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Found 24 results

  1. In the midst of all the other discussion going on, I think his bad game is being overlooked. He's definitely better than Sam Baker but three years in I'm starting to think he'll just be an average LT and not the All Pro cornerstone we hoped he'd be.
  2. My 1st post here after lurking for a while. I thought post draft was a good time to defend TD. I’ll start my case with GMs that are clearly worse than TD. 1) Bucs - A kicker in the 2nd? A kicker?! And they traded UP??? This is the biggest reach since the jags took that punter in the 3rd. This board would have a meltdown of epic proportions if TD did that. 2) Rams - Desperately needed a QB, but gave up WAY too much after basically stealing high picks for years. Goff has potential, but not a sure thing. Julio was a slam dunk no question sure thing. 3) Eagles - See: Rams 4) Giants - It’s pretty clear they panicked and took Apple. A good player, but no way he’s top 10. They didn’t appear to have a backup plan. 5) Cowboys - Took a RB 4th. He better be the next AP because that’s 6 spots higher than Gurley. We took Devonta in the 4th round. Even the best RB is a reach here. Also, Jaylon Smith was not worth the risk that high. 3rd round sure. Not the top of the 2nd. He may never play a down in the NFL. If you want to risk it there, you take Jack. 6) Jets - Took another developmental QB when they needed a real one. Hackenberg had a 56.1 completion % in college. Yikes. Waste of a 2nd round pick. Should’ve taken Lynch in the 1st. 7) Browns - I love the idea of analytics in football (this sport is waaay behind baseball and like it or not, analytics matter). They had the right idea accumulating picks, but then they forgot to get a QB. You MUST have a QB in this league or at least be developing one. I’ll be shocked if RGIII is the answer. Wentz would have been my pick since no trade was needed, but getting all those picks + Lynch would have been fine. And with tons of picks, they got a bunch of meh. Coleman reminds me of Tavon Austin. Speed is great, but with crappy QB play you gotta have a tall receiver to go up and get it. Should’ve taken Doctson. So there’s 7 teams right there that clearly have worse GMs than TD. I can argue TD is better than many more, but these shouldn’t be debatable. I think it’s pretty clear now why TD has kept his job all this time. He gets the players his coaches want and he’s **** good at it. Sure, he might give up too much sometimes, but can you think of players we really targeted that he didn’t get? Ryan - got him. Trufant - got him. Julio or AJ - got him. Matthews - got him. Beasley - got him. Neal - got him. It’s pretty ridiculous how good TD is at getting the guys his coaches want. The debate was always how much crappy drafting was TDs fault and how much was Mike Smith’s. Well Koetter and Smith just asked for a kicker….in the 2nd round. I think that pretty much ends the debate right there. The last two drafts have been very well received by the fan base (for the most part). So did TD turn on some magic switch? No. He finally had a coach that knew what the eff he was doing and drafted accordingly. Let’s just see how much influence TD had on this draft…. Neal - Quinn begged TD to get him Jones - Quinn written all over him Hooper - Shannahan loves his TEs Campbell - Quinn for sure 6) Wes Schweitzer - Keith Carter pick It appears TD just got what his coaches asked for. Great players bust all the time because they get drafted into the wrong scheme. That’s why BPA is dumb. Go get your guys even if you have to reach a little. The draft is a crapshoot so no one really knows which players are reaches anyway. So grade this draft however you want, but TD gets an A+. He got EXACTLY the players his coaches asked for.
