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Found 4 results

  1. It's the offseason, so I'd like to share my story of how a thirteen year old boy from Michigan became an Atlanta Falcon fan. 1991. In 1991 the Atlanta Falcons had a young rising star named Deion Sanders. In 1991 one of my good friends was a huge Joe Montana fan. We'd go over to his house, and we'd play basketball with his sister and her friend. And after we'd whoop them up a little bit, he would show me articles on Joe Montana in the Sports Illustrated magazines he had. As he flipped through the pages, I'd notice a lot of the pictures had players in black jerseys and white numbers. But I also noticed around the white numbers, there was a red outline. Just a little bit. In 1991, I started to discover sports. My dad was a mechanic. When we first got cable, I remember sitting down with my dad and watching NASCAR. When NASCAR was over, he'd switch the channel to TNN. Then we'd watch the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series. Speed. Man I loved speed. To handle that kind of speed takes talent. If you think I'm going off subject with this, just follow me, it will all tie in at the end. In 1991, the Atlanta Braves had a miracle season. Worst to first. Cable. Teenage boy just discovering sports. Accidental flip of the remote. TBS. Deion Sanders. Atlanta Braves centerfielder, Atlanta Falcons cornerback. So now you have this 13 year old boy that loves speed, and is kind of sick of hearing about his friend talk about Joe Montana all of the time, and just happened to see those Atlanta jerseys in all of those articles in Sports Illustrated. When I saw those articles, I honestly thought, I hope this team in those jerseys beat Joe Montana. For those that don't know this little tidbit of history, that team in 1991 , that team in those black jerseys with a little bit of blood circling the numbers, that team went on to sweep the 49ers on a Hail Mary from Chris Miller to Michael Haynes, which gave the Atlanta Falcons a 2-0 edge over the 'Niners. Atlanta and San Francisco finished the year with a 10-6 record, but because of that Hail Mary play, Atlanta got the sixth seed over San Francisco in the playoffs. They played New Orleans in the Superdome. And I remember vividly, that was the first Atlanta Falcons game I ever watched. Nineteen-ninety one is going to a repetitive theme for as long as I can hold your attention. In 1991, the Atlanta Braves shocked the baseball world. Worst to first. Ted Turner so kindly broadcasted the Braves games on a station called TBS. TBS was close to TNN, where I was flipping through the channels one day to try to get my speed fix. TBS. Baseball. This looks cool. Ron Gant. Number five. Speed and power. What that dude was doing was right up my alley. When the World Series came around, this guy. Deion Sanders. He was the best player in the World Series. Him and Smoltz. Smoltz is from Detroit. I live in Michigan. 1992. My friend really isn't saying much to me, he's bitter the 'Niners lost out on the playoffs since Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback ever. In all honesty, he's right about that, Joe Montana is. Nonetheless, the Atlanta Falcons get to meet their most hated rival in the playoffs. Even as a new fan to the Falcons, I could already sense the animosity between these two teams. Atlanta travels to New Orleans for this game. It's a classic. You can tell from the game, the very first Atlanta Falcons game I ever watched on TV, that these two clubs hate each other. There is no love at all. White jerseys, black numbers, a little bit of blood around those numbers. The Falcons hold on for a win down in the SewerDome™ In 1992 my Uncle Mark was a Marine. He was stationed in North Carolina. He met my future Aunt there. I remember meeting her, at 13 years old, and she talked with the nicest accent. And all she ever talked about with me, was Atlanta. Atlanta was the big city. Atlanta was the baseball team in the Carolina's. Bull Durham. The movie, she used to talk about the movie. The Durham Bulls were the minor league team of the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta was a big city. Her accent was just so warm and inviting, and here I was, a thirteen year old boy, who already had a bad taste for Joe Montana and the 'Niners and how I could never be a fan of that particular team, the Braves being the worst team in that division in 1990, and as I learned later, one of the worst teams in the 80's, and then I had this really nice woman talking about how lovely Atlanta was. My Uncle ended up going to college at NC State and served in the original Desert Shield and Desert Storm. So if you know anything about what Marines do, you know exactly where my Uncle was at. You know exactly what he did. And you know why in 1990-91 I was glued to my little cable box and was watching the TV and was wondering where my Uncle was at. That's tough on an eleven year old kid. To realize what is going on and how my Uncle's life was in jeopardy. But sports took me away from that for a minute. And then all this struggle, and strife, and happiness, all tied itself together. 1992. In 1992, I watched the Braves lose the World Series to Toronto. It was the first World Series I watched. Since Ted Turner blessed the United States with a cable station called TBS, I got to watch a lot of games that year. I sat in my basement bedroom, watching 162 Braves games, playing with my Legos. Deion Sanders was the offensive star of the World Series. Man could that guy fly. Wait. Didn't I see that guy in one of those Sports Illustrated issues with that black jersey on? Wow, yeah, he was the guy that picked that pass off in the end zone when New Orleans was about to score. Ok, I know that dude. It didn't matter Joe Carter walked off in game seven. Smoltz threw heat, Glavine carved people up, and they had another pitcher named Steve Avery. My name is Steve. And that guy that always seemed to hit the ball so sharp. I could hear the crack off his bat. Deion Sanders. And that guy had speed, speed like the sprint cars had when they showed sprint cars on TNN. The World of Outlaws. If you know anything about sprint cars, you know they have a direct drive, which means they don't have a transmission. A transmission is what you need to shift gears. A sprint car doesn't have a transmission. So if you have ever watched a sprint car race live, you would see that they have push trucks that get them started. They don't have a clutch to push in to get them started. Without a clutch, it makes the cars lighter because you have less equipment you have to strap to your car. Less metal. When you sit inside a sprint car, you go from zero to 140mph with a natural reaction, a twitch of the foot. Instincts. You won't survive in a sprint car without natural reaction. Deion Sanders. This guy had speed. He had that zero to 140 that I was used to seeing. Now there is this other guy, with the same name, Deion. Man, life comes around 360 ° I see a dude with a 45 strapped on his back, that reminds me of a player I saw before, with the same name. But this guy is a field general. He surveys the field, and his orders are given to his fellow soldiers. This is what I see and this is how we are going to attack the enemy. He has help in the back end, with codename Rico putting his fellow soldiers in a battlefield formation. Communication is the trump card. Brotherhood. If you know anything about wars, you'd know it took a brave soul to win the war. In a sense, football is a war. It's a 60 minute war. It's a game of Risk. It's a game, where the competitors give 60 minutes of their best. In the end, they shake hands with their competitor, and walk off the field. You put everything you got, in every game. You fight. You want to win. You blow up a 410 cubic inch engine to get to the end and win. You rebuild again. Because you have a goal. '93 to '98 This was a miserable period to be a Falcon fan. At least the Braves won a World Series in that time span. Jeff George? Honestly, he got a bad rap because our defense was just... pitiful. If you could put a trash can in a trash can, and then put another trash can inside of that trash can, that wouldn't even describe that defense. (Editorial opinion: You guys talk real bad about my man Rico, but number one: Earl Thomas doesn't want to play for Seattle. He only want's to play for Dallas. Let them have him. You guys have no idea how important a field general is. Rico is that field general. He takes himself out of plays, to be able to make sure others are in position to make the plays he could. He knows he is the last line of defense, so he doesn't bite and puts himself in the position to save a touchdown and live for another play.) ...To be continued if anyone is interested.
  2. Thank u Atlanta Falcons Its been a while since I've looked at the standings and seen any designation next to the Falcons Lets turn that z into an asterisk (*) with a W in the Dome (The 502 points looks nice too) GO FALCONS!!!
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