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  1. I see a lot of posters still saying our offense has been an issue this season, or that Koetter/Ryan has struggled, and sure, if you look at the raw numbers like total ypg and total points scored one could conclude we have been either average or above average (7th in ypg and 16 in ppg). However if we look deeper into the numbers and use some stats that account for the lack of possessions that the Falcons have had thanks to their historically bad defensive performance so far, where we rank dead last in franchise history in points allowed and third-worst in Defensive SRS according to PFF, then we start seeing that our offense has been on the whole very effective. Currently Falcons rank 4th in the league in yards per drive, 7th in points per drive, 7th in time of possession per drive, and most impressive of all we rank 2nd in drive success rate (DSR). What DSR measures are the percentage of sets of downs that either end in a first down or a TD. This stat indicates the effectiveness with which a team is able to move the sticks, and is explained by our very high 3rd down cvr% (48% ranking 7th) and our equally good Red Zone TD% (65% which ranks 6th) Also of note is that we're currently ranked 29th in average starting field position, which in my estimation can help to explain how our points per drive lag behind our DSR this year. Overall, especially considering the almost complete lack of running game, this is a job well done so far by Koetter and Ryan. Obviously the big blemish here is our high turnover rate which is inflated considerably thanks to the first two games of the season where we had a whopping 6 turnovers. After that flukey start Falcons have actually done a superb job of not turning the ball over with just three in their last four games, which is a TO rate of .75per game that would rank in the top five in the NFL. Conversely, our defense has not caused a single turnover during that same time frame, with the only takeaway coming in Houston on a muffed punt. No team in the NFL has less defensive takeaways than the Falcons who are tied with Dolphins and Jags for least in the NFL this year Interestingly, if we go back to 2018 we actually see a very similar picture, where we ranked 4th in the league in YPD, 6th in PPD, and 6th in DSR. 10th in Red zone TD% and 4th in 3rdD%. Needless to say, the offense has not been a problem for the Falcons during the last two seasons. This post is long enough that I don't want to dissect the defensive stats so far this year, but trust me, if you look deeper into them it's incredible how abysmal we have been on that side of the ball, in absolutely every single facet. It is no exaggeration to say we are one of the worst defenses not just of this year but of any year, ever. EDIT: Here are the links :https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsoff/2019 https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/drivestatsoff/2018 https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/red-zone-scoring-pct https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/third-down-conversion-pct
  2. UNBELIEVABLE! We are currently the Dolphins hidden by the success of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. We are a complete joke of an organization right now! I will not watch anymore Falcons games until Dan Quinn leaves now! I'm sick and tired of this BS! Year after year after year!
  3. Or are we really aren't as talented as we think we are? There's multiple former pro bowlers on this team. The Falcons have so many flaws and problems right now the list is too long to make. Some of these problems, such as bad special teams coverage, horrible starting field position, our offensive line/running back not getting a yard, our defense being mediocre as usual, have been problems with the Falcons for several years now, even in the Mike Smith years. The difference is when we had good teams, we got away with these problems but it always came back to hunt us somewhere in the postseason. Now we have a s**t ton more problems than ever before. Matt Ryan is old. Julio Jones is getting old. Alex Mack is old now. Matt Bryant as great as he is we have to draft a new quality kicker ASAP. Devonta Freeman was built perfectly for Shanahan's offense but with Koetter (including 2014) and Sarkisian, what has Freeman really done? Trufant, nothing more than an average corner, he's never been elite, always been average and good enough to be a solid starter, but in Trufant's 7 seasons with the Falcons, he's only been in the postseason with us ONCE, that was in 2017. He was injured in our Super Bowl run, and we missed the playoffs in 2013-2015, 2018, and now it's going to be 2019. The Falcons need a more physical offensive line, we're working on that, but the overhaul of the O-line may have come at a worse time. Maybe it'll benefit us the next few years, but we don't know for sure yet. Along with our offensive line, we need a bigger workhorse back who weighs more and can help us run out clock better to help the defense, not light weighted guys like Freeman or Ito. Freeman and Ito are good, but we need to draft a fresh big workhorse back, like another Turner, or a Blunt, a Chubb, a Henry, behind a big physical O-line. Freeman was mostly built for Shanahan's offense like I said previously. A bigger workhorse back is built more for the current offense we have now. Last but not least, I don't care what QB we draft, if we don't have the previous I mentioned along with an ELITE DEFENSE or a TOP 10 DEFENSE for once who has a lot of fire lit up on them with great leadership. We will never win the big one. Defense wins championships. Enough of the mediocre sorry defenses in Atlanta with no leadership at all and a lot of sorry players who can't tackle or make good plays consistently. We're not getting anywhere with this current defense. We need to draft better, bigger and more physical guys up front and in the secondary. Just having Grady Jarrett, Deion Jones, and Ricardo Allen is not enough.