  3. I see so many people on these boards excited for this team and while I'd love to be, the realistic part of me will not allow me to be. We have a lot of holes which I don't see being fixed by the current braintrust of this organization. In my opinion we only have one bona fide star on this team and that's Julio. I was confident in Matt Ryan before we destroyed him by bringing in Kyle ******* Shanahan. Let's breakdown all of the issues with this team that I see. Our offensive line is extremely weak in the middle and our front office has shown that they do not know how to evaluate o-linemen so I'm not sure this will get any better. We have no number two receiving target behind Julio. I love Roddy and while I still think his decline was accelerated by bringing in Kyle ******* Shanahan (I can't express enough how much I hated and still hate this hire) I understand letting him go. But now we have nothing. Judging for last year our second target on any given play is Jacob Tamme and that's not a good place to be. Our defensive line is weak. I think Hageman could be a monster (he dominated the 2nd Panthers game) but he's inconsistent and immature. I'm not sure what will get through to him because Bryan Cox has been yelling and cursing at him for two seasons with no difference. I also like Vic Beasley but I've always felt he's better suited to be a 3-4 LB so I don't think he'll reach his full potential with our current scheme. The rest aren't anything to write home about. We have the absolute worst LB corps in the league. All three of our starters from last year should probably be special teams guys and it's basically impossible to replace three starting linebackers in one offseason so while we may get better there I don't think it'll be too much better. Our secondary isn't anything to write home about even though it's probably our best position group on defense. Trufant is good though he got exposed IMO when people started throwing at him (the Bucs embarrassed him) and Alford is completely hot or cold. I'm willing to give Jalen Collins a pass for now but he played like garbage a good bit of last season. I'm glad Willy Mo is gone because I hated his playing style (always go for the big hit, never wrap up) and he was always injured but that's another hole for us. Ricardo Allen might be my favorite in that group because he's so raw but showed a lot of promise IMO. As far as coaching, I'm not as high on Dan Quinn as the rest of you. He worked miracles with our defense and he talks a big game but when it came down to tactics, he left a lot wanting. He was outcoached by every coach in our division and made some late Mike Smith-level bone-headed calls like the field goal in SF. I'm hoping he can correct this but when he doubles down on these stupid calls and throws out soundbites like "toughness" and "competition", it irks me. Now you might all be saying, "But wait we have an entire offseason to fix our personnel issues" and I'd say you're right. But given this front office's track record do you really think we're going to turn anything around this offseason? Our MO the entire Dimitroff era has been to scrape the bottom of the barrel in FA and try to supplement that with draft picks which we regularly miss on. Couple that with Kyle ******* Shanahan's **** offense and what do you have? Does this excite you for our 2016 Superbowl run? I hope I'm wrong because I'd loving nothing more than to see this team fix it's issues and bring a Lombardi to the A but realistically nothing I'm seeing leads me to believe this will happen.
  4. We see Thomas Dimitroff and his staff's houses go up for sale? This guy can't survive this season right? A roster this void of talent. This guy finally needs to go. Along with Pioli and the rest of this joke of a front office. I'd give Quinn another year or so but the people in charge of getting him talent to mold have to change.
  5. I know, another bash TD thread but if you care to let me know your opinion about TD's future role with the Falcons
  6. I have been reading a lot of threads lately and listening to a little bit of talk radio. I have to say what I have been hearing is worrisome at the very least. I understand the disappointment in the fanbase, as a fan of decades this season is no stranger to me. We have certainly seen many like it. Still, this time it is a bit different. We were winners not too long ago, consistent winners for the first time ever actually. This is obviously not a lack of talent problem we are facing, because we have only lost a few guys from that 2012 NFCCG team. In truth we, as a fanbase, need to step up our game. We need to recognize that this is a coaching league, first and foremost, and a great coach can win championships with near average talent. That said, a really good coach should be able to win with Atlanta's talent on a very consistent basis. In an offensive league, we have potentially the most deadly weapons in the league. We should be playing for Lombardi Trophies over the next 10 years, and that all starts with bringing in the correct guy. So, who is the correct guy? Well, there are a few candidates who look really solid on paper. I won't bother going into it too much because you will hear all about them in short order. I have to say I don't know who the right guy is anymore than Arthur Blank does. Guys that come to mind right from the start would be Daniels from NE, Munchack or LeBeau from Pitt, maybe a Dan Quinn? Blank did the right thing with hiring the firm to help select candidates as TD has never done it before and I'm sure Blank wants a second opinion. I know Arthur is getting some heat for leaking this info before the game yesterday, but I think we need to give him a pass on that one. Blank wants nothing more than to bring a Lombardi to this city, and no city deserves it more than Atlanta. If my owner could only have 1 trait of my choosing then that would be my choice, as it is a trait which has been missing before in this town. So that brings us back to how to reheat our day old pizza, aka how to get back to the 2012 team that was a play away from a Super Bowl...and maybe even go further. What became painfully obvious against the Panties was that we are physically outmatched up front on a consistent basis. We need to find more big, explosive, fast, disruptive athletes to play up front for us. And we need to bring in the best coaches to maximize their talents. We also could use a legit #1 RB, some more OL quality & depth, a Safety, a playmaking TE, and a Fullback. Add those to the horses for the front 7 on D, and it's going to take a couple of years to retool this team to where it needs to be. A lot of people on this board act like this team had a bunch of talent when TD & Smitty got here, but the truth is there are maybe one or two guys who still play regular snaps that were around on that 2007 nightmare team. In six short years, we have put together a solid roster on top of that skeleton crew that was here in '07. That's not too shabby. Keep in mind that we don't have to replace every struggling player on our roster in order to get to the top. No team is capable of that, and we just need to put in replacements that will elevate the other guys we decide to stick with. We could be back in the thick of things next year, honestly.
