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Found 20 results

  1. Smitty and bro in law Brian Billick doing color on AAF Arizona vs Memphis on NFL Network now. Dan Hellie doing play by play.
  2. I'll probably get flamed for this but I'm dead serious. Smittyball is predicated on a slow, methodical offense which chews time off the clock and scores at the end of drives. This is combined with a defense which doesn't regularly make big plays but limits mistakes to keep offenses in check. I hated it back when Mike Smith was here but in hindsight I can see why he did it. Our defenses under Mike Smith were not good (as I'm sure you all remember). We often gave up a lot of points and allowed teams to score on us quickly. Because of that Smitty did his best to keep the ball in the offense's han
  3. Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds says DC Mike Smith is on the hot seat. Smith is under fire after getting badly exposed the last two weeks. The Bucs have been among the worst defenses in the league, giving up a 500-plus yard game to Derek Carr Week 8 and not forcing a punt in Thursday night’s loss. This entire season has been a regression from Smith, who’s coaching under his former coordinator. There's rumors his scheme is "too complicated" from last season's Tampa-2. Smith’s relationship with Dirk Koetter buys him some time, but he's in danger of an in-season firing. http
  4. I downloaded it on audible the other day and something he was talking about really stood out to me. He went to talk about the 2014 season and how going into the NO game in week 16, we were in the playoff mix. He said the day before the game there was an article saying an unknown source said if the FO made a change they would look towards Rex Ryan. He said he should have squashed the rumors then and there but he didn't. We ended up winning that game which lead to a head to head matchup against CAR for the division title and playoff spot. The morning of the CAR game he heard that the
  5. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stat-analysis/2015/aggressiveness-index-2014 Not going to post the full article, because it's massive, and has a few tables. Concerning Smith, his 2009 season was one of the most aggressive seasons by a coach they've recorded. On the other hand, after the 2011 play-off loss, Mike Smith became one of the most conservative coaches of the past 25 years. In fact, 2012 and 2014 were some of the most conservatively called offenses they've recorded.
  6. Jack Del Rio is expected to become the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Raiders are expected to finalize the deal as early as today. Del Rio had a long second interview with the Raiders yesterday, meeting with owner Mark Davis, General Manager Reggie McKenzie and other members of the team’s brain trust, including Hall of Fame coach John Madden. That interview apparently went well enough that Del Rio wants the job and the Raiders want him. The 51-year-old Del Rio was previously the head coach of the Jaguars from 2003 to 2011. He spent the last thr
  7. (Instead of over/under) Mike Smith will be fired before/after Monday?
  8. http://profootballmock.com/facebookchat/nfl-qbs-on-facebook-f-giving/ The Mike Smith timing jokes had me dying . I still can't stop laughing.
  9. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/bucs-mccoy-rules-are-shaky-nfl-is-getting-soft-111913 Bucs' McCoy: 'Rules are shaky,' NFL is getting 'soft' ROSS JONES FOX Sports NOV 19, 2013 7:36p ET + NOV 19, 2013 7:36p ET Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is in his third season in the NFL. FOX Sports ROSS JONES Share This Story Tweet Updated NOV 20, 2013 11:34a ET Buccaneers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy believes player safety rules significantly put defensive players at a disadvantage, both schematically and physically. "I think the rules are shaky," McCo
  10. Since all of us Fans are arm chair coaches. I thought I would ask if you were the Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith given these questions by the media at this point in time what your answers might be to these questions? This is just for fun of course. Media Question : "What is the current status of your players who were injured sunday?" 1 Answer : In terms of injuries - "ANSWER HERE " Media Question : "Do you consider the offensive line a step back from last season by comparison?" 2 Answer : In terms of the offensive line : "ANSWER HERE" Media Question : "Was it a mistake to not resign Abraham
  11. But here is MS compared to rest of NFL coaches. http://falconsblitz....ing-big-in-nfl/
  12. Just heard an interview with SMitty saying that when asked about what holes the team has and what they need to do - said his typical blah blah but then said they focused on Oline last year in the draft so probably wont be going that route this year, - Id say that pretty much wed be going Def with atleast the first two, also wouldnt be surprised if we traded up or down -
  13. anyone catch mike smith's interview this morning? If so, please recap. *edit - changed his to mike smith for clarification
  14. Man this guys has the hands and feet of LaDainian Tomlinson, the power of Maurice Jones Drew, the pass blocking ability of a full back and hasn’t fumble the ball since he first got a jersey with his name on the back of it(High School)! Not to mention Turner can’t do any of the above. MIKE SMITH FEATURE THIS GUY, 20 Carries, 5-10 Catches. Let’s go! Man C’mon. He makes defenders look like they was trying to catching a rabbit. And he does it in small spaces. COME OOOON ! Smith. Im going to poke my eye out watching The game if I have to watch Turner Slam into the offensive line aver and over agai
  15. Atlanta_Falcons ‏@Atlanta_Falcons Coach Smith said he’s confident that he’ll get Sean Weatherspoon back into the mix on the field this week: http://atlfal.co.nz/RTq7Uu #atlno12 This is great news. If Julio plays the entire game, and Spoon was healthy, I'm confident yesterday was a different game. but it's over and now all we can do is look forward to the Cards. We do still possess the best record in the NFL, so all you fairweather fans can go and shoot yourselves. I'm glad Spoon is returning. He didn't just serve as an excellent player, but he got the defense hype and pumped them up. Spoon was
  16. http://www.thepostga...-revolution-nfl For those who know Oregon coach Chip Kelly's mannerisms, his trademark smirk was in full effect. This was during the Ducks' first real "test" this season, a home game against Arizona, and they saw their opening drive end when the Wildcats stuffed quarterback Marcus Mariota for a 4-yard loss on fourth and 1. After the tackle, Arizona linebackers rejoiced with passionate fist pumps and jumped on top of each other like frogs mating. The Wildcats were getting the ball in field-goal range (Oregon's 35-yard line) with a chance to take an early lead on the No. 3
  17. Mike Smith, seen fuming on the Falcons sideline after his defense had surrendered 24 straight points, needs to accept a little responsibility himself. Matt Ryan and Michael Turner were pulled in the 2nd quarter, taking the steam out of the offense. Not very fair to leave your defense in that position, days after they had been chewed up in New Orleans the previous Monday and with a playoff gaming looming as early as Saturday. Atlanta had the chance to really show the killer instinct that has been sorely lacking. The failure to do so rests with Mike Smith.
  18. Ok guys, I have sat and watched and been a pretty active poster for a while here. I took some days off the board, because the lunatic fringe was in full force for a couple of days, after we sheet the bed against the Texans. I don't think it is one player on this team that is to blame. I also don't think ANYONE gets a pass this season. I will say that in my head a good bit of our problems trace to one certain area: NO Offseason: Yes, this was a problem for lots of teams, and yes, the Pack, the 49ers, Saints, Ravens, Steelers etc seem to be unaffected, but I contend that this team was hurt a
  19. NFC South Blog - ESPN NFL Head Coaches Ratings Week 4 - National Football League - ESPN "Smith, who often has had an approval rating of around 80 percent, has plummeted to 26 percent in the Week 4 voting. Only six coaches rank below him. Things like that tend to happen when you come into a season picked by some to win the Super Bowl and you start off 1-2. I'm guessing if there were a similar poll for coordinators, Atlanta offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey would have an even lower approval rating than Smith."
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