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Found 3 results

  1. Personally, I am not comfortable with the current linebacker depth that we have. I feel like we are in a better position with DE than LB since we have Crawford and Cominsky that can play both DE and DT. I do like Bruce Carter but Ish I'm very on the fence about. He had an opportunity last year to step up and make a difference but wasn't able to make any type of impact. That means we will see a large dose of Duke Riley, which makes me cringe thinking about it... What are your thoughts on this?
  2. We know where our biggest problems lie. OL and DL. We know we need work on both fronts. We have to have it. We have our toughest decisions at LB though. Are we comfortable with Spoon going forward? How much are we willing to pay him? We had 2 rookies step up big time this year but they had rookie growing pains too, as expected. Some say we already have our 3 starting LBs there. Our rookies may have been impressive but they haven't even played a full season. Does the FO trust them? Is that too much youth at LB? Or are they the best we have? (Spoon, Bartu and PW) ....Which brings me to the draft. The 2 biggest names at OL & DL arent locks to drop to us. At the same time, one (or both) of the top 2 LB prospects will likely be there. Do we go for the top LB that can at least help our pass rush? Or go with the best available Olineman (even if 2 have been picked). Tough decisions and I didnt even mention Dent and Nicholas. Will they be back? I understand Linebacker isnt the BIGGEST need. But some luck at that position last draft has forced us to make some tough decisions. What say you? FYI: I'm not sure if people prefer Khalil Mack or Barr. From what I've heard, they are closer talent wise than Clowney/Matthews and the next best at their positions.
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