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Found 4 results

  1. In 2018 the Falcons are being heavily favored by the media to win the Super Bowl this year based off the way our seasons ended in 2016 and 2017, and we deserve that praise, however, that is VERY DANGEROUS at the professional level, most teams who win their first Super Bowls had a mediocre campaign the previous season and nobody believed in them coming into the season. The Falcons are getting way too much hype and it worries me. Throughout my time being a Falcons fan, our best seasons have always come when you didn't expect much from the team coming into the season, and they overachieved the expectations we had before the season went on. Look at the years we've won the division throughout our history and tell me what our records were the years before? What was the record of the 1997 Falcons and the 2015 Falcons before our Super Bowl appearances in 1998 and 2016? Why did the past 3 teams in the Super Bowl out of the NFC had a record of 8-8 or worse the previous year? Based off the preseason performances, the Panthers and Saints have shown better depth than the Falcons right now (2 teams who were 11-5 last season which were better than our Falcons). Here's all the teams 0-3 in the preseason so far. The Eagles, who just won the Super Bowl so that's understandable, and they were 6-10 in 2005 after their previous 13-3 campaign in 2004 losing the Super Bowl to the Patriots. The last time the Eagles started 0-3 in the preseason was 1999, and they were 5-11 that year. The Seahawks, who we all know have been on huge decline the last couple years and they might get worse as the Rams and 49ers become the class of the West the next few years. The Cowboys, because they are the Cowboys who are only good once in awhile. The Dolphins because that's who they usually are, always inconsistent. The Titans because they'll probably take a step back after miraculously making the playoffs as a wildcard last year at 9-7. Then of course, our Falcons. Notice how outside of the Falcons and Eagles, every other team who's 0-3 right now clearly has struggles. Bottom line, whether people want to deny this or not, teams in NFL history who have gone 2-2 or 3-1 in the preseason playing their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stringers for even amounts of time have a better chance of making the playoffs, getting to the conference championship, or getting to the Super Bowl than teams who have gone 0-4 in the preseason. No team who's gone 0-4 in the preseason has won the Super Bowl in a full 16 game season, and only 2 have been to the Super Bowl. You have the 1982 Redskins I get that, but that was a strikeout year with 6 less regular season games so that made the season chaotic. Keep in mind, the 1998 Falcons were 2-2 in the preseason while the 2016 Falcons were 3-1. I hear a lot of people saying those teams were 0-4 when that wasn't true, do your research. The preseason reveals your depth across the roster and your coaching. The Redskins and Giants' depth had no trouble beating the Jets depth, but the Falcons got shutout in New Jersey not having a single 1st down until the end of the 1st half and getting shutout. The Falcons offense did well against the Chiefs, however, the Chiefs had the 28th ranked defense last year and we still gave them their only preseason win so far in the 2nd half. The Jaguars defense was a good test for our offense and while it wasn't all on Matt Ryan, he still could have done a little bit better, and our STARTING receivers were still dropping balls and making mental errors just like last year. Our O-line is still okay but very vulnerable, can't afford any injuries whatsoever. Our D-line however, has clearly taken a step back, I saw the Jets running on us easily and so did the Jaguars with solid running backs such as Leonard Fournette. Deion Jones, Desmond Trufant, and Ricardo Allen being out shouldn't have made our D-line struggle like that. I think we should have kept at least one of Poe or Clayborn. So here's the story of the Falcons upcoming season to me, if our offense is still inept making the same mistakes as last season and our D-line takes a step back, we miss the playoffs this year. We aren't going to be as lucky as last season. Our defense carried us to the playoffs last season more than our offense unlike 2016. Don't think year 2 for Sarkisian is going to go exactly like year 2 for Shanahan, a lot of people are totally mistaken by this assumption. Shanahan in year 1 with LESS talent still had better play calling than Sark in year 1 with MORE talent, and even on the defensive side of the ball the 2017 Falcons were way better than the 2015 Falcons. I think our defense is still a year or 2 away. Get better at the interior and then we'll have veterans across our defensive roster by 2019 or 2020. The best defenses in Falcons history are 1977 and 1998, which is in a 21 year span, and 2019 is almost here, so we're getting there. A lot of people including myself have said that the Falcons have always been an even numbered season team, and I get that, but not every even year has been good for the Falcons. 2006 and 2014 weren't good, but in 2002 we did make the playoffs but we were 9-6-1. Since we've been in the NFC South, the even years we played a western division (AFC West and/or NFC West) we had double digit win seasons, usually 11 wins or 13 wins in seasons such as 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2016. However, in 2002, 2006, and 2014, we didn't play a western division and we either missed the playoffs or barely made it. The Falcons do not play a western division in 2018. The Falcons are 0-3 in the preseason so far still having execution problems on offense, D-line issues, and finishing out games. The Super Bowl is in our home stadium this year and no team has ever done that, the teams who have hosted Super Bowls have always come up short or done really bad. Matt Ryan is the highest paid QB in the league, which means he's in the top of the salary of all QB's across the league, and last time I checked, highest paid QB's tend to not play well historically (including Matt Ryan in 2013). I hope Julio Jones holding out of practice all that time doesn't affect his play throughout the season. People are saying that our window is now or never, but I disagree, I believe we will still have a shot with Matt Ryan in 2019 or 2020, even if the 2018 Falcons don't do well. If having a disappointing or absolute bust season motivates us to win a Super Bowl over the next couple of years with the media doubting us, I'd rather take that. I see a lot of holes in this current Falcons team so far. Hope they prove me wrong throughout this upcoming season. I'm just ready for Thursday Night in Philly to begin.