  7. Don't be surprised when he gets resigned. I admit he has NEVER lived up to his 1st round pick status, but he actually had a decent year with 33 tackles and 3.5 sacks. We have a decent number of needs and it makes sense to keep him around on 2 year deal. He would be cheap and we could do worse for the 4th DT spot. Mark it!
  8. #Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said Falcons will continue to play hybrid 4-3 and 3-4 alignments. There's no switch in scheme.— D. Orlando Ledbetter (@AJCFalcons) March 11, 2014 ' class="bbc_url">@ #Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff said Falcons will continue to play hybrid 4-3 and 3-4 alignments. There's no switch in scheme.— D. Orlando Ledbetter (@AJCFalcons) March 11, 2014
  9. Lemme start of by saying that we are all here and co-misserating on a pop goes the weasel season. We have all vented our feeling about it and there is really nothing left to be said that has not already been said a thousand times over. The recent debates on To Tank or Not, while valid are still a moot point because we are not going to be in the playoffs this year period. The best way to salvage this season is to build up the Depth Chart players with a lot of live fire experience,and that is happening, Terren Jones has been activated, so this means that TD and Smitty are committed to this. It is absolutely the best thing to do and they are doing it in a wholesale manner. (or is that fire sale) I highly approve of this and I hope that you may see the value of this as well. Should our guys manage to upset a team along the way, that is just going to be icing on the cake. Adversity brings opprotunity. Cheers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y'all
  10. Unless it's OL help. I don't know wtf we are doing trying to find WRs. I hope if TD reads these boards (however unlikely) it clicks in his head that we are set at WR. Matty threw a career game with wet paper bags for an OL (even though they got better), and a bunch of nobodies at WR. It's clear this guy can work Brady/Brees magic and make mediocre players look like superstars. So PLEASE TD, stay away from skill players. PLEASE. If you're just sitting in your office twitching, and thinking about how great it would be to trade all our draft picks for Megatron... STOP. Go grab us the biggest DT you can find and two mediocre OTs and have both our lines battle to the death in a cagematch, and put the winners on our lines. Just no more skill players, ok?
  11. This board hardly ever agrees on anything. Right now I think a thread on light vs dark beer could go on 9 pages with at least 3 bans. But one thing we can agree on is that season has been one of the toughest viewing experiences thus far. This was meant to be ‘our year’. To have that taken away (as it stands) is more painful than a Joey Harrington seam route. I’ve been off of the boards for a while for just that reason, but felt compelled to come back and state a view that I hope many others have. Put simply, I’m sick and tired of hearing “fire Smith, TD, boycott Home Depot, unfollow Thomas Decoud on instagram, and, even worse, tank the season for draft benefit.” I think it's time to really consider the facts. We knew that Mike Nolan's Defence was complex when he got here. That’s a gift and a curse. What do you need to run it? Smart football players for the most part, and a couple of real difference makers. We all loved seeing the Amoeba formation and destroying Peyton Manning. That feels like a long time ago doesn’t it? If executed correctly we have no qualms whatsoever. But it requires intelligence and experience in it to run it. But when you lose that many starters, you don't have a chance. It's that simple. Kroy was the joker. We now have no joker. Why... that’s so so serious. Say what you want about his sack totals, Kroy was, and is, non.stop.energy. We lost our Defensive leader in spoon. A defence lacking in leadership already. Asante was a huge loss, even though the young’uns stepped up on the outside. He brings attitude in buckets, and fires the guys up. The O is struggling, and is putting our young and inexperienced D on the field far too much is just making you more susceptible to errors and big plays. It’s the law of averages, and we haven’t played a bunch of jokers. It’s the NFL, and it’s a game of inches (insert more clichés here ad nauseum). Injuries are a part of the game, sure, but what I don’t understand is the hate towards innocent parties. The hate on Jackson’s hamstring is ridiculous. TD is getting some hate, but Let’s look at TD for a second. · Trufant and Alford are clearly well on their way. I’m personally very happy with the selections. · Osi has come in and been our best DE, and dare I say it, he’s been better than Abe. We haven’t heard it discussed, but he has quietly gone ahead and had a good start. 