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Found 11 results

  1. Anyone who’s seen my previous posts knows that I believe that the Center position is the most important position on the offensive line. This becomes even more evident when you remember the absolutely abysmal play we had at that position before the signing of Alex Mack. Mack has done amazing things while he was here, but his time here is coming to an end. There is a possibility that we cut him, and if that’s the case this will make this next pick even more imperative. Ryan isn’t getting any younger, so keeping him upright is priority #1. C- Tyler Biadasz Positives As I sa
  2. Simple. Improved the OL in FA and draft. We improved the run D in FA. Our OL now has 4 or 5 first round picks on it as well as a FA vet(Brown). This will make for intense practices, iron sharpening iron. If we can stop the run better that will help improve our pass rush. Just finally glad we have good depth and players on the OL....finally TD....finally
  3. Before you lose your cookies... We just took the best guard in the draft. People are complaining we're "stacked" at guard/OL. You know who won a Super Bowl because of great guards/OL? Brees. Brady. You name it. We FINALLY take a pick to protect Matt, and one that is as close to a guaranteed pick as you'll get at 14. Plus the side note of him being from BC. Perspective. It helps. Edit: seeing people saying we could have gotten him later.. how? We playing what ifs? What about trading back? What if we couldn't find a good trade partner? What if we had good inte
  4. The names of Baker, Holmes, Johnson, and Konz are but 4 reasons why our OL can't seem to protect or open holes for a run game--I wont go into free agency and 2nd rate OL signings---horrible picks and talent evaluation. I thought we fixed this???? Is our fate already determined because of this? Sure looked like old times this past Saturday---can't execute the offense with an average OL Dear Lord Please don't go the way of the Atlanta Braves
  5. 4-8) Grady Jarrett, DT Clemson With the upside of Geno Adkins, Jarrett is an ideal defensive selection here in the 4th, providing excellent value and ability. 5-10) Jamil Douglas, OG Arizona State Has a lot of tools you want in a ZBS OL. Good value here in the 5th for a player who could provide quality play early in his career. 6-9) DeAndre Smelter, WR Georgia Tech So much upside for a 6th round WR. Gets to learn from Roddy and Julio early. 7-8) Blake Bell, TE Oklahoma Great hands, hard worker who changed from being a QB to TE. He understands the game from a QBs perspective and should give
  6. Some people here are losing their minds that we are not tanking to secure a pass rusher in the top of the 1st round - those people need to understand 3 things: 1. Pass rushers take time to develop, even top tier ones (look at Clowney). Guys like Mack are not the standard, they are the exception most of the time. 2. In light of reason #1 - the best place to find a pass rusher is FA - since rushers take time to develop and are a crap shoot to draft at best, you find proven ones in FA, same as OL (also take time to develop). 3. Look at our history drafting defensive players. Now Pioli might help
  7. Any Matt Ryan doubters left around here need to fess up and eat their crow. Any offense in the NFL has to have at least an average OL. Belichick & the Pats understand this - thats why they can make UDFAs look like pro-bowlers. All MR needs is time to throw and dude will put up 400+ yards every game. So glad Tice is kicking this OL into gear - look how we responded when Jake went down! This is what wins games.
  8. I am all for Clowney but I feel OL is a must. I know its not the sexiest of picks but dam man we need something to protect to 100 million dollar man, because y'all know he is not going to scramble. I say don't trade any picks at all. We got exposed because lack o depth so we need all of our picks! If Clowney is gone then at pick #6 :Greg Robinson :Jake Matthews :Taylor Lewan :Khalil Mack :Anthony Barr
  9. Let me start out by saying at one point in the night every DL we put in the game flashed or made an impact on a play. It has been a very long time since I have seen that. Just off my count from what I had written down in notes I have Jerry credited with 4 pressures and 2 stops, Babineaux had 2 pressure as did Edwards, and I believe Abe had three, I'll be able to get a more conclusive look once the re-air comes on. Sidbury dominated whoever the backup RT for the Bengals was, it was pretty ridiculous at times as both Gradkowski and Robinson were flushed by pressure from Sidbury. Massaquoi flashe
  10. I was skimming through Twitter and saw an interesting conversation between a few of my all time favorite Falcon Twitter Posters: Poppa Falcon, Scott Carasik, Mike McIntosh and Jay Adams. They were talking about Peter Konz and Joe Hawley's future. It seems that they see Konz as the longterm solution at RG, and Hawley as McClure's heir at Center. I'm not sure I agree with this. Konz was a dominant Center his entire career at a big time school in a big time conference. Hawley played a little both C and RG at a Mountain West Division 1 school. I haven't really been too impressed with Hawley at eit
  11. From GBB (I wrote it) http://gritsblitz.co...-round-two.html
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