last year when we missed out on several deals a couple of which his old team New England was smart enough to take a chance on. Loses Great Players - We also saw last year the damage he did by losing right guard Harvey Dahl and didn't even bother to get a replacement. Effectively leaving us with 4 starting offensive line men. As a result Matt Ryan was sacked 26 times and rushed a lot more right through that right guard hole. And we could not convert a 3rd/4th in short to save our life. Becasue that power push through Dahl and Clabo was gone. As was seen on yet another playoff loss. NFC Championship to First Round losers - He inherited a team that was one QB away from being an NFC championship team. We were there facing the Eagles a few years before he showed up. And as I watch another free agentcy were we do next to nothing to improve, despite knowing we are short handed in the draft, I have my worries. We lucked out having one of the top 5 easiest schedules in the NFL last year and very easy schedules the 2 years before that. But while at least making it to the playoffs is nice, It's sad to see us wasting those oppurtunties with a guy who clearly has no clue. Keep in mind Tampa and Carolina unlike us are actively trying to improve their rosters and while New Orleans might take some penalties this year they are still a very good team. I just hope we don't lose Curtis Lofton because you are kidding yourself if you think Dimitroff would bring in a decent replacement for him if we don't. As he says we don't need defense. All in all I am just wondering whether or not we have to wait it out until Dimitroff is gone or not.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYLBSa2M08M Watching the first 10-15mins of this recently and noticing how eerily similar this is as to where our franchise, players and fans are at the moment as to where the Colts were 10ish years ago. Now please don't take this out of context (I feel absoulutly sick today) and I'm not trying to compare Ryan to Manning, Smith to Mora/Dungy etc. Changes need to be made and we can all agree to disagree which ones... Take a few minutes out of your day before you flame me and watch from 8mins to about 13mins... If after watching this you don't see the similarities, then flame away... Just thought I'd offer a little perspective and hope! P.S. Nobody wants to be Mike Vanderjagt on these boards lol.
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