2FF, 1INT and 4 sacks really is not a bad stat line at this stage considering what we are paying him. Seriously. · Goodman has seen the field, and for a 4th rounder shouldn’t be expected to make the ground shake. I don’t see any justification for animosity towards him, other than from guys who think this is madden and we can throw out picks and trades to get all pros. He had a good offseason. Nolan Talk about being hamstrung, and it starts with the LBs. Spoon on the field sees the Rook LBs make less mistakes pre-snap. I don't think i've ever heard Nicholas say anything other than "Falcon faaans". He doesn't exactly strike me as a communicator/leader. Neither is Dent. Losing Akeem was also a blow, he is starting to shoot gaps nicely at times, and I bet on him vs an RB in pass pro. 9/10. Bartu has flashed, and Worrilow clearly has the heart for the game. But having two UDFAs starting is just crazy to me when you consider how invaluable game time experience is in this league. How do you install an effective D under these circumstances? Being a mental step behind is like running 5.2 40. Think about it. The guys who were playing Scout team D in TC are now starting. We are operating in miracles if we don’t expect a huge drop-off. In summation, I’d say that it’s easy to get angry. But this is, I think, is a series of very very unfortunate circumstances, most of which just cannot be planned for on a team that had a first team unit ready for a run at the big dance. So I choose optimism, not anger or blind homerism. I choose getting behind the rooks, and hoping that this year becomes one of the most valuable for the long term success of this D. I choose Mike Nolan over most D coordinators. I choose TD over nigh on all GMs. The nucleus is young. Let’s see what they’ve got. Understand that in these circumstances we can only hope for middle of the pack statistically. Sometimes it’s painful to watch, nay, excruciating (especially if you have #88 on your back). I for one am cautiously optimistic of the effect of a bye week on some of these guys, and am going to try my hardest to enjoy the rest of this season. Come on D, give me something to smile about this Sunday...
  12. http://www.ajc.com/n...-trufant/nXYPF/ By D. Orlando Ledbetter The Atlanta Journal-Constitution FLOWERY BRANCH — Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff targeted a player and made a trade to land him in theNFL draft Thursday night. It wasn’t the mega-deal, but the Falcons moved up eight spots from 30th to 22nd in a deal with the St. Louis Rams to select Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant. “It’s who we had focused on all throughout the offseason,” Dimitroff said. “We were very fortunate because it was a very eventful middle of the first round. It was very, very active with a lot of trade discussions.” The Falcons knew they had to get in front of Minnesota to select Trufant. The Vikings had the 23rd and 25th picks. They ended up selecting Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes. Falcons coach Mike Smith said that Trufant, who was a team captain for the Huskies, will compete for a starting position. “I’m very excited about the pick,” Smith said. They gave up a third- and a sixth-round pick and will get a seventh-rounder next season from the Rams. The Falcons had a need a cornerback. Three of the top five cornerbacks from last season are no longer with the team. Brent Grimes (Miami) and Christopher Owens (Cleveland) left during free agency. Dunta Robinson was released and has signed with Kansas City. Trufant, who’s 6-foot, 190 pounds, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds at the NFL scouting combine. He will become the third Trufant to make it to the NFL. His brothers Marcus (Seattle) and Isaiah (Jets) are already in the NFL. “They told me that it’s time to grind and try to make a name for myself.,” Trufant said. The youngest Trufant is a big corner. “I