  4. You know what I'm worried about the most at this point? Since our loss to the Chargers in 2016, we've literally lost every AFC game in the preseason and regular season except for the Jets on the road in 2017. Seriously. Since the 2016 Chargers, that's 10 AFC losses out of our last 11 AFC games, and if you throw in our 11 straight preseason losses (only one of those was against a NFC team) so that's 10 AFC preseason losses added on. We've lost a total of 20 of our last 21 games to AFC opponents in the preseason and regular season combined. YIKES, and the 2019 version of the AFC South will be tougher than the 2011 and 2015 AFC South divisions we faced. You already know it. Road games against the Colts and Texans will be brutal, but the Titans and Jaguars shouldn't be hard right? Oh wait, we've lost all of our home games vs AFC opponents since 2013 except for the 2015 Texans. In order for the Falcons to win the Super Bowl they have to beat an AFC opponent right?
  5. Okay then. Let me show you the numbers and what Matt Ryan is having to deal with this year. Defensive Drive Stats Overall Defensive Efficiency Quarterback Rankings https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/12/14/18140840/matt-ryans-magic-has-covered-up-who-the-real-atlanta-falcons-are Alright Matt Ryan HATERS, try coming at me after all of this! Try to back me up after all of THIS!!!!! What are the EXCUSES NOW!!!!! Man I get so tired of it. Granted, was never a big fan of him getting all that money but I'm not a big fan of ANY player getting a contract too big because of how much it affects the team, but the NFL is a business, can't do anything about that. I'll say one thing, Matt Ryan has been the LEAST of our problems this season. I can't think of any other player on our roster who wants to win more than him right now and it's sad. He has no control over how poor our coaching has been all year.
  6. This is according to pro football reference, BTW, and we still have 4 more games to play. Also, for the 2016 season, I wonder if that was with the postseason games included or not, since 2016 is at #3 at 29 sacks which is shocking to me. Anyways, I'm not surprised with the bad O-line play this year, especially on this 4 game losing streak where we've haven't even reached the 20 point mark. Only scored 9 offensively yesterday. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/play-index/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=single&player_id=RyanMa00&year_min=1950&year_max=2018&season_start=1&season_end=-1&pos[]=QB&game_type=R&career_game_num_min=1&career_game_num_max=400&game_num_min=1&game_num_max=12&week_num_min=0&week_num_max=99&c1stat=pass_sacked&c1comp=gt&c1val=1&c5val=1.0&order_by=pass_sacked
  7. When it's 3rd and 15, down by 17, you can't throw a 7 yard pass. Austin Hooper had about a million 7 yard catches today also. I understand that the pressure and coverage can dictate a checkdown. The problem is, the other team is WANTING us to take the checkdowns. We need to give a man a chance to make a play down the field! We don't have time for checkdowns when the other team is ahead and still scoring!
  8. So since it "looks" like Matt is missing throws, but also the rec are not catching it, it seems like its execution, OK this offense is totally inept at this point and in this game. Something bigger is happening. The talk has been about Ryans mechanics, is that what is giving him issues?? they have got to figure out how much of an issue that is. He is off, but why are you changing something that has gotten you MVP ?? to extend your career? to do something different. Should we expect a year of regression ? if so ok - I just wish we could get enough evidence to support that - I am OK with that, but its pretty hard to watch this offense considering the history of the team.
  9. Does anyone remember the notorious poster who said Matt "Noodle Arm" Ryan would never be elite because his wife was not a supermodel? He actually was a knowledgeable fan, but his Ryan rants were both ignorant and classic. If he posted a Ryan thread, it was going 20 pages deep. It's time to bring Swift and his 20 alter egos back to TATF.
