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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone else with this issue? Was it downgraded into maintenance mode for draft preparation or what?
  2. I went to Bleacher Report today and came across an article that I thought would be interesting for discussion. It's the offseason anyway so, why not spend it looking back at our past failures? Um, Yay? Anyway, the games mentioned are all across the board and most don't even happen during the Smith/TD/Ryan era. Hopefully this will keep the trolls at bay but I doubt it. There probably aren't a lot of people here that remember some of these games but they are painful nonetheless, and maybe we can learn something by breaking them down. Oh, and yes, this Bleacher Report. I've blasted them a few times myself, so I get it, but it's not like these are predictions, so it should be OK. I'll post the link 1st then try to post the individual games. However, I'm not sure whether or not it will work so be patient. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1228759-nine-games-the-atlanta-falcons-wish-they-could-re-play#/articles/1228759-nine-games-the-atlanta-falcons-wish-they-could-re-play
  3. I know this will pass too and all Falcon losses hurt, but it just chaps me when I think this team should have made a better showing. Sure its the Aints and the Pack but lets not play that game the Braves play---we lost to the world champs so it was a good loss? Face it we aren't what we think we are. Last years thrashing against the Pack still lingers in my mind and this Saint total kill hurts almost as bad. You have to ask yourself, giving that the coaching staff had more than a week for each of the disasters, are we just not that good and we are all fooling ourselves thinking we should be playoff ready. Or, perhaps we don't have the talent or maybe just maybe our coaching is weak and not the correct personel? I don't know, but one thing is for sure, we need to shake things up and find someone who does know how to motivate and coach up this team. sigh
  4. Let me start out by saying I am guilty of bashing Matt Ryan, especially when it became obvious he wasn't built like Manning Rodgers or Flacco as far as the long-ball goes. It still frustrates the hel out of me with two top WR's and a QB that can't get the deep ball to them consistently. But after watching Matt pick himself up off the carpet time after time the first few games, after vicious hits I came to the conclusion we have a gutsy and tough QB. He is smart and makes adjustments at the line. He has a great short arm and is one heck a of competitor. He reminds me a lot of Bob Griese. Stats weren't that impressive but he took his team to a couple of super bowls and oh BTW he is in the Hall Of Fame. 60% comnpletions, no int's, and 165 yard passing with Turner 80+ yards = good Falcon football
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