don’t know the last time when there’s been three brothers in the NFL,” Trufant said during his interview at the combine. “It’s definitely a milestone. It’s big for our family, and our city. And so I’m just going to (keep) it going.” Marcus Trufant played at Washington State and was selected in the first round (11th overall) of the 2003 draft. He made Sporting News’ Pro Bowl team in 2007. Isaiah Trufant played at Eastern Washington and made the Jets’ roster after spending time in the Arena Football League and the United Football League. The Trufants all play cornerback and are from Tacoma, Wash. Desmond wants to eventually make a name for himself. “I have been waiting for this opportunity my whole life,” he said. “All the workouts, all of the season work, all the games — everything is coming down to this moment. I’m very excited.” Trufant draws some inspiration from Isaiah’s climb up the rough side of the football mountain into the NFL. “I think my brother Isaiah, he definitely took the long road,” Trufant said. “He’s a very resilient person. It just shows that you never give up on your dream. People might say that you can’t do this or you can’t do that, or you’re too short or you’re not big enough. He just kept working.” Isaiah and Marcus joined Trufant at the Senior Bowl. We hadn’t been together for a while, so that was cool to just spend some time and talk,” Trufant said. “I love my brothers, love my family. And I’m just going to keep the legacy going.” He considers his instincts, quick feet and his breaks on the ball to be strengths. At Washington, he played in 50 games and had six interceptions and 33 pass breakups. He was named to the All-Pac-12 first-team last season. This is the guy they had their eyes on throughout the off-season. I'm 100% behind this pick. Let's get to work Trufant.
  13. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/falcons-not-treating-brian-banks-104617958--nfl.html I have a feeling that his kid will make the team. You have people that are always talking about what Ray Lewis and Michael Vick have gone through. This man had 10 years taken away from his young adult life. I think that he will come in and take the NFL by storm. Fly High Brian Banks.
  14. Tensions are high, frustration is mounting, and joke threads/attention wh*ring are setting volume records. An oft-overlooked fact (these days) on TATF is what we have in our GM. Just like the rest of you, I can admit to getting caught up in the madness, tuning in to the coverage of the opening Free Agency hysteria, hoping we make a big splash. Why? It's entertaining, and the NFL turns all madden for a second. You can covet other team's stars as opposed to trying to work out wtf a Corey Peters is. But in the long run, the war is won away from opening day. The smaller battles build a team, and we have the right general for such a task. You don't wait until the last minute to lock up Jackson at a bargain price if you don't have the stones to do so. You don't keep a blockbuster trade under wraps for a now top 5 WR in the league without keeping your cards glued to your chest. Is the system perfect? No, not many are (apart from a v12 engine and any bar that serves ice cold beer), and that explains the guys who get away. The Vance Walkers of the world. But rest assured that we are in the right hands. So what's the next battle? Free agency is alive and well people, alive and well. There are well over 10 players left on the market that we'd get excited about being on our opening day roster, and their prices are falling day by day. You think Freeney, Osi, Abe et al want to be unsigned at this point? Would you like to be in employment limbo? At some point you take the deal in front of you. But only TD only has to make a move when the time is right. Refer to the Jackson move for a steer on this! I like the wait and see approach, long term. does it hurt in the short term? Heck yes. But there is every chance we are doing backflips after either 1. First batch of FA 2. Draft 3. June cuts It takes quite the poker player to not get impatient and go all in. TD is the kinda guy that will wait and wait for the right spot, then hit the market at the right time. In a years time, and we can lock this, many of these big name FA signings will be waived, and many will be seen as long term mistakes. The spiky haired one is a wise one. Patience, grasshoppers. Patience.