  10. It suddenly appeared in my recommended videos list. Didn't even look for it. Didn't even know it existed on YouTube. Rare footage of Ryan running a triple-option offense in his high school days at Penn Charter.
  11. I usually don't post much and have been a season ticket holder for over 10+ years but wanted to give a huge shout out to my section (235) for chanting "MVP"! It felt like a playoff atmosphere and I hope it was heard on TV! -Cheers, Rise Up!
  12. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-360/0ap3000000766246/NFL-360-Quarterbacking-101-with-Matt-Ryan
  13. He would win the NFL Most Valuable Player this year. If Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady had put up the same numbers Ryan had put up this year (regardless) of win total they would walk away with this award. The link below has a nice write up about Ryan's career year and campaign for MVP. http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/why-matt-ryan-is-the-nfl-s-most-valuable-player-in-2016-122716
  14. Yesterday after watching the game, I was ranting and raving to my friends about how we need to get rid of Shanahan and that his offense was garbage. They rightfully pointed out that we scored 24 points and the main reason we lost was because we gave up 31 points. It was hard to counter this because though I saw that the defense played terribly in spots, I felt like the offense was worse and I actually put more blame on them. After thinking it over I realized why that is. It's easy to say we scored 24 points so you can't blame the offense too much but we only scored two TDs. One of them was set up by Tru's INT (points to the defense on that one). That play set us up nicely in the redzone and even then it was a struggle to get theTD that we did. The other TD came right after we went down 31-13 and Ryan went into the no huddle. We moved the ball pretty easily and I want to say part of that was because Tampa backed off a bit but I'll give credit where it's due, we got the TD. Aside from that, our offense was anemic. I think the drive that best summarized it was the final one. We had poorly thrown balls (the pass that Sanu got hurt on), drops, and stalled runs. It was all too fitting that it ended with a batted ball on the last play. So take away the gift the defense gave us and we have a near-blowout. I don't know if it's Shanahan's actual offense or his playcall (why the **** are you running a toss in the redzone), our offense isn't that good. Watching Dirk Koetter's offense carve us up yesterday **** near brought a tear to my eye because we used to look like that. Go watch highlights of the 2012 team, some of the play designs were amazing. The Lions game stands out particularly to me. We'd been running WR slip screens all season and when the Lions keyed in on it, we faked that and threw a bomb to Roddy. Right now all of our WR routes are crossing routes and ins where we hope for the WR to make YAC. Sorry to wax poetic about Dirk Koetter but having such a stark contrast in one game shows how weak our (Shanahan's) offense is. I hope we can turn it around at some point but I really don't think this offense is built for our personnel or even the NFL of 2016.
  15. http://insider.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/21411/matt-ryan-falcons-absolutely-can-average-30-points-per-game
  16. New head coach and weak schedule and our 50th season....excitement builds for every Falcon fan! First few games, Shannahan uses Freeman and Julio as key players very effectively and Freeman plays with a chip on his shoulders. The team is excited and plays hard and with resilience even Kroy saves the day. We go 5-0 despite some very close calls and games that we could have easily lost. The Saints kill our undefeated hopes and make us look like the not so great team that many thought we were, (including me) starting our turnover woes including to many bonehead plays by Ryan. A game or two later, our play calling gets stale as Julio is double teamed majority of the time and Freeman and our run game starts getting shut down consistently. Quinn makes a rookie HC mistake and goes for a field goal on the 1 or 2 yrd line and relied on the defense to make a stop when we could have had them backed up in their end zone if we failed to score a TD. Fumbling and bad snap woes continue and our pass rush is STILL non existent. The natives get restless...Some calling for Ryan's head, some calling for Shannahan's head, some calling for TD's head, some even calling for Quinn's head....some wishing we hired Rex(idiots) EVEN then we could have still controlled our own destiny to get into the playoffs but we lose to MIN and Seattle does whats needed to boot us out of the playoff picture BUT...there's STILL hope(at least in my heart)...Players meeting...The team is fed up!...We can turn this thing around with some solid play from our offense and minimal turnovers! Yeah! BUT nooooo, we get swept by the Bucs....The freaking Bucs and their rookie QB..... I'm so ashamed right now because I'm the number one s**t talker in every NFL and NFCS rivalry group that I'm in. My take: Ryan didn't just forget how to play football within the last six games. He consistently is at the top of the league in passing yards even getting Harry Douglass 1K when Julio was hurt last year. He hasn't really had solid pass protection or a run game for a while until the first few games of this year. (and as I've stated even that has broken down) Ryan should not have to throw the ball as much as he does...Why are we not running the ball more even with the lead? Our team is crappy and it HAS alot to