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Found 1 result

  1. While I'm a big supporter of signing Williams and not signing Grimes, because I feel a good pass defense starts with pressure and not coverage, I almost forgot that Mike Nolan is now our DC. This is what he had to say: "I would rather have 10 guys get four sacks than only four guys get 10 sacks..." Clearly, Mario Williams is not in our sights as he fits under the 10 sack category as opposed to the 4 sack category. Right now, we have numerous guys that can get 2-4 sacks a season - Edwards, Babineaux, Biermann, Sidbury, Weatherspoon, and possibly Langford. If we add a few more 2-4 sack players, the 'process' should be almost complete. "People always talk about having four starting [defensive backs], but I think the future is there are really five starting [defensive backs]..." With this in mind, Lofton is not important on our defense while Grimes is more important. One can assume that Nolan plans to field 5 DBs, 2 LBs, 4 DLs on a regular basis. 2LBs probably means Lofton won't be in the game. While we won't have a dominant pass rusher on our defensive line, the hope is that somehow we'll generate pressure through sending Babineaux, Edwards, Sidbury, NIcholas, and Langford at the QB. Granted, I still prefer to bring pressure with 4, it seems like our FO has different ideas. Other Thoughts: -Is a vertical passing game really what we are looking for? Matt Ryan can't throw the deep ball so short routes plus lots of YAC may be the better solution. -Vince Manuwai and Brent Grimes are old. Talk about a stop gap solution at G. -Will we ever bring in a guy like LeSean McCoy?
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