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Found 1 result

  1. It will be interesting to see how much action Roddy gets this week. He's still our best big target possession receiver and should be a huge part of our success or failure this year. That said, seeing us dismantle the Bucs without Roddy made me wonder how much we will need him going forward. His body seems to be starting to break down, with both knee and hamstring injuries already this season and his injury plagued year in 2013. I often forget he is turning 34 this year. That's pretty old by NFL standards. I often think of Devin Hester as and old guy, but he's only 31 by comparison. We also finally seem to have some other WRs who can pick up the slack when Roddy is out. Looking at his contract, it's probably realistic to say he only has this year and next year left as a Falcon. In 2016, we would save nearly 2.5M by cutting him (in 2017 we'd save 4.5M), plus his salary increases in both 2016 and 2017. That seems structured to give him bigger numbers while expecting we would potentially cut him after 2015. Maybe by then, Amsterdam will have developed enough to take over Roddy's possession receiver role. YEAR BASE SIGNING BONUS ROSTER BONUS OPTION BONUS WORKOUT BONUS RESTRUC. BONUS INCENTIVE CAP HIT DEAD 2014 3,000,000 1,887,500 - 1,325,000 - - - 6,212,500 8,875,000 2015 2,200,000 1,887,500 1,500,000 - - - - 5,587,500 5,662,500 2016 2,750,000 1,887,500 1,500,000 - - - - 6,137,500 3,775,000 2017 3,000,000 1,887,500 1,500,000 - - - - 6,387,500 1,887,500 Thoughts?
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