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Found 5 results

  1. I got an invitation to a draft party at the Georgia Dome - to watch the draft on the big screen. I assume it was sent to all STH - and just wondered if anyone here was going? We are thinking about it. I think the Falcons draft may be pretty exciting this year - it might be fun to share it at the Dome.
  2. Yes the famous 2 point conversion that kept us from legitimately picking Clowney or hel anyone. My guess is we would have made a move to get him but no way jumping up from 6. It would cost us too much. If we didn't get Clowney then Robinson? sigh, shoulda tanked
  3. I'm not saying bench Matt and he will always be our starter, but at what point do you give Dominique some reps? What do you accomplish by keeping Ryan in all 16 games this season? Maybe he needs a rest in his mind and body.
  4. I know it's only 2 losses but what it falls apart again tonight? Can we just sit and stomach another Monday press conference telling us and the media what went wrong? I am insulted at times by the way we are treated like dumb arses when the mistakes are obvious. My question is, and I hope this is not needed because a win over the Pats would go a long way, but my question is, do we need to make a change? At TE, QB, or coaching. Do we put too much trust in this model that has problems? I liked what I saw in Quizz and Snelling and we believed SJax was it. Just saying
  5. Rock 100.5 has a babe of the day and every one of them is a so called porn star and it got me to thinking how many hot babes are there? hundreds 1000? 10,000? seems endless---its a good thing but wow porn is huge industry http://www.atlantasr...10131&is_corp=1
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