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Found 6 results

  1. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/General-Booty-122025/RecruitInterests/
  2. This is not a coincidence.... Aaron Rodgers ($33.5M) Matt Ryan ($30.0M) Kirk Cousins ($28.0M) Jimmy Garoppolo ($27.5M) Matt Stafford ($27.0M) Derek Carr ($25.0M)
  3. I don't understand why people are hating on Matt Ryan. Sure, he is making some bone-head decisions but at some point, all QBs do. When we were looking for a coach, many people wanted Rex Ryan because he was a strong defensive-minded coach and all we had to do offensively was patch up a few holes on the O-line and we'd be "great". Now a new OC has our offense looking worse than we ever have, our run game is still inconsistent even with a better RB, our play calling is predictable, outright dumb at times and we barely run the no huddle. All of a sudden it's our consistent QB's fault that is usually near top of the list in yardage, completions, TDs and come from behind wins? Our play action is non-existent, our best receiver is dropping passes, or 2nd and 3rd options are crossing routes or not getting the ball because the line can't give Matt enough time...Kyle has Matt Ryan rolling out like he's Russell Wilson.... and can we run a freaking screen once in a while? (not that BS wide receiver screen that never works, either) All those who want Matt Ryan benched/ traded need to sit down somewhere and be quiet cause "that's my quarterback" (in my best T.O. voice)
  4. Don't know if this has been discussed but does anyone have any stories of Ryan bonding or doing anything nice with his O-Line outside work? Like, I think Russell Wilson bought all his olinemen Xbox Ones, Brady taking them all out to eat at a buffet. Etc. Also I'd like to know of other activities QB's do if anyone knows. Think I heard someone say they went go Karting or some sh** Anyways. How well do you think it builds comradery and chemistry when QB's do that, and do you think they respond well to Ryan. Random topic, yes, but it's the offseason. Thoughts? Suggestions on what he should do? Has a new right side of the O-Line, I'd hope they get to know each other quick if people here are expecting him to lead us to a Championship this year.
  5. It's hard to even read this board with nonsense like: "-Smith >>>>> Ryan -Ryan will never be able to take us to a Superbowl -Ryan plays scared, and has gotten worse every year -The Falcons are losing faith in Ryan" And so on and so on, and so on. Not liking a player is one thing, spending ALL of your time on a message board and making this the focus of EVERYTHING wrong with the Falcons is not. Whether you support him or not, you need to get over it, and start figuring our how we put him in the best positions to win...he's the Quarterback of the Falcons, like it or not.
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