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Found 20 results

  1. Hi #Falconsfam, I'd keep an eye on this guy TCU DT Ross Blacklock. Dude is rising. He was mocked 47 pick to our team. My first mock ever. I tweeted out 2 weeks ago on Twitter. And in my mind. Fits what the #Falcons need up front. I think he'd pair well with Grady Jarrett. And is becoming a viable legitimate option for #Falcons at 16. His stock and brand are picking up. http://www.nfl.com/m/share?p=%2Fvideos%2Fnfl-now%2F0ap3000001105458%2FRoss-Blacklock-describes-how-a-college-injury-made-him-a-better-athlete
  2. Hi #Falconsfam, checkout Pound 4 Pound ATL video. As J.R. Clark speaks on why #Falcons need to invest more in the secondary. To help the pass rush. If they can't bolster the d-line in 2020. Share your thoughts. #Riseup #InBrotherhood
  3. Wow! Ulbrich called 1st and 2nd downs, Morris called 3rd downs and two minute defense... Edit: put Wyche's original tweet in the post to see if it would play without taking you to Twitter...
  4. Sports Falcons QB Benkert has 'major' toe injury Reuters 2 hours 58 minutes ago The toe injury suffered by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kurt Benkert in Thursday's Hall of Fame Game could cost him the backup role. Pushing veteran Matt Schaub for the No. 2 spot behind Matt Ryan, Benkert boosted his cause in the preseason opener by completing 19 of 34 passes for 185 yards and a touchdown against the Denver Broncos in Canton, Ohio. Benkert, 24, left with the injury during the fourth quarter of the Broncos' 14-10 win. On Saturday, NFL Network characterized the injury as a "major one" while the Falcons announced they had agreed to terms with quarterback Matt Simms. Benkert, who was undrafted out of Virginia in 2018, spent last season on Atlanta's practice squad. Simms, 30, most recently played with the Atlanta Legends of the Alliance of American Football. He spent time with the Falcons from 2015-17. The son of former NFL quarterback Phil Simms appeared in four games with the New York Jets during the 2013-14 seasons, passing for 195 yards, one touchdown and one interception. --Field Level Media https://www.yahoo.com/news/falcons-qb-benkert-major-toe-182809847.html
  5. Do you agree or disagree of where the NFC south stand in terms of QB ranking? tl;dr afc west nfc west nfc north afc north afc east nfc south afc south nfc east http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001031777/article/ranking-divisions-by-quarterback-afc-west-nfc-west-top-list
  6. NFL network is saying that Matt will be answering questions live at noon today
  7. This is coming on again at 10 if anyone didn't see it. Who did watch it and how'd you like it? I managed to see a few minutes of it. I didn't think I'd see a program about the falcons like that with our history.
  8. In case anyone didn't see the commercial, this episode will come on nfln tonight at 8pm if anyone was interested.
  9. If you're like me then you're a major fan of NFL Network's original shows. Well they just advertised some new episodes of The Timeline and one of them is about the 1991 Falcons.
  10. On Good Morning Football, this morning, the crew was discussing nicknames for our WRs. Kyle Brandt said "Sanulio" Peter Schrager says "Shanahanimals" Nate Burleson = "So So Def" as in Definitely there best. References the Hip Hop flavor of ATL. Jeff Saturday says "Area Codes" as in we got Bro's in different areas codes. SHANAHANIMALS certainly my favorite. What's yours????
  11. All- I checked the viewing schedule for the replay's of the preseason games on NFL network, and I don't see when the Miami game (3rd Preseason) is being replayed. Anyone have any info that I don't see on the website schedule?
  12. Hey just wanted to remind you the NFL network looks at the 75 draft that featured Steve Bartkowski as well as Randy White and Walter Payton. Tonight at 9pm Eastern and 12am.
  13. They are airing the Minnesota Vikings vs Atlanta Falcons playoff game that took the Falcons to the superbowl on NFL Network. NOSTALGIA
  14. Marshall Faulk asked Irvin what his favourite Hostess snack was and he said Ding Dongs Marshall replied: "Thought you were more of a Ho Ho guy" Laughter ensued Will go viral
