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Found 5 results

  1. Good to see the guys back at the facilities. Cool to see Spoon back in Flowery Branch. Tevin Coleman Freeman Brooks Reed (according to the caption) cut his hair. It's Mike Person. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/photo-gallery/Falcons-Begin-Offseason-Workout-Program/9fc8903d-788d-4f63-b0c4-c6381b1f89a1#04772027-91fb-4d00-ac1f-d1d815364e19
  2. Some old ones from a board great, Falken! Some Gritz love too! Just please keep them within the board guidelines and have fun!
  3. I got a chance to go to Training Camp today, and it was great. I borrowed a friends camera that was very good and was able to take over 200 pictures. I got some really good ones. Click Here for the link to view them on Shutterfly. There are 242 Pictures. A couple of things that was cool today: 1. Starr was offsides on one play and I heard from across the field a coach yell. "Starr, you can't do that!" It was really kinda funny. 2. Travian Robertson once again looked good and recovered a fumble and ran it in for a TD. 3. The offense and defense did a goal line stand. On 4th down the defense pushed hard and I think it was TJ in a QB, maybe Renfree. He threw it toward the goal line while being rushed and MASS got an interception. The whole defense erupted and jumped up and down. You can see they are playing with more intensity. I went last year and this year's practice seemed much different. There was a lot more moving pieces and there seemed to be more energy. Hard Knocks was wandering around, but you really couldn't notice them a whole lot. I will be honest, it doesn't look like much of a distraction. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Here are a few:
  4. Click below for the rest. http://atlantafalconstalk.com/Thread-Falcons-Falcons-Mini-Camp-2013-Pics?pid=120443#pid120443
  5. I been lazy I know... Jay Adams and Daniel Cox watching block drills
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