do with TD! Smitty was a victim of TDs recruiting and a few clock management issues. I'm not saying we shouldn't have let go of Smitty but we just haven't had the talent on both sides of the ball at the same time. Quinn needs another season or two to bring in "his" talent. Shannahan needs to get his s**t together, come up with some better schemes and run the freaking ball more than 14 times with our all star RB. Give Ryan a chance to play action and run a few more freaking screen plays or passes to the flats with Freeman, Coleman, even Hester like we did with Anton Smith. or just get rid of Shannahan period. or Draft a QB and if Ryan keeps screwing up, bench him, trade him, whatever. ...and for God's sake get rid of Kroy, put some fire under Vic's azz, bring in some help at linebacker, pass rushing and opposite Trufant, (and a little more help on the O-line) The season is over for us, but if by some miraculous chance we made the playoffs, we're far from a playoff team much less a Superbowl team, but as far as next year goes, with the right moves, we could be a very good team as long as Blank can put a boot in TD's azz. Just ranting....Still rising up though.
  17. I don't understand why people are hating on Matt Ryan. Sure, he is making some bone-head decisions but at some point, all QBs do. When we were looking for a coach, many people wanted Rex Ryan because he was a strong defensive-minded coach and all we had to do offensively was patch up a few holes on the O-line and we'd be "great". Now a new OC has our offense looking worse than we ever have, our run game is still inconsistent even with a better RB, our play calling is predictable, outright dumb at times and we barely run the no huddle. All of a sudden it's our consistent QB's fault that is usually near top of the list in yardage, completions, TDs and come from behind wins? Our play action is non-existent, our best receiver is dropping passes, or 2nd and 3rd options are crossing routes or not getting the ball because the line can't give Matt enough time...Kyle has Matt Ryan rolling out like he's Russell Wilson.... and can we run a freaking screen once in a while? (not that BS wide receiver screen that never works, either) All those who want Matt Ryan benched/ traded need to sit down somewhere and be quiet cause "that's my quarterback" (in my best T.O. voice)
  18. I have been reading a lot of threads lately and listening to a little bit of talk radio. I have to say what I have been hearing is worrisome at the very least. I understand the disappointment in the fanbase, as a fan of decades this season is no stranger to me. We have certainly seen many like it. Still, this time it is a bit different. We were winners not too long ago, consistent winners for the first time ever actually. This is obviously not a lack of talent problem we are facing, because we have only lost a few guys from that 2012 NFCCG team. In truth we, as a fanbase, need to step up our game. We need to recognize that this is a coaching league, first and foremost, and a great coach can win championships with near average talent. That said, a really good coach should be able to win with Atlanta's talent on a very consistent basis. In an offensive league, we have potentially the most deadly weapons in the league. We should be playing for Lombardi Trophies over the next 10 years, and that all starts with bringing in the correct guy. So, who is the correct guy? Well, there are a few candidates who look really solid on paper. I won't bother going into it too much because you will hear all about them in short order. I have to say I don't know who the right guy is anymore than Arthur Blank does. Guys that come to mind right from the start would be Daniels from NE, Munchack or LeBeau from Pitt, maybe a Dan Quinn? Blank did the right thing with hiring the firm to help select candidates as TD has never done it before and I'm sure Blank wants a second opinion. I know Arthur is getting some heat for leaking this info before the game yesterday, but I think we need to give him a pass on that one. Blank wants nothing more than to bring a Lombardi to this city, and no city deserves it more than Atlanta. If my owner could only have 1 trait of my choosing then that would be my choice, as it is a trait which has been missing before in this town. So that brings us back to how to reheat our day old pizza, aka how to get back to the 2012 team that was a play away from a Super Bowl...and maybe even go further. What became painfully obvious against the Panties was that we are physically outmatched up front on a consistent basis. We need to find more big, explosive, fast, disruptive athletes to play up front for us. And we need to bring in the best coaches to maximize their talents. We also could use a legit #1 RB, some more OL quality & depth, a Safety, a playmaking TE, and a Fullback. Add those to the horses for the front 7 on D, and it's going to take a couple of years to retool this team to where it needs to be. A lot of people on this board act like this team had a bunch of talent when TD & Smitty got here, but the truth is there are maybe one or two guys who still play regular snaps that were around on that 2007 nightmare team. In six short years, we have put together a solid roster on top of that skeleton crew that was here in '07. That's not too shabby. Keep in mind that we don't have to replace every struggling player on our roster in order to get to the top. No team is capable of that, and we just need to put in replacements that will elevate the other guys we decide to stick with. We could be back in the thick of things next year, honestly.
