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Found 1 result

  1. Players are not stupid, they play this game for their livelihood ,they know when something is not working. They also are sick of Smith and the rest of these clowns passing the buck on to the players. "We didn't execute" "we need to get better" "we need time to gel" That's Smith, the same guy who allows Nolan to send 3 on a 3rd and 19 against Brady. Do you guys think players do not talk ? I wonder how many on the defense are shaking their head wondering why the coaches called a 3 man rush there??????. Why Koetter cant get into the end zone?? we have shyt game plans...our offence is beautiful for the first 10 scripted plays, then we just wing it? There is no direction from the coaches, we are thin in talent because of our drafting and lack of picking up any jewels in later rnds other than the very odd player. Players talk. Smitty has lost the room and if you think not just look at TG when he walked by Smith last night and didn't even look at him when the said "good job" he just kept going. You think its injuries?? just how much do you think we improve when we get a few guys back ? that's right, not enough to right this sinking ship. Time to call off the Jacksonville Jaguar experiment and dump these clowns, they have obv plateaued and we have nowhere to go but down, as we are now witnessing. Nolan has been talking weird in interviews and his defense is playing ever weirder, enough already. Players talk they know they are not prepared, they know they are out coached every game, they know they are put in bad positions and then asked to " Execute better" Mark this down folks, we have trouble going 8 and 8 this year and I think the coaches are to blame , they are in control and the only one who can change things is our dear owner Arthur.
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