  15. Faulk =---- BEARS Mooch =--- GB Irvin -- Eagles I forgot who mentioned Giants.. Prime time -- Falcons itself...
  16. http://www.nfl.com/n...-the-next-level Matt Ryan taking his game, Atlanta Falcons to the next level By Albert Breer It's a simple question that dogged Eli Manning all last year. And when that question is posed to Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith -- Is your quarterback truly elite?-- he provides a simple answer similar to Eli's well-publicized retort: "Yes," Smith answered, without skipping a beat. "I do believe that." Three games don't make a season, much less a legacy, but as starts go,Matt Ryan is on his way to proving his coach clairvoyant and following in Manning's footsteps as a questioned quarterback taking his game to another level. With games against Kansas City, Denver and San Diego under his belt,Ryan leads the NFL with a 114.0 quarterback rating, has a sparking 8-1 TD-to-INT ratio and, most importantly, has won all three of his starts in impressive fashion. Moreover, as the offense has shifted its philosophy -- moving from Mike Mularkey's ground-heavy system to spread-influenced coordinator Dirk Koetter's scheme -- Ryan has started to really look like the type of quarterback who can completely control a game. "I haven't seen all the quarterbacks play this year, so I can't rank him," Smith said. "But I know that through the first three weeks of this season, he's played the best football of his career -- by far." Smith and Ryan arrived together in Atlanta, each hand-picked by GM Thomas Dimitroff, so their successes, failures and general lines of progression are fairly similar. Accordingly, as Smith is marked by his 0-3 playoff record, Ryan is, too. But the last of the three defeats -- an embarrassing 24-2 loss to the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants -- might be as responsible for setting the stage for this September as anything. "Once the game ended," Smith explained, "it became a learning experience for all of us, and it allowed us as a team, as coaches and players, to take a good hard look at how we had to improve." Through that playoff demise, Dimitroff and Smith recognized the team needed more swagger, and had to play with more of a gunslinger mentality in big spots, which led to the hires of Koetter and veteran defensive coordinator Mike Nolan. Meanwhile, Ryan figured he had to put himself in better position to be at his physical best in January, so he gained 5-7 pounds of muscles and dropped 2-3 percent body fat with the idea that a leaner, stronger quarterback would withstand the rigors of the season better. As it turns out, there have been more immediate returns, as well. Smith says it's always been Ryan's offense, but the truth is that the Falcons leaned fairly heavily on Michael Turner and the running game in the quarterback's first couple years. That's changed with Turner wearing out the tread on his tires, as well as an increased emphasis on improving the options in the passing game -- most notably, the blockbuster 2011 draft acquisition of the matchup-busting Julio Jones. And this year, with the addition of Koetter and ascension of Jones, that shift has pushed into high gear."I see an increase in arm strength," Smith said. "It's not necessarily how far he's throwing it. In this day and age, with the spacing passing game, you have to have velocity on your 10- and 17-yard throws. That's where it shows up. You definitely see that. And then his decision making has improved, just because of his experience. I know he'd like to have that (lone) interception back, but he's been very efficient through three weeks. The numbers are right there." It's not by mistake, either. In Dimitroff's vision, Jones was brought in to give Roddy White what Marvin Harrison got in Reggie Wayne in 2001 -- and give Ryan what Peyton Manning had in them both. A year later, Smith had Ryan sit down with Koetter (whom Smith had worked with in Jacksonville) as part of the process of interviewing for the coordinator job, with the idea of forming a partnership. As Smith says now, "They've hit it off, which we could see then." The result: Now, it really is Ryan's show, the way New England is Tom Brady's or New Orleans is Drew Brees'. "It is a quarterback-driven league, and Matt is coming into his own in Year 5," Smith said. "Chronologically, he's not old. But when it comes to football snaps? He's taken a lot of snaps and that bodes well for everyone. It's about the experience he's had. Matt's a smart guy, so once he sees things once or twice, he gets them. And he's seen a lot of things now." It's interesting, too, to look at this from Smith's point of view. Brees' fifth year was 2005. He was still a Charger and had yet to win a playoff game. Aaron Rodgers' fifth season was 2009, and he was just a year removed from taking Brett Favre's job, having yet to evenplay in a postseason contest. Both those guys are champions now, so it's easy to forget those days. Smith sees Ryan making strides in every area of quarterbacking, from an improved internal clock to better pocket presence to a more thorough understanding of defenses to an enhanced ability to protect himself when he tucks and runs. The short of that: Smith isn't surprised this step has come. In his mind, it was only a matter of when. "He made strides from Year 1 to Year 2, Year 2 to Year 3, so we've seen it. We felt like he was gonna have a big year," Smith explained. "The ceiling's very high for Matt Ryan, and I believe that he's not even close to reaching it. He's gonna be an outstanding player for a long, long time in the NFL." If he keeps this up a few more months, all that will be left to settle is that pesky playoff thing.
  17. NFL Replay Tuesday 8pm est channel 212 on Directv
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