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Found 2 results

  1. Title says it all. I honestly thought our D was ok, then run blocking/mobile QB is still our biggest problem area. What made us lose that game so badly, however, was because as soon as Dom Davis went on the field, he walked right back off in 1 minute or less. Our D was a bunch of rooks who had to essentially play all game because we turned over the ball or punted so many times. It was pathetic. I think Renfree needs to get a lot of coaching and step it up or we will have to sign a QB. Davis sucked, bad. I hope he or Renfree can put it all together soon.
  2. 1 - Tebow landed with NEW ENGLAND And, the circus took down the tent. I only want you all to remember just one thing about TIM: when with the Broncos, he took them as far in the playoffs as did Manning this past season 2 - next topic: there is TOO much going on, there is not much really going on. I mean NFL.com is manufacturing news that is mostly who cares. What's the point of ranking players when they aren't playing and this little snippet of gossip and that little snip and that snipe. 3 - I see too many people on these boards who think they would make beter decisions than Smith & Dimitroff. Don't know if either of them would be THE BEST at their singular job. but I do think that the combination of the TWO is the best in the league 4 - Matt Ryan is in a good place. I mean there are a lot of GOOD young quarterbacks in the league. There are also a few that are past there primes and don't know it and a few more who will never reach the potential people once thought they had. New or old, cannot be more than 1 or 2 tops who may surprise in a positive way teams that might think they have a qb but don't: BEARS & Chargers & Cowboys
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