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Found 1 result

  1. Well if you were semi-coherent after yesterday you know this team has a lot of HOLES, and it all starts at the top. So that's where we will be starting here aswell. The Falcons first move after the season is over will be to fire both OC Mike Mularkey, and Defensive Coordinator Brian Van Gorder. Their are a slew of great candidates for both spots. Let's start at the with DC spots and my personal top 5. 1.) Romeo Crennel; style is 3-4, Great coach who has success everywhere he goes, we'll have to change schemes but he's a proven coordinator. 35% Chance of happening 2.) Mel Tucker; Style is 4-3, A younger coach for the Jaguars, he had them playing great D earlier in the year but it faded as his D took many many hits. 75% chance of happening 3.) Manny Diaz; Style is 4-3, A young but up and coming college coach has had great success with his variation of D which is know for preventing Big plays and generating pressure with exotic blitz packages. 60% chance of happening 4.) Steve Spagnola; Style is a 4-3, He is a great coach who is a victim of circumstances at St. Louis, always puts out great Ds, and would undoubtley be a good pick here. 50% chance of happening 5.) John Chavis; Style is a 4-3, Another great collegiate coach who has put together one of the best D's in collegiate history this year, could be an under the radar hire for some team. 60% Chance of happening Now let's look at my top 5 for the Offensive side. 1.) Josh McDaniels; if Spags is fired in St. Louis then McDaniels is likely out of a job as well. Has a very impressive track record, and was the OC for the greatest offensive team to ever play the game. 75% Chance of happening 2.) Norv Turner; Considered by many to be an offensive genius, he's a rather incapable head coach though. However his perfect spot is at the OC spot, where he would be a perfect compliment to Matt and the no huddle. 80% chance of happening 3.) Gary Patterson; Head coach of TCU, where he has put together a plethora of great offenses, he is another under the radar coach, but may not want to leave TCU. 35% chance of happening. 4.) Tom Clements; The QB coach for the Packers, has done a great job tutoring Aaron Rodgers, and seemingly knows a lot about offense, he would be great for Ryan's maturation. 65% chance of happening 5.) Brian Billick; He led the 1998 Minnesota Vikings, Mike Smith is his brother-in-law, however he seems to enjoy the booth and might only come out for a HC job. 25% chance of happening Now onto FA, we'll resign our usual guys with Grimes, Lofton, Douglas, etc. We go into FA/Resigning period with around 28 Mil in cap space. After the resigning period and dumping Dunta Robinson, Baker, and Jerry we will go into the signing period with around 17 Mil in cap space available. (Gonzalez Resigned for 1 Year Deal for 3 Mil) (Abraham resigned for 2 year for 8 Mil) (Brent Grimes resigned for 6 years at 48 Mil) (Curtis Lofton resigned for 6 Years at 35 Mil) (Harry Douglas resigned for 4 Years at 15 Mil) (Kroy Biermann is allowed to walk) (Weems is resigned for 3 years at 7 Mil) (Todd McClure is allowed to walk) (Jason Snelling is resigned for 3 Years at 8 Mil) (Chris Redman is allowed to walk) (Joe Zelenka is allowed to walk) (Palmer signs a future/reserve contract; EFA) (Thomas Decoud is allowed to walk) (Mike Cox is allowed to walk) (Gartrell Johnson is allowed to walk) (Antone Smith is allowed to walk) (Vance Walker is resigned to a tender) (John Parker Wilson is resigned to a tender) (Sam Baker is cut) (Peria Jerry is cut) (Dunta Robinson is either cut or traded, or worst case has his contract sold to another leauge) So I predict us going and making these accquisitons Cortland Finnegan, CB. Finnegan is a great bump and run man, he also can ball hawk in zone. He's known for his dirty play and on field antics, even though they haven't shown up this year, he still brings an edge of toughness, mental fortitude, and emotion to any defense. Signed to a 6 year 42 Million Deal. Chris Myers, OC. Myers has had a great year with Houston, and unfortunately for Houston he isn't a top priority for tagging with Arian Foster and Mario Williams as FAs, so he could fall through the cracks. He would bring solidification to the center of this Oline. 5 Year deal worth 32 Mil. Trade 2012 6th rounder to Pittsburgh Steelers for RB Johnthan Dwyer. Onto the draft. 2nd Round 56th Overall pick. Kelechi Osemele OG, Iowa State, 6'5 350 LBs. Suprisingly athletic for his size, he played LT in college, but projects as a RG in the pros, he has a questionable motor and nagging ankle injuries, but when he's motivated he can destroy whoever lines up opposite of him, he also plays with a mean streak. This pick along with the Myers signing would be another step in solidfying the line, after those two we will only need to get a LT next year, that is excluding if the staff ever gives Valdez a shot to make a play. 3rd Round 88th overall pick. Baccari Rambo* FS, UGA. 6'1 225 LBs. Rambo is a ball hawking FS who can play man well on TEs and WRs. He also is a hard hitter. He does blow coverage and gamble a lot on interceptions as well he has a bit of an injury history, but overall is a solid player and a steal here if he declares. 4th Round (Comp). Ladarius Green, TE ULL. 6'6 230 LBs. A huge bodied TE who has good speed and mobility, was ULL's go to guy in critical situations, he is a very good pass catching TE, but can't block at all. He could be a potential late riser, and getting him here would be great value. 5h Round. Omar Bolden, CB ASU. 5'10 195 LBs. Bolden was primed to be one of the top 10 corners in this years draft until he tore his ACL, he is a very quick and dangerous return man as well. As well as being a high character guy and leader in the ASU lockerroom. You can never have to many corners. 7th Round. Codrarro Law, DE/OLB USM. 6'2 260 LBs. Cordarro Law is a high motor guy with good moves, he added additional playing weight to solidfy himself as a DE this season at USM. Has been one of the leaders there, he is either going to be a late riser or a guy that falls through the cracks into the 6th or 7th round, if so he could be a steal here. Thank you for reading all future comments and criticisms appreciated.
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