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Found 3 results

  1. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2867706-matt-millers-scouting-notebook-nfl-insiders-preview-2020-coaching-carousel.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true Based on conversations with NFL coaches, agents and front office executives over the last few weeks, here is how the league is viewed: ALREADY OPEN Carolina Panthers Washington Redskins CHANGE EXPECTED Dallas Cowboys Atlanta Falcons Jacksonville Jaguars New York Giants APPEAR SAFE Cleveland Browns New York Jets Detroit Lions The remaining 23 teams are not expected to make a coaching change this offseason. There are, of course, surprises every hiring and firing season that can't be factored in as of now. "The Browns can announce that Kitchens is the guy, but I don't know anyone who believes his job is safe," said one former NFL general manager who hopes to break back in. "That situation is a mess, and while ownership might not want to pay another fired head coach, something has to give." The same goes for the New York Jets. One player told me Adam Gase has lost the respect of the locker room with his "tough guy bulls--t attitude" and the team's lack of a plan offensively. "Guys actually respect Gregg Williams," the player said. "No one respects Gase." Owner Christopher Johnson fired Todd Bowles and the front office last offseason, though, and might not be willing to pay another coach to leave. Top Openings As owners and general managers start to look at the potential coaching crop, everyone will be chasing the groundwork already laid by the Redskins and Panthers, who got a head start by firing coaches in-season. Those two jobs couldn't be more different, though. As one former team president explained: "You only take the Washington job if it's the only one offered to you. Otherwise, I bet we see a lot of guys use it as leverage for raises—either in their current job or on the open market." Top coaching candidates, if given the choice between working for owner Daniel Snyder in Washington or David Tepper with the Panthers, are expected to choose the consistency and stability of new ownership in the Carolinas over the dysfunctional Redskins. The ownership model in D.C. puts the Redskins as the bottom of one coaching agent's power rankings. "Washington would be dead last," he said when asked to rank the potential openings for his clients. "I'd say Cleveland or the Jets would be second-last because of ownership and expectations. The best job, bar none, is Dallas. If you can learn to live with Jerry [Jones], you have the biggest brand in football and a really good roster." "Second-best, if it opens up, is Atlanta. Great stadium, really good quarterback and receiver, plus young assets across the board. Plus, [Drew] Brees has to eventually retire, and that division becomes wide-open. That's a really intriguing job."
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2811179-nfl-insiders-highlight-the-problems-of-the-leagues-worst-teams#slide1 NFL Insiders Highlight the Problems of the League's Worst Teams I know ppl dont want to hear it because alot of you are on the blow it all up train..... I honestly think we would be a wild card team if we was healthy.... Those earlier games we lost vs the saints (game 1), Bengals and the Cowboys.... I dont think Chub break out for that big run or Baker hit that deep shot with Rico as the FS. Its alot of things i dont think happen if we had our key 3 (Debo,Neal, and Allen) .. Coach Even brought up how we will be able to cover McCaffery different this team aroud... Deion Jones make a HUGE difference. That and guys just under performed... IDK did we ask guys to play differently after the injury and that messed up the whole flow.... idk but guys flat out under performed on D to go with the injuries. Having a top 13 pick in each round of this draft... We will be able to grab 3-4 contributing 1st year players in this draft.... I feel like we will be able to grab impact players
  3. Matt Miller, Bleacher Report A quick note on red flags. As long as I've been evaluating players, I've been very critical of on-and-off field "red flags". Whether that's a failed drug test, contact with an agent or something as vague as "breaking team rules"; I have been one of the most staunch defenders of character as a scoutable trait. That's ending today. In my 10 years in this business there is but a handful of players who had known issues in college and the NFL. There are notable instances of red-flagged players washing out of the league, but it's becoming a non-issue for standout players like Vontaze Burfict, Janoris Jenkins, Alec Ogletree, Justin Houston and so many more. On the other side, players like Von Miller and Aldon Smith had no red flags in college and are missing significant games due to off-field issues. Red flags? No longer a part of my scouting process. NFL teams will continue to mark players down on their draft boards thanks to available information, but as someone who's job it is to project future NFL success (and not where a player is drafted), I feel that downgrading a player due to a red flag is no longer fair or prudent. Others may choose to keep downgrading players based on these known issues, but on my Big Board you will see players ranked based on their on-field talents and future projection. Nothing more.
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