  15. He is an excellent game manager. He has the touted “it” factor. He is the hardest working quarterback this franchise has EVER had. His short passing game is one of best in the NFL. He knows the right sets to get us to and if you don’t know what I am talking about, watch games of other QB’s in Atlanta before Ryan. He has total command of the offense. I really believe this is the best offensive coordinator we have had in Atlanta. He has complete control on offense like an elite QB, maybe he doesn’t have control like Manning has but no one has that type of total control. That is including Brees, Brady, and Rodgers. He is as sharp as a QB as we have in franchise history. He is one of the best decision makers in franchise history. He is a winner. I love winners and I respect Ryan for that. I would love to get a winner at QB for any QB no matter the talent level. The issue with Ryan is he has absolutely no mobility. It doesn’t matter if it is in pocket or out of the pocket, he has no mobility. It’s like watching a lanky Drew Bledsoe in the pocket in terms of his mobility. He is limited in that regard. He might have the worst mobility we have had at QB ever. Some of our previous QB’s like Miller, Schaub, Johnson, and Leftwich have superior mobility to Ryan. Joey Harrington is better but not by much compared to Ryan in Atlanta and Michael Vick is so greatly superior in terms of mobility I might as well not even bring him up. Since mobility is a major need for the West Coast Offense, Ryan will never be any better in that type of offense now. Ryan just doesn’t have mobility and that limits him in this league. He is a traditional pocket passer. Matt Ryan has a very weak arm. He tries to overcompensate for it by throwing the ball really high which absolutely kills his velocity. His velocity on his deep balls might be the worst in the NFL and only comparable with Matt Leinart. This is why arm strength is considered the most important thing for NFL QB’s via a SI article. You must have the velocity in the NFL to make all throws to become an elite NFL QB. Matt Ryan has awful deep ball accuracy. His deep ball accuracy is comparable to Donovan McNabb who has poor deep ball accuracy as well. The difference between Ryan and McNabb is arm strength. McNabb has one of the best arms in NFL history and Ryan arm is extremely weak. When McNabb is near the WR on his deep passes, he has a big enough arm that the WR can make the play while Ryan doesn’t and the WR is generally brought down after the catch. He gets exposed if the running game is non-existed. Matt Ryan is not a football player in terms of mindset. Guys like Big Ben, Newton, Rodgers, Tebow, even Brady and Manning are football players. They stand strong in the pocket. They move when a rusher is coming. They aren’t scared of a defensive player. Ryan is Chicken Little. He is extremely scared. First signs of a rusher, he falls down to slides to the ground. He is extremely scared. I hear some say he’s tough but he is not tough. He just isn’t injury prone. Being tough and being injury prone is not the same thing. An injury prone player can change. Aaron Rodgers is a prime example. He was injury prone till this season. Sometimes it’s your team like Stafford and Cutler or your style of play like Vick, Rodgers, or Vince Young. But a weak minded QB is always a weak minded QB. A timid QB will always be a timid QB. His lack of swagger doesn’t help either. With that said, Ryan has more strengths than weaknesses; the problem is for our personnel his weaknesses are too much. We have the talent for a high octane offense. Even if Turner is in his last years we can replace him with all around talent named Quizz Rodgers who can be Maurice Jones-Drew lite. Gonzo can’t be replaced but it is not hard to find a decent TE in FA or the draft these days. White, Jones, and the rest of the cast might be the best in the NFL. That is a lot of offensive weapons. Ryan problem is that he needs to play around an elite run blocking line which we were last season, an elite running RB which Turner has been two out of his four years in Atlanta and an elite defense which we have never had in Atlanta in the last 10 seasons. The best solution for all of this is that we have the personnel on offense to explode but maybe it’s time to trade or get a QB for the future since it will not be Ryan. With our offense, we don’t need an elite passer at QB to become a great team or even a produce an elite QB. We need a QB who has a very good arm, has decent football awareness, and is a playmaker. No QB can become elite in any offense if he is not a playmaker. But some playmakers have major deficiencies in other areas. Vince Young and Jay Cutler come to mind. They can win a Super Bowl but both need freedom and an offensive supporting cast to win a Super Bowl. Not many guys who aren’t playmakers can win a Super Bowl. I would say only Trent Dilfer and Rob Johnson is the only QB's who can’t make plays who have won Super Bowls but those QB’s had some of the greatest defenses of all time. Here are the QB’s in the NFL I would take over Matt Ryan and the ones I would draft to eventually replace aren’t quoted. Drafted: Robert Griffin III- He is extremely accurate. He is extremely mobile. Doesn’t have the “it” factor but does neither does Rodgers and he does elite potential as a QB. Andrew Luck- Enuff said. He does float the ball a bit like Ryan but the big difference is he is accurate on his deep balls and he has excellent mobility in the pocket and has decent mobility in general. He is a football player. He will be the elite superior version of Matt Ryan if Sam Bradford is the potentially elite version of Matt Ryan. Kellen Moore- He needs time to adjust like Drew Brees but all has passes have excellent zip. No matter if it’s short, intermediate, and deep. He has great pocket awareness and mobility. Drew Brees like accuracy. The rest was quoted from a different date in a different thread. Thank you for reading. I took off Romo from that list. I remember the reason why I never liked Romo again. He is not a super bowl winning type of QB.
