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Found 1 result

  1. I read a lot on here that our secondary is garbage. I look at these three, and I think we can have pretty good, if not very good production from them in a new, and very improved system. I like the way Moore plays the game. He is hard nosed and plays the ball well when he is a good position. Dunta has played at a high level before. He hits hard, and is an above average man cover corner. i think this system will help him the most of these three. I look at Grimes as the biggest variable. He had knee problems. This is bad for any professional athlete, much less an undersized guy who relies on great movement and quickness to perform his craft. I also think we have some serviceable options for nickel. Then we come to DeCoud. I do not dislike him as a football player as much as some. I also don't think he is a long term answer for us. We will address this position soon either through the draft or free agency. TD payed him $ between what a starter would get and a backup might expect. That tells me he is not the long term answer in the teams eyes. All in all, given a competent Def Cor, I think our secondary may surprise some this season. Putting players in the correct position to make the plays is half of the game. I expect a step up from this group this year. What are your expectations for them?
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