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Found 1 result

  1. Let me say this,,, I've been a fan since 72, And believe me when I say,, TD has drafted 10 times better than anybody for this team.. Sure , you don't hit on every pick,, No matter how hard you study , analyze ; and critic each player in the draft , But I know because I've been here since 72 and that TD is by a long shot better in this field than anybody we have ever had.. If you think it's bad now,, just go back and look at all our drafts before he got here.. I used to get so mad, and I never get mad. But I will say I hope TD is here for life.. At least I understand his philosophy and he does try harder and puts far more time and effort into the draft than anybody the team has ever had.. The thing I love about Blank and TD is that I know what ever it takes to get us a Championship here in Ga. They are not going to stop until they do. People think it.s bad now?,, You don't know what bad is unless you were a fan before Blank bought the team. I can tell you Blank and TD will not stop until they have everything set and ready to be one of the best teams in the NFL. Let me finish be saying I think the next best thing that has ever happened is getting Quinn. I really believe we now will have the right scheme. Yes,, Blank and TD made a huge mistake in getting Smith for HC.. He's just not a leader, That is a gift from God and he didn't have it.. He should have never been hired as HC...I could see that from the get go. Quinn not only is the right man but even more importantly , He has the right philosophy of not only how a team should play, but what kind of players we need for success. = Draftnut57
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