  16. 2008: 1. Matt Ryan 2. Sam Baker 3. Curtis Lofton 4. Chevis Jackson 5. Harry Douglas 6. Thomas DeCoud 7. Robert James 8. Kroy Beirmann 9. Thomas Brown 10. Wilfrey Fontenot 11. Keith Zinger 2009: 1. Peria Jerry 2. William Moore 3. Christopher Owens 4. Lawrence Sidbury 5. Garrett Reynolds 6. Spencer Adkins 7. Vance Walker 2010: 1. Sean Weatherspoon 2. Corey Peters 3. Mike Johnson 4. Joe Hawley 5. Dominique Franks 6. Kerry Meier 7. Shaun Schillinger 2011: 1. Julio Jones 2. Akeem Dent 3. Jacquizz Rodgers 4. Matt Bosher 5. Andrew Jackson 6. Cliff Mathews Hits: Matt Ryan, Curtis Lofton, Harry Douglas, Kroy Beirmann, William Moore, Vance Walker, Sean Weatherspoon, Corey Peters, Shaun Schillinger, Julio Jones, Jacquizz Rodgers, Matt Bosher Misses: Chevis Jackson, Peria Jerry, Robert James, Thomas Brown, Wilfrey Fontenot, Keith Zinger, Still To Be Determined: Sam Baker, Thomas DeCoud, Christopher Owens, Lawrence Sidbury, Garrett Reynolds, Spencer Adkins, Mike Johnson, Joe Hawley, Dominique Franks, Kerry Meier, Akeem Dent, Andrew Jackson, Cliff Matthews Will Probably Find Out This Year: Baker, DeCoud, Owens, Franks, Dent, Sidbury, Matthews I write all this to put a new spin on the view of our General Manager, Thomas Dimitroff. I do not think he deserves the criticism he has received from the board here. He has a good hit rate. He has missed on 2, (assuming Baker doesn’t step up this year), #1 picks so far. That is the big black eye here. I would say he has hit or could hit, if the players step up, on many 5th or later round picks. That is the sign of a great talent evaluator. I think we have the right guy in place. He has done a good job filling our teams needs with the $ and picks available to him. Is there room for improvement? Yes, of course there is. Can you name me any GM that doesn’t have misses or have room for improvement? What is your grade for our GM?
  17. I just really wanted to say that it gets under my skin to hear you guys questioning the man who has turned around our Franchise from the Laughing stock of the league into the perennial playoff team it is today. YOU PEOPLE are so spoiled and don't deserve a team like the Atlanta Falcons. TD is just playing it smart like he always does, waiting for the dust to settle and then he will swoop in and get a steal off the Free Agent Market. Mario Williams ain't that good and is getting overpaid, We could find a guy with just as much production probably in the 2nd round. Nolan is gonna improve this defense and guys like Kroy, Sid, Cliff are gonna go off in his scheme. Quit crying you bunch of LAZY babies, get a job and let TD do his!
  18. Encase some of the guys don't make it back. Its the offseason, so if you haven't seen it. They have TD on it. Its them having fun. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/falconstv/?_id=4ed93dd0345ad2b229000000 If you haven't seen it check it out.
  19. Some might say the 2008 off season and the 08/09 regular season would be the most important one under the current regime under TD, Smith, and Ryan, because they turned the franchise around from the Petrino/Vick fiasco. In the off season Blank had to find a GM, HC, and attempt to find a franchise QB in order to get the franchise on the right path for the future. But now the same regime that got the Falcons to 4 winning seasons in a row(3 playoff appearances), is under fire. People call for TDs head for signing players everyone wanted him to go sign during the off seasons, Smith for not having the team ready for big games, and Ryan for playing poorly on the big stages. So I ask you what off season/regular season was/is more important? The 2008/2009 or 2012/2013?
