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Found 1 result

  1. I'll start first with coaches questions and responses, then I'll go to player questions later. Steve Spagnuolo (On vacation) Am I or Mike Nolan the leading candidates tot he land the Atlanta DC job? Pat Yasinskas (3:48 PM) Think you both are in the mix. Mind Reader (Hotlanta) Who do you guess that Atlanta will hire as their OC/DC? Pat Yasinskas (4:01 PM) Just guessing at this point, but I'd say Nolan for DC and Billick for OC. Noah (TN) Are the Falcons being pretty quiet as far as letting the media know about interviews for coord positions? Pat Yasinskas (4:08 PM) Yep, very quiet. But I expect both searches to go pretty quickly. Steve (nashville) Any chance of Hue Jackson coming back to ATL to run the offense, or is that just a pipe dream of mine? Pat Yasinskas (4:11 PM) I wouldn't rule that one out. I think he's at least someone they'd have to consider. Marcus (Miami Fl) Pat do you think Brian Billick will be a better fit here than Dirk Koetter and The Jets former Offensive Coordinator ? Pat Yasinskas (4:18 PM) I think Koetter would be a good fit there. And he also has some history with Smith. Paulitik (DC) Hue Jackson had a hissyfit when Emmitt Thomas was named interim coach after the Petrino debacle. It is well known in Atlanta that Hue burned any bridge back to Flowery Branch. No way he gets hired. Pat Yasinskas (4:20 PM) Ah, good point. Forgot about that. gerald (tallahassee) Do you think Mike Smith is part of the conservative coaching problem in Atlanta? Pat Yasinskas (4:23 PM) I think he needs to adjust his philosophies a bit. He's a good coach, but needs to figure out what he needs to do differently to get them to the next level. John Taylor (Melbourne FL) Could the Falcons interview Pete Carmichael, Saints, offensive coordinator and would this move be most likely blocked by the Saints? Pat Yasinskas (4:31 PM) Almost certainly would be blocked by Saints because it's lateral move. Phillip (Atlanta) Pat, is Pete Carmichael a lateral move when he is the OC in New Orleans in "name only"? Pat Yasinskas (4:34 PM) He's calling the plays now. Has been since Payton broke his leg. Saints aren't going to do anything to help the Falcons out. Andrew (Nicaragua) I've seen you say it's not likely Del Rio will end up in Atlanta. Why is that? Pat Yasinskas (4:49 PM) I don't think I've said that. Others have. Jack (Atlanta) I think Mularkey deserves a lot of blame for this season. Running Turner up the middle again and again doesn't always work, and he never moved away from it. The next OC has to be willing to turn Ryan loose. Pat Yasinskas (4:52 PM) Agree totally. Next OC should sit down with Matt and have a heart to heart. Let Matt tell him what he likes doing best. DiMaggio Spencer (Atlant, GA) Pat, is it safe to say...that the Falcons are back to the rebuilding stage? Which means Mr. Blank & the entire organization aren't realistically; expecting to get to the Super Bowl next season? Pat Yasinskas (3:53 PM) No, I don't think that's the case at all. I think he expects them to go to Super Bowl. Still lots of talent there. They just need to make some tweaks with their personnel and hire some new assistant coaches. Paulitik (DC) Who do you think are the "sacrifical cows" Thomas Dimitroff and Arthur Blank were talking about. I've read that Grimes might not be back, and there is a lot of buzz about trading Roddy. Do you see the Falcons being that drastic? Pat Yasinskas (4:04 PM) I could see some pretty big moves. Blank wasn't happy with the season. They've already had some change on coaching staff. Without a first-round pick, trading Roddy might make some sense, if they can get a first-round pick in return. Robert (Hawaii) I have read a few columns where Atlanta plans on reducing Michael Turner's load going forward. Do you think they will retain Snelling or look for another back? I think Jacquizz gets alot of snaps going forward but need another bruiser, maybe Lynch? Pat Yasinskas (4:06 PM) I think they'll look for another back, either in draft or free agency. DW (Atlanta GA) Pat, given the playoff debacle this past weekend, do you think a change in coordinators will be enough, or are the Falcons missing several key pieces? Personally, I think most of the OLine needs to be shuffled. Pat Yasinskas (4:14 PM) I agree that O-line definitely