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Found 4 results

  1. The only disappointing thing for me in the Saints game was how badly we blocked. Run blocking was nonexistent. On the series before half, Matthews let a man through on 2nd and 3rd down, causing us to punt and give the Saints a free FG. Schweitzer got push backwards about 5 times when we ran his direction, and had two holding penalties. Then you had Coleman completely blow his blitz pickup when we are about to win it in regulation. Matt had completed 13 straight balls before that. I don't know how we can improve the run and pass blocking, but we shouldn't be getting dominated all game
  2. I have been reading a lot of threads lately and listening to a little bit of talk radio. I have to say what I have been hearing is worrisome at the very least. I understand the disappointment in the fanbase, as a fan of decades this season is no stranger to me. We have certainly seen many like it. Still, this time it is a bit different. We were winners not too long ago, consistent winners for the first time ever actually. This is obviously not a lack of talent problem we are facing, because we have only lost a few guys from that 2012 NFCCG team. In truth we, as a fanbase, need to step up
  3. It's kind of gone unmentioned with all the Clowney rumors swirling around, maybe for good reason. It does seem strange to me however that we're already hearing a lot of noise about who we really want to draft/trade up for. Obviously it's a no-brainer that we're interested in Clowney, who isn't? I'm here to question just how interested though. In the past Dimitroff has drafted in majority players that played all four years of college, and were team leaders/captains on their respective teams. Mack and Matthews fit that mold while Clowney and Robinson don't. Not saying this makes it a lock by any
  4. TD has been stocking up the lines last couple of years. What if he got it right? What if Konz & Holmes anchor the Oline for years? What if Mass, Peters, Matthews,Goodman and Maponga become beasts on the Dline? What if Reynolds and Manley work out? If that happens, and the early returns are good, then this team is set for years. By the end of midseason, we'll have a better idea who is working out, halfway through the year an even better idea. Think Holmes had a pretty good debut as the RT last week. Mass had a couple of sacks at FNL, couple of sacks in the practice against the Bengals, and
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