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Found 1 result

  1. I am tired of Cam Newton I am tired of negativity I am tired of losing I am tired for everyone calling for the end of Matt Ryan eff em. There is no doubt in my mind that the Falcons can and WILL beat the Panthers at least once. This is exactly the type of game that a team like us needs, a chance to redeem what they can and beat the best team in the NFL right now, who happens to be a division foe. The Falcons average 400 yards a game to the Panthers 375 yet only score 23ppg to 31ppg. Whats the difference? Execution. On defense we only give up 343 to the Panthers 332. The Difference? Tenacity. The Panthers D steps up when they need too. This doesn't show up in the stats but could you imagine the Panthers D giving up that 20yd scramble to Winston with the game on the line? They don't because they are undefeated and believe that they wont let that happen, so it doesn't. The Falcons are deflated and in need of a big win. When the talking heads say oh were are playing the Panthers twice the next four games the end is near for the Falcons I get excited and I am sure the players do too. The Falcons struggles are as a result of playing weak. They thought they were one thing, lost a few games and then convinced themselves that they are not. Everyone in that locker room is tired of losing the same way we are. They will be ready for the Panthers. I play football at Richmond and have a FCS quarterfinal game coming up vs Illinois State Friday. Its safe to say I have been on a few football teams. When I watch the Falcons this is what I see... Rise UP
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