needs some work. A few coaching changes won't be enough to solve everything. Drew (ATL) Hey Pat, great blog as always. Heres my question: What do the Falcons need to do to shore up our O/L? I think everyone know's it was bad this year. Pat Yasinskas (4:15 PM) Get a left tackle and a right guard. Oh, probably a center too. Left tackle is going to be tough without a first-round pick. The crop of free agents right now isn't looking great. Sean (Las Vegas) You can break it to ATL fans that Ryan is the 3rd ranked QB in the NFCS. Pat Yasinskas (4:19 PM) I'll let you tell them, Sean. John Abraham (ATL) Do you think my Birds are going to resign me?? Or are they going to let me walk?? Pat Yasinskas (4:22 PM) It'll be interesting to see. At your age, not sure it's a good idea to tie up a lot of money, especially when they've got a lot tied up in Ray Edwards . Kyle Bowen (Peachtree City GA) Who should the Falcons get this off-season Pat Yasinskas (4:25 PM) I'd start with a left tackle. Phillip (Atlanta) Dan Parr of PFW says his sources tell him Falcons are going to let Brent Grimes walk. Are you hearing that as well? Suprises me as he seems to be a cornerstone. Pat Yasinskas (4:26 PM) Have not heard that. I'd be very surprised if they'd already made decision on that either way. They've only been done for a few days. That's a conversation/debate that's going to take some time. Jake (GA) What do you think about Sidbury on Falcons D-Line? Pat Yasinskas (4:28 PM) Emerged a little this year, but probably still just a backup Noah (TN) Think Mularkey and the Falcons have the worst second half adjustment award locked down for this season. Pat Yasinskas (4:30 PM) Good point, Noah! Phillip (Atlanta) shhhhhh......Here is a dirty little secret about Falcons defense. Jonathan Babineaux has not made a play in two years. Pat Yasinskas (4:30 PM) I'd disagree with that. I think Babs is a pretty solid DT. Jake (GA) Mularkey admitted that he is not a good play caller. Pat Yasinskas (4:31 PM) Did you need Mularkey to tell you that? Jake (GA) What will happen to Micheal Turner? He seems to be more of a short yardage or goal line RB now. Pat Yasinskas (4:37 PM) I think you'll see him stay in Atlanta in a reduced role. They'll probably bring in another power back to pair with him and let Jacquizz Rodgers be the speed guy. Steve (Indiana) Why all the talk in trading Roddy White? Even if you get a 1st rounder, aren't the Falcons in the same spot they were b/4 drafting Julio? Doesn't make since to me. Pat Yasinskas (4:40 PM) He's 31 or about to turn 31. He's also coming off a year in which he dropped a ridiculous amount of passes. Buck N Kincade (680 studio) We sure could use a guy like Nicks on that line. My sources are telling me Sam Baker doesnt even like football and he's pretty much done. Pat Yasinskas (4:42 PM) You're sources are right at least on the "done'' in Atlanta part. Noah (TN) Julio is WAY faster than Roddy, and Douglas proved he can fill in well as th No. 2 Pat Yasinskas (4:45 PM) And you only need one No. 1 receiver. Jake (GA) Sometimes I wonder if Roddy White is a good locker room guy. He seems to say and do what Roddy wants to do or not do. Pat Yasinskas (4:47 PM) Roddy pushes the envelope like a lot of good WRs do in that area. But, overall, I wouldn't say he's a bad locker room guy. Phillip (Atlanta) Curtis Lofton is a "must" re-sign, right? Pat Yasinskas (4:50 PM) I think so. Jamal (Durham, NC) Pat,Who are some Left Tackles the Falcons could pursue in FA? Pat Yasinskas (4:57 PM) List could change if some guys are released. But the list I saw at end of season wasn't impressive. Best guy on there was from Bengals. Can't think of his name right now. Phillip (Atlanta) Do you think Jacquizz Rodgers could ever be a #1 back in the NFL? Pat Yasinskas (5:00 PM) Haven't seen nearly enough to convince me of that. But think he can be a nice speed back. Can be sort of what they always hoped Norwood could be. Al (Wausau, WI) A tweet earlier this week said that "adding Sam Baker in pass protection is like adding Wile E. Coyote to product safety". Thought this might be worth sharing... Pat Yasinskas (5:03 PM) Pretty funny. We'll end it on that note. You all are invited to join us on Countdown Live chat during the game tomorrow. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
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