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Found 8 results

  1. I know that when your offense scores 28 points on the road, they problably did a good job and you´re supposed to win the game. And those two INT by Matty were most a result of the pressure that the falcons defense put on the offense, to try to make something happened. It was just desperation caused by our D. But in the first half Matt Ryan threw 5 times to Julio Jones, for 5 catches and 70 yards, but then when the falcons needed the most he didn´t look for him. In the second half Matt threw at him 3 times, for one catch for 12 yards. The others throws were; one, a bad one by numero 2 and a lo
  2. Before reading any further, turn back if you want us to lose. If you are beyond pissed at how our team has played and want us to lose out so that we get a top pick this thread isn't for you. I have a hunch we are going to beat Seattle. I don't have many reasons why I think that, most of it is just a gut feeling but here are a few thoughts that might back it up. 1)As much as we have played horribly on both sides of the ball, I have seen improvements. Most of these improvements come on D. Our CB's and LB's seem to be gelling and learning how to play together. Learning how to trust each other and
  3. I made an agreement with an older lady, to cut her grass. She didnt have any money to give me, but said she would give me a big box of football and baseball cards. Well, to help her out, I agreed. I got home showered, now I'm about halfway through looking. I had to stop and share my excitement with y'all. I have found a Tony G rookie, a Roddy White rookie, Joey Harrington rookie, a DJ Shokley rookie. And a lot of other Falcons cards. Have even found a Randy Johnson card, when he was with the Expos. Glad I made the deal already..
  4. Julio was out for one and Roddy was out for both. We still scored. That to me is an eye opener. Especially with Roddy. Discuss.
  5. Click below for the rest. http://atlantafalconstalk.com/Thread-Falcons-Falcons-Mini-Camp-2013-Pics?pid=120443#pid120443
  6. http://www.nfl.com/v...-Matt-Ryan-bomb Are y'all ready for a repeat?
  7. Let me start out by saying at one point in the night every DL we put in the game flashed or made an impact on a play. It has been a very long time since I have seen that. Just off my count from what I had written down in notes I have Jerry credited with 4 pressures and 2 stops, Babineaux had 2 pressure as did Edwards, and I believe Abe had three, I'll be able to get a more conclusive look once the re-air comes on. Sidbury dominated whoever the backup RT for the Bengals was, it was pretty ridiculous at times as both Gradkowski and Robinson were flushed by pressure from Sidbury. Massaquoi flashe
  8. I think the media and fans forget how close we can to winning the last game against the Aints. The ball went right between Roddy's hands and he should've hauled it in for what would've been the game winner. Tonight will be unbearable with how we can't win and how Brees is gonna break the record on us
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