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Found 9 results

  1. Are we getting to fancy? Say what you want about the guy but the numbers dont lie. Obviously he was about the only thing working last week yet he only got 11 touches. We need to pound the ball more to wear out defenses and slow em down from rushing the passer. Just a thought, maybe in thiscase numbers lie but he has looked good to me!
  2. Before reading any further, turn back if you want us to lose. If you are beyond pissed at how our team has played and want us to lose out so that we get a top pick this thread isn't for you. I have a hunch we are going to beat Seattle. I don't have many reasons why I think that, most of it is just a gut feeling but here are a few thoughts that might back it up. 1)As much as we have played horribly on both sides of the ball, I have seen improvements. Most of these improvements come on D. Our CB's and LB's seem to be gelling and learning how to play together. Learning how to trust each other and how to compensate for our lack of pass rush. Call me crazy but I also think Sjax is primed for a big day. Dude has so much heart and is well rested. I think he goes for 100+ yds this week. 2)Roddy is back. I know he might only be playing at 90% or so but this is a huge confidence booster for this team. Roddy brings swagger, energy and leadership to the WR corps. 3) Seattle is primed for a loss. We saw how close Tampa got to beating them last week. I think we will have some good film on their weaknesses and might be able to exploit them. 4)This team has too much pride and professionalism. Even if the coachs don't get us in the right plays or draw up a weak game plan I think our guys have too much integrity to roll over and die. With all that said, I am mostly going on a hunch but I think we at least play spoiler this weekend. I am not dreaming about playoffs or a SB run here, just talking one game.
  3. I would like to start this post out with a few things to clear up anything. #1 : I am new to the whole blog/posting real stats thing so please stay with me though the rough parts if you can. #2 : This is ment to be critisized/ opion based so please feel free to post and bash me. #3 : Yes I know my spelling is really bad and I'm trying to slowly fix it with more posts and blogging. Now here we go: I have been looking at videos on youtube of Steven Jackson and the St. Luis Rams from 2010 - 2012 to get a jist of what those Rams teams did with the running game. Most of them bored my gord and only showed scoring plays ( THANKS ESPN/NFL.COM ). One game that stuck out to me was the Rams vs Saints game in 2011 in which the Rams won 31-21. This game made me think of the game we had last year where turner ran hard and strong. So I did a comparison of the two games... and here are the stats Rushing: S. Jackson (STL) - 25 CAR, 159 YDS, 2 TD CAR YDS AVG TD LG M. Turner 12 83 6.9 1 35 Now I know that this is a bad comparison ,but the weeks are close to the same week. I think SJax on this team could have posted the same numbers as his 2011 game in 2012. Now we play the Saints in the first game this year. Do you think we go early and often to Mr. Jackson or strait to the air ? Those number in 2011 could be the same in this game with coverage on JJ and RW. What do you think?
  4. Our esteemed Around The League colleague Dan Hanzus heard it from readers after he ranked 26 NFL running backs ahead of veteran Steven Jackson. Debate: Toughest shoes to fill? Was Bruce Arians' exit from Indianapolis to coach the Cardinals the most impactful departure of the offseason? More ... The Atlanta Falcons are more optimistic. On the heels of signing Jackson to a three-year, $12 million contract in March, coach Mike Smith on Wednesday talked about the 29-year-old as a potential pass-catching threat out of the backfield. "He's a big, strong running back that catches the ball extremely well," Smith said, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "He creates issues for defenses. He's just another weapon that we have in our offensive arsenal. He's a guy who had close to 100 catches in a season, so he's a guy that we can use in the passing game. He's not just a running back, he's a receiving back as well." The Falcons never had that option with Michael Turner, who caught a measly 59 passes during his five seasons in Atlanta. Jackson has averaged 45 catches per year dating back to 2004. The caution here is Jacquizz Rodgers, the Falcons' versatile runner who figures to see plenty of action on passing downs. Still, offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has talked repeatedly about using more screen passes to chip away at defenses, and that bodes well for Jackson in this high-octane attack. Follow Marc Sessler on Twitter @MarcSesslerNFL.
  5. Okay I lied, but it's still pretty brief. Read: Expect a special year from Steven Jackson since we did not add another RB in the draft. I have a feeling we had some guys targeted for our 4th rounder but two things happened -- one, we were surprised Goodman fell. But more importantly, guys like John Franklin went off the board right before our 4th (**** u Packers for trading up) and we missed on Lattimore for our comp pick. Snelling hasn't touched the rock even when Turner was a shell of his former self, same with Antone Smith. Quizz is all we have, but he's more of a complimentary piece and we know that. The good: With gas still left in the tank, SJax is going to get 300+ carries this year versus the easiest to exploit defensive fronts he's ever seen. Add in 50 receptions, and he's a lock for a 2,000 total yard season and double digit TDs (if he can stay healthy). We may be less "explosive" because we run more and take less shots in the air, but we'll be a better offense and more balanced. The Pats offense wasn't explosive last year, yet was fantastic. OR we could be legit be the next Greatest Show On Turf with a special passing attack, and then a special running attack because of our HOF-bound RB who can still run the rock and the defensive attention to the passing game. The bad: We ran the tread off of Michael Turner and shipped him out of town, and we are about to do the same to SJax. We will still pass a lot, but Smith and Koetter will find it very hard not to call more runs than last year's total # because of SJax's great ability. He won't make it to the 3rd year of his contract here after we ride him hard in 2013 and 2014. Quizz will likely be kept on a cheap deal because he's much more valuable to us than any other team, and he won't get a shot to be a starter anywhere much like Norwood or guys like Leon Washington, etc. The silver lining: The TJ Yeldon era could be upon us in 2015 as our 1st round pick in the back a la Doug Martin or David Wilson. Yeldon doesn't have T-Rich's measurables, but is better than Ingram and at least as good as Lacy w/o the injury issue as of now. Lache Seastrunk is another interesting fit, as he is more of a LeSean McCoy type and would be an ideal fit for our offense. De'Anthony Thomas can fly but isn't the all-around feature back we love to have.
  6. One thing that has been achilles heel of Falcons the last few years with the demise of Michael Turner was redzone scoring and efficiency. Too many times, the Falcons are kicking fieldgoals when they need to be scoring touchdowns. Obviously every team gets stopped from time-to-time but Falcons settle too often. To me, the offseason moves made by Falcons offer the biggest room for improvement in the redzone. To be effective in the redzone, an opposing defense needs to have to be concerned about multiple weapons. its easier to double the receivers in the endzone and harder for receivers to score. Generally the biggest threat in redzone is a running QB (which we don't have), a Tight End(which we do) and a bull of a running back(which we now have in SJAX). I believe you will see Falcons go to a "two-tight end" set with Toilolo (who is 6'8"!!!!!!) on the field with Tony more often than not. Matt loves "throwing the ball up high" for Tony Gonzalez and he now will have a second option in Toilolo. If the Falcons offensive line can get just a little more push than last year, then Steven Jackson is going to have more opportunities to score as well - and he will slam into the hole or make his own hole - where Michael Turner would not.
  7. This was written about his fantasy value in 2013, but I thought it was a intresting write up on his production vs michael turners ----------------------------------- http://lateroundqb.com/its-time-do-the-dirty-bird-with-steven-jackson/
  8. Hel yeah---we are going to kill on the offense Now lets paste our D back into shape----Can't wait for the first game----Nice Move!!!
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