  2. Saturday, Aug 25, 2018 10:16 AM Falcons at Jaguars: Five things to watch, including Calvin Ridley’s role and right guard battle Kelsey Conway ATLANTAFALCONS.COM REPORTER JACKSONVILLE -- As the Falcons get ready for their final “dress rehearsal” game on Saturday night in Jacksonville, there are a number of things Atlanta’s coaching staff will be looking to see. The starters are likely to play between anywhere from three-to-five series, so we’ll get a good look at how the Falcons’ starting units match up against Jacksonville’s. The Falcons have also announced the following players will not play: Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, Ricardo Allen, Deion Jones, Marvin Hall and Ben Garland. Here are five storylines to watch in preseason game No. 3: 1. Will rookie wide receiver Calvin Ridley lock up the starting kick returner spot? One of the main position battles during training camp and through the first two preseason games has been at the kick and punt return position. So far, we’ve seen Calvin Ridley, Marvin Hall, Ito Smith and Isaiah Oliver all get opportunities, but it appears Ridley could be the favorite after his electric 34-yard return against the Kansas City Chiefs. Special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong wouldn’t necessarily say Ridley has won the job, but he did say he is a “natural” at the position. Will he solidify that role on Saturday night? 2. Right guard battle between Brandon Fusco and Wes Schweitzer should be settled After a strong performance against Kansas City, Falcons head coach Dan Quin said Brandon Fusco has “earned the right” to start against the Jaguars. Fusco and Wes Schweitzer have been battling for the starting spot at right guard since Fusco was signed in free agency this spring. Schweitzer was listed as the starter when the team’s first unofficial depth chart was released before preseason game No. 1, but it appears that could change. Quinn said he wasn’t ready to declare Fusco as the starter this week, but after this game he’s likely to make the decision. 3. Ricky Ortiz should lock up fullback battle Ricky Ortiz appears to be in the lead to win the fullback battle after an impressive training camp. The team recently signed veteran Jalston Fowler with two preseason games left to play, but Ortiz looks to have won the job. “The fullback spot for us, Ricky (Ortiz) is clearly in the lead for us, but Fowler was somebody we definitely had interest in,” Quinn said. Will he solidify his spot in these last two games after a strong performance with the starting unit on Saturday night? 4. Damontae Kazee will be running with the starting defense ****tae Kazee has shined in both preseason games. He led the team in tackles against the Jets with 11 total (nine solo stops) and recorded an interception last Friday against the Chiefs. With Ricardo Allen not playing against the Jaguars, we’ll get a chance to see how Kazee looks with the starting defense. 5. Will Isaiah Oliver show growth? The Falcons are excited about what rookie cornerback Isaiah Oliver brings to their defense – speed, athleticism, length and ball skills. But, as it is for most rookies, there’s a transition process that takes place. Sometimes the way a player bounces back from a missed opportunity, can reveal a lot about who that player is. That was certainly the case with Oliver after giving up a touchdown last weekend against Kansas City. Oliver didn’t use the proper technique and it cost him. And rather than make excuses for what happened and that’s exactly what Quinn wants to see. “When you play on the line of scrimmage like we do, people are going to try you,” Quinn said. “On that one, he got beat. There were no excuses which I like, right away tried to test him like hey, what happened there. He didn’t offer any excuse to say what happened, and he responded right away. I don’t like that it happened but, in some instances, you have to have some on the job training and no better place than out on the field, especially in the exhibition season.”
  3. In the time Quinn has been here one thing has been constant. The Falcons look BAD in preseason game #3. Even in 2012 they looked bad in preseason game #3. Everyone should do themselves a favor. Go ahead and get ready for it. Look forward to it. Remember the most successful seasons the Falcons have had recently have been preceded by a bad showing in this upcoming game. So think of it as good luck if it happens again.
  4. Looks like Oliver, Foye, and Kazee will get plenty of time with the 1’s tonight. Duke will be back at MLB. Saturday, Aug 25, 2018 05:28 PM Falcons' Matt Bryant to kick vs Jaguars, Desmond Trufant ruled out Will McFadden ATLANTAFALCONS.COM JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Falcons announced that kicker Matt Bryant will be active for the first time this season as they face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Saturday night for their third preseason game. While Bryant will be on the field, Falcons starting cornerback Desmond Trufant will not be. Trufant will be held out of action, becoming the seventh Falcons player to be declared inactive for this game. The other six players who will sit out Saturday night's game include Ricardo Allen, Devonta Freeman, Ben Garland, Marvin Hall, Deion Jones and Julio Jones.