  19. I know that when your offense scores 28 points on the road, they problably did a good job and you´re supposed to win the game. And those two INT by Matty were most a result of the pressure that the falcons defense put on the offense, to try to make something happened. It was just desperation caused by our D. But in the first half Matt Ryan threw 5 times to Julio Jones, for 5 catches and 70 yards, but then when the falcons needed the most he didn´t look for him. In the second half Matt threw at him 3 times, for one catch for 12 yards. The others throws were; one, a bad one by numero 2 and a long one that was a little underthrow and could/should have been called for PI on Xavier Rhodes. My point is, that the falcons failed to take advantaged of his best playmaker, who was being nothing but effective, and instead they tried to force the ball to Roddy, who was slow, obvioulsy not 100% and having a bad day with 5 drops, I believe, and to Hester who did have a good game and is serviceable on offense, but they threw two long balls to him silimar to the catch he make against the saints, and he failed to catch any of those. The falcons D make the game hard to watch, I knew we were limited, but I never expect anything like these, but the offense could have done more, especially if you considered that Julio was killing it, that he´s the best player on the field and we needed points, and yet they forgot to use him in the second half.
  20. Don't know if this has been discussed but does anyone have any stories of Ryan bonding or doing anything nice with his O-Line outside work? Like, I think Russell Wilson bought all his olinemen Xbox Ones, Brady taking them all out to eat at a buffet. Etc. Also I'd like to know of other activities QB's do if anyone knows. Think I heard someone say they went go Karting or some sh** Anyways. How well do you think it builds comradery and chemistry when QB's do that, and do you think they respond well to Ryan. Random topic, yes, but it's the offseason. Thoughts? Suggestions on what he should do? Has a new right side of the O-Line, I'd hope they get to know each other quick if people here are expecting him to lead us to a Championship this year.
  21. I see a lot of posts on here saying that Ryan needs to step up, and he needs to make a play in the red zone, and how playcalling is unimaginitive, and we need to fire the coach that hired the OC and DC's that are clearly failing us...tell that to Steven Jackson and Levine Toilolo. If either of these guys can close their hands and clamp on a pass Ryan put in their hands, we have a 3-1 team, and we are all talking about how we are going to destroy the Jets. Instead, we are talking about firing the coach, and how the QB needs to step up. Ryan didn't have a great game with his accuracy, but he also did have 400 yards, in the losing effort. As soon as the team recovered the first onside kick, they played with a passion and heart the Falcons usually reserve for the first half. The team isn't broken, and neither is the coach. The team is hurt and we have paper thin depth behind the starters. This leads me to say something I have yet to say, and that is it's time for Dimitroff to go. This guy waited, after what we all saw in the preseason, to grab Trueblood, until the last possible moment, and got lucky someone who is a former starter was still there. I know TD has done great things for this team and this town, but this is a cumulative problem, that needs to be addressed now. I'm not throwing in the towel on this season, and 9-7, 10-6 or h3ll 11-5 may still be attainable, but the GM needs to be fixed, or we will always have a patchwork O and D-line...
  22. The offseason is boring, but one thing that might give us a little reprieve would be to get everyone under contract. At the very least it would give us something to talk about. So, with us now being a month removed from the draft, who do think gets signed first. Both our first and last draft picks are still unsigned and we have heard nothing about when their signings may take place. Ryan's contract, on the other hand, has produced seemingly endless amounts of arguably pointless speculation that may end up having no value whatsoever. His deal is being projected to be before TC, but it's kinda quiet for now. Who do think gets signed first out of the three, and when and in what order?
  23. Click below for the rest. http://atlantafalconstalk.com/Thread-Falcons-Falcons-Mini-Camp-2013-Pics?pid=120443#pid120443
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