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Found 3 results

  1. Under-the-radar rookies who can earn significant playing time in 2016 http://atlantasportspage.org/3509-2/
  2. "____" I'm calling you out! Plug in whoever it is you want to call out and leave a brief message why. It can be anyone that you would love to call out if you had the chance and could do it safely from your computer lol. "Mike Smith" I'm calling you out! It's time you show us what exactly it is that you do for this team. I expect to see an improved o-line and a team that is playing pissed off for the rest of the season.
  3. There are a lot of match-ups that could possibly play a key role in our match-up against the Eagles. To name a few, Michael ThugPunk vs Matt Ryan. They don't face each other across the LOS of course, but who performs best could easily determine the outcome. I like Ryan because I think he's taking far better care of the football, has a better grasp of defenses and formations than ThugPunk and much better weapons to throw to than ThugPunk with the exception of DeSean Jackson and possibly Brent Celek at TE. It's my guesstimate Ryan will be able to produce at least one more TD than ThugPunk in the passing game, maybe more. Big advantage Falcons. Everybody is talking about "Shady" possibly running all over our pathetically weak rushing defense. That's a match-up I don't like, but on the other hand, we could give up 150 yards and a couple of TD's to McCoy and still win the game easily. How about our defensive front compared to the Eagles OL? We should have the advantage there as even Eagle fans are admitting their OL is hot garbage and that could certainly be a key. If our defensive front four is getting penetration into the backfield and pressure/sacks on ThugPunk, that will almost certainly lead to multiple Eagle turn-overs. When you win the turnover battle in the NFL you're usually going to win the game. Speaking of OL vs DL, how about the match-up of their defensive front vs our OL? I still have sickening visions of Trent Cole blasting Baker three yards backwards into the backfield on almost every play in the Georgia Dome last year. From what I've seen of our OL, this is going to be a decidedly big ~ and potentially catastrophic ~ advantage for the Eagles. If our OL doesn't protect Ryan we can't win this game. And if the OL gets Ryan injured, we can't make the play-offs. I don't see Luke McClown riding in on a white horse and saving this game or this season for us if Ryan gets hurt. Will definitely be interesting to see the Cole vs Baker match-up as well as see how well Reynolds and Clabo perform in their match-ups. Then there's the match-up of DRob vs DeSean Jackson?! I can't imagine DeSean being able to fully focus on the football going across the middle knowing DRob is going to be trying to de-cleat him like he did in the earlier game. And how about Asante and his obvious burning desire to get a pick six and embarrass Andy Reid and the Eagles in his first game back in Philly? I like our LB's and our secondary and think that's going to be a match-up that could also be critical in determining who wins this one. What do you guys think will be the match-up that determines the winner of this one?
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