  20. The Falcons need to avoid resigning some of thier average players and bring in a guy like Mario Williams. It is not often that you get a shot at arguabley the best DE in the league in FA in the prime of his career. Yes we would break the bank on Mario, but my thought process is that when you draft a player (Jammaal Anderson) you want him to turn into the best DE in the league don't you? If that's the case why not sign the guy who is only 26, replaces our over-rated DE who cannot get sacks when it really counts, is a specialist at this point. If we had drafted Mario instead of Jammal Anderson we wouldn't think twice about this resign, but the difference in this move is your getting a player in his prime who is one of the best in the league, could be the next Reggie White type signing. Pay the man, and if needed let Grimes, Lofton and Abe go. These 3 couldn't get us a playoff win, time to try something different and the lines is where you want your elite talent as they can impact every aspect of the game. (Run and Pass). a dominant DE is hard to find in the draft, but you can always find a MLB and CB. Just look at some of the recent drafts at MLB and CB who were had in the 2nd rnd just like Lofton, Grimes was undrafted. Not to mention Dent, Chris Owens, Dominique Franks waiting in the wings. That is 2 3rd rounders and a 5th rounder just riding the bench. If TD is so great as everyone else claims then we should already be set with replacements for these players. Opinions?
  21. So we are going to look for a compliment to Coach Smith (Possibly a younger guy given Mike Smith's health situation, or someone who knows Smith's scheme/Defensive patterns.) Someone Aggressive who attacks the offense and sets the players up to make plays, this person will work hand in hand (Have as much input on the D as Smitty). From what TD said these 3 guys sound like what TD and MS are looking for. Jack Del Rio- Good friends with Smith, previous HC expierence, worked with Smith in Jax, known for his aggressive style of defense. Mel Tucker- Younger fiery coordinator; in many ways Del Rio's protege's apparently is on good terms with many of the Atlanta staff, however if Mike Mularkey is hired by Jacksonville he'll more than likely stay. Manny Diaz- Even though I have been personally endorsing him, he matches up great with what TD says, he's young, fiery, and aggressive like Mel Tucker. Considered as a defensive mastermind at the college level, largely considered to be the eventual successor to Mack Brown at Texas. He may be looking to take his mind to the NFL however. His D is known for attacking offenses and forcing a lot of turnovers while limiting the big play. Thoughts?
  22. The problem that I have with Mike Smith is plain and simple... He coaches this team the same way now as he did when he took over the position in 2008. Yes I know four years ago the Falcons franchise was a PR disaster and basically the laughing stock of the NFL. But that is long gone. I know it's still fresh in a lot of people's minds but it really is gone. Last decade gone! It's time to stop playing the PC(politically correct) game, and start coaching. This regime keeps saying they've taken the training wheels off and have higher expectations than just making the playoffs... but they don't act like it. It's time for Smith to stop worrying about losing games and start going out there and trying to be the more aggressive team. I can't stand that they play not to lose by calling the most conservative game plans ever... On both sides of the ball! It won't work with the way the NFL is set up now. I'm glad BVG is gone because his defense really couldn't stop anybody offense with a top 15 QB.MM is the next to go.We all know his contract isn't being picked up and they haven't let him go yet, because if he's fired he'll never get another shot at being a HC.(I feel so sorry for any team that may take him to be the HC) TD and Smith need to go get to coordinators that call both sides of ball aggressively. They can't afford to keep blowing shots in the playoffs, because this is going to be year 5 for Ryan and they have nothing to show but a winning record that consist of mostly beating teams with losing records.
  23. I think Dimitroff has done well most of the time. Obviously every draft pick or FA signed will not work out. But it's time to face the facts. He really may have hand cuffed this team in an off season they really need to improve. They have no 1st or 4th round draft pick. And the two over prices FA he brought in (Robinson and Edwards) are do a lot of money. I'm really afraid that next year this team will be lucky to be in the same position.
  24. No 1st or 4th round pick 25 under the cap with Grimes/Abe and Lofton and ton of depth Thomas Decoud - TD draft pick has been downright AWFUL Sam Baker- joke of 1st round pick gone Perria Jerry - good as gone what to do with Michael Turner..? Dunta Robinson and Ray Edwards we will be looking at some ugly times ahead...brace yourselfs
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