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Found 1 result

  1. In 2008 we were dead last in yards after the catch by receivers. In 2009 we improved to 3rd from last. We have improved some over the past couple of years as well. Looking at the game this past Sunday - it may have been our best yet in that area. It's only one game - and there is a lot of football to come this year - but it's very encouraging - and shows what the screen and guys like Julio and JaQuizz bring to the game. When you consider our D & Special Teams did a good job of getting us field position - it's even better. Stats from this past game: Total receiving yards 299 / 23 receptions = 13 yds per completion Total yards in the air 153/23 receptions = 6.65 yds per completion Total yards after the catch = 146/23 receptions = 6.35 yds per completion Pretty amazing stats. Take that average by the same number of receptions we had last year = 6.35 * 365 or 2318 yards after the catch. Pretty darn good. Only the Saints, Packers, Patriots and Lions had better last year! By comparison, last year we had a total of 1860 yards after the catch or 5.1 Yards after the catch per completion with 6.9 yards in the air. In 2010, we had 4.0 yards after the catch per completion with 6.3 yards in the air. We are obviously improving greatly in this area. Hope this trend continues. Can only mean good things! Keep up the good work Falcons!
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