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Found 17 results

  1. I don't see a thread that is simply a discussion of the merits of these two options (at least in purpose) - so I wanted to make a poll to gauge people's feelings. I have been flip flopping over this decision, but I think I have decided that with 9 draft picks... *unless* we get a too good to be true trade back deal, we should take Pitts. We gave up the farm for Julio, and while that can be debated for a long time - one thing you can't debate is the popularity, highlight reels, and sheer firepower he's brought to the offense by being on the field. We have a chance at getting that same thing, but without giving up an entire draft for it. And we still have 8 picks left. So I say take Pitts, what about y'all?
  2. A highly debated topic on this board recently has been the possibility of drafting a QB in the first round. Those of us that either want it to happen, or opened to the idea, are typically labeled as “Ryan Haters”. The prevailing notion held by those opposed to this, is that anyone that wants us to draft a QB in the first round, wants us to get rid of Matt Ryan immediately. I disagree with this notion, I don’t believe this is the prevailing feeling among those wanting to/open to drafting a QB; but I could be wrong. This is where the poll comes in. So this hypothetical question goes out to anyone who wants to, or is open to the idea, of drafting a QB.
  3. Which guy? It looks like we have a 1-yr deal rental on Poe if we go that route, or a 3-4 yr deal on a Hankins or Logan. If we can swing Hankins for under 10/yr avg, DT would be taken care of for the next 3-4 window during Jarrett's rookie deal.
  4. Pick one for each category, if u want someone else listed or a name changed just say so #RiseUp
  5. If you're brave enough, this is your chance to commit. Set your opinion to the written record and vote for today's game...
  6. A Pleasant Surprise is an event you surmise may occur, however it's passing causes only mild to moderate satisfaction. If a pleasant surprise fails to occur, your disposition will remain unchanged. It was an outcome you neither expected nor doubted--a fifty-fifty chance with no downside. A rational person observing a pleasant surprise may experience any of the following, but likely not more than any two: A smile or a grin Nodding of the head Squinting with smugness Verbal affirmation of their prediction Example: Winning the Super Bowl would only be a pleasant surprise to a fair weather fan or a ne'er-do-well. Let's see what you all think (or come up with as an alternative).
  7. If we can only afford one, and its looking like they'll all be between 9-12 mil/year so where do we put the money? My vote is for Trevathan, idk why, but I think he'll have the biggest impact on our defense for the longest period of time.
  8. I couldn't help but feel great for beating Jacksonville but somehow it seems so hollow. If we manage a win over the Panties or Taints I will temporarily be happy and bury this season sigh
  9. I know we can say everything cost us the game but try to be as focused as possible on your answers
  10. Please Select Both Polls. Do we stay put and pick where we're slotted? Do we move up over Dallas and lock up Our Player? Do we trade back, pickup another 3rd or 4th and use those picks, or use them to trade back, then trade back up into the 2nd or 3rd?
  11. After Game #1- Who should start at RCB Trufant, or Alford? I don't want to persuade anyone with my wacked out opinion, so I will discuss later!
  12. Saw an article on the 4 letter network's website asking this question so I figure let's see what the fans say. They wanted to know if "Big Bank" Blank should go ahead and lock up the Iceman and make him the highest paid player in the NFL. I say go ahead and do it. The market sets the price and we can't afford a do-over with another QB right now anyway. Window is too small. We let him walk and then what? McCown, draft a new one, what? IMHO the Iceman has put up great numbers, been a positive face for the franchise, a non-headache off the field and super clutch at the end of games. I know, he (or is it "the TEAM"?) hasn't won a playoff game yet, but what else are you going to do? Those playoff losses aren't all on him, he doesn't play D and besides we are more than good on the offensive side with him so what do you think? Thoughts?
  13. What do YOU think is best for the long-term success of this franchise: Winning ONE playoff game and keeping the status quo by holding onto our two current coordinators? OR Losing in the first round and replacing one, if not both, coordinators with someone (or two) from the group of Mel Tucker, Steve Spagnuolo, Norv Turner, and Josh McDaniels? ----------- Now, I ask this question for the sole purpose of discussion. By no means am I crossing my fingers in hopes that we lose. I mean, come on...we are Falcons fans. We want to win. However, that's not the question at hand. So again, which outcome do you really think would be best for our future? I ask because I'm not so sure we can win a Super Bowl with Van Gorder and I'm sure there are many that feel that way about at least one (and maybe both) of our coordinators. Personally, I feel Mularkey is a good enough offensive coordinator to win a Super Bowl with. I may be wrong, but I believe he is much better than Porn 'Stache on the other side of the ball. At the same time, I believe Turner and McDaniels would be upgrades over Mularkey so I'd still be open to seeing Mularkey sh!t-canned. And hey, Mularkey may leave on his own anyway, so if we were tentative to pull the trigger...he could potentially make it easy for us. -------- I'll now leave it up to discussion.
  14. Which NFL team is most likely to go 0-16? Choose one: Dolphins -- Miami's lack of fans gives the Dolphins a huge advantage as far as not feeling any pressure to win Rams -- they have the kind of receivers who can come up with a big, clutch drop on a potentially game-winning drive Colts -- the Colts fell short of 16-0 in recent years due to various team weaknesses, but those weaknesses are now strengths in pursuit of 0-16 perfection Lions -- they've lost two in a row to fall to 5-2 and I'm sure a franchise this historically awful can find a way to get those five wins vacated From: Sports Pickle.com Link: http://www.sportspickle.com/poll/8481
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