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Found 3 results

  1. I see a lot of posts on here saying that Ryan needs to step up, and he needs to make a play in the red zone, and how playcalling is unimaginitive, and we need to fire the coach that hired the OC and DC's that are clearly failing us...tell that to Steven Jackson and Levine Toilolo. If either of these guys can close their hands and clamp on a pass Ryan put in their hands, we have a 3-1 team, and we are all talking about how we are going to destroy the Jets. Instead, we are talking about firing the coach, and how the QB needs to step up. Ryan didn't have a great game with his accuracy, but he also did have 400 yards, in the losing effort. As soon as the team recovered the first onside kick, they played with a passion and heart the Falcons usually reserve for the first half. The team isn't broken, and neither is the coach. The team is hurt and we have paper thin depth behind the starters. This leads me to say something I have yet to say, and that is it's time for Dimitroff to go. This guy waited, after what we all saw in the preseason, to grab Trueblood, until the last possible moment, and got lucky someone who is a former starter was still there. I know TD has done great things for this team and this town, but this is a cumulative problem, that needs to be addressed now. I'm not throwing in the towel on this season, and 9-7, 10-6 or h3ll 11-5 may still be attainable, but the GM needs to be fixed, or we will always have a patchwork O and D-line...
  2. Tensions are high, frustration is mounting, and joke threads/attention wh*ring are setting volume records. An oft-overlooked fact (these days) on TATF is what we have in our GM. Just like the rest of you, I can admit to getting caught up in the madness, tuning in to the coverage of the opening Free Agency hysteria, hoping we make a big splash. Why? It's entertaining, and the NFL turns all madden for a second. You can covet other team's stars as opposed to trying to work out wtf a Corey Peters is. But in the long run, the war is won away from opening day. The smaller battles build a team, and we have the right general for such a task. You don't wait until the last minute to lock up Jackson at a bargain price if you don't have the stones to do so. You don't keep a blockbuster trade under wraps for a now top 5 WR in the league without keeping your cards glued to your chest. Is the system perfect? No, not many are (apart from a v12 engine and any bar that serves ice cold beer), and that explains the guys who get away. The Vance Walkers of the world. But rest assured that we are in the right hands. So what's the next battle? Free agency is alive and well people, alive and well. There are well over 10 players left on the market that we'd get excited about being on our opening day roster, and their prices are falling day by day. You think Freeney, Osi, Abe et al want to be unsigned at this point? Would you like to be in employment limbo? At some point you take the deal in front of you. But only TD only has to make a move when the time is right. Refer to the Jackson move for a steer on this! I like the wait and see approach, long term. does it hurt in the short term? Heck yes. But there is every chance we are doing backflips after either 1. First batch of FA 2. Draft 3. June cuts It takes quite the poker player to not get impatient and go all in. TD is the kinda guy that will wait and wait for the right spot, then hit the market at the right time. In a years time, and we can lock this, many of these big name FA signings will be waived, and many will be seen as long term mistakes. The spiky haired one is a wise one. Patience, grasshoppers. Patience.
  3. Hue Jackson would make a great DC while he's waiting for a new HC gig... He already has ties to the Falcons from a couple years ago. Mel Tucker has ties to Jack Del Rio who has ties to Mike Smith. Both are aggressive as coordinators and could be had. TD needs to act quick though...
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