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Found 3 results

  1. TD has been stocking up the lines last couple of years. What if he got it right? What if Konz & Holmes anchor the Oline for years? What if Mass, Peters, Matthews,Goodman and Maponga become beasts on the Dline? What if Reynolds and Manley work out? If that happens, and the early returns are good, then this team is set for years. By the end of midseason, we'll have a better idea who is working out, halfway through the year an even better idea. Think Holmes had a pretty good debut as the RT last week. Mass had a couple of sacks at FNL, couple of sacks in the practice against the Bengals, and
  2. After re-watching the game a few things became apparent. Joe Hawley has a long way to go in pass pro. A long way. And man alive get your snaps right. A lot of people will disregard this thread because of a few plays. Remember who he was up against, Dareus and Williams. Pro bowl caliber players. I like him in the run game, especially if he gets to the second level, he's quick on his feet (being undersized likely factors into that) Konz still looks weak, but I much prefer him at RG. For long spells of the game he looked very good. He just sucks against a good bull rush. Get stronger. But the o
  3. I was skimming through Twitter and saw an interesting conversation between a few of my all time favorite Falcon Twitter Posters: Poppa Falcon, Scott Carasik, Mike McIntosh and Jay Adams. They were talking about Peter Konz and Joe Hawley's future. It seems that they see Konz as the longterm solution at RG, and Hawley as McClure's heir at Center. I'm not sure I agree with this. Konz was a dominant Center his entire career at a big time school in a big time conference. Hawley played a little both C and RG at a Mountain West Division 1 school. I haven't really been too impressed with Hawley at eit
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