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Found 1 result

  1. Thomas Dimitroff has been focusing on turning us from a running team to a passing team and has done a decent job. But as far as making us a top offense and the greatest show on turf 2.0 he has failed. After week two we have a below average offense ranked 21st overall. Despite his only focus being passing we are still only ranked 12th, And between releasing our best blocking offensive and or pro bowl full back we have dropped from having a top 5 running back to being the 26th ranked rushing offense. All three of our running backs average 2.6 yards per carry or less. Keep in mind last year we lost to the Giants because we couldn't run the ball to convert a 3rd and short. This year we have given up completely passing on 3rd and shorts. Dimitroff has had two years to fix this problem and has not brought in a single player to help improve the situation. The Greatest Show on Truf had a 1000+ yard rusher in Marshal Faulk, however if things continue at this rate not only won't we be able to convert 3rd and short Turner will fall short of 1000 yards. Thanks to New Orleans being targeted by the NFL they are no longer a threat this year. So we have a good chance of making the playoffs but not a good chance of winning our first playoff game. Thomas Dimitroff has turned us not into the Greatest Show on Turf but the Colts with Manning who used to be god but took a decade to get a Super Bowl Win. Not to mention or defense falls short of the Colts. Our Defense doesn't have the pass rush that the Colts have had with Freeny and Mathis. Dimitroff also cut are best defensive player and pro bowl line backer i Curtis Loftan, and as he typically does he released him without even having a replacement. Loftan is a constant top ten linebacker in the league. Meanwhile his replacement previous backup Akeem Dent has only one tackle this season. We basically don't even use him just sticking with our outside linebackers. So it;s no surprise we have a below average Defensive this season. So with an average offense and below average defense I don't see how we will be able to match up with the top teams in the playoffs. Assuming we can manage to get there. I think we need to replace Thomas Dimitroff he has caused more harm than good to this team. But, since that won't happen I hope we can make some trades or free agent moves to help our running game, bolster our defense and possibly get a decent number two tight end so our passing offense can move up into the top ten.
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