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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, we are T-Minus 6 days from the 2014 NFL Draft. Will it ever get here? I know you guys are sitting at home right now thinking: WWGDD? (What Would G-Dawg Do?) I will be handing out red plastic bracelets with black writing and these initials for all of you. The closer we get to this draft, the better I believe the Falcons are positioned. With Dimitroff's reputation (like it or not) - he is one of the power-brokers in this 2014 NFL Draft. We are well positioned to move all the way to #1 (if we want) and we could move all the way back to #10 (if we want). While the draft is full of subterfuge and it looks like there is enough in the media right now to confuse most teams about what the Falcons will do - I believe the Falcons can really play this thing nicely. Of course Clowney would look fantastic in a Falcons uniform but Houston may not play ball - if so, fine - let them take that ball and shove it right up their collective arss. If Falcons are locked in on a passrusher and its a "must have", we are well situated with solid trust and reputation with Les Snead/Rams(#2 - already did one deal) and Dave Caldwell/Jags(#3) - heck Caldwell/Dimitroff rode to Senior Bowl together 3 months ago and Dimitroff was mentor to both Snead/Caldwell in Atlanta. You also have the experience of Pioli and DeVaney to help reign Dimitroff/Blank in a little bit when they get to far over their ski tips and out of control - I like that - it makes me think if we make a trade up, it will only be if the price is reasonable for Falcons. Look at the top 10 teams in this draft: Houston (wants out of the pick) St. Louis (has traded every 1st round pick received in Skins/RGIII trade and former asst. GM to Dimitroff) Jacksonville (#1 need is QB and former asst. GM to Dimitroff) Cleveland (#1 need is QB) Oakland (traded out of top 5 last year) Atlanta (Trader Thomas - 'nuff said) Tampa Bay (the one team the Falcons won't touch as trade partner) Minnesota (might want to jump Tampa for QB) Buffalo (rumored to want to move up - for what though?) Detroit (rumored to want a WR - Evans/Watkins) You would be hard-pressed to come up with a top 10 board of teams that would look any better for Atlanta - one might argue that it would be better for Falcons to get Clowney if Jags/Rams were at #1 - I disagree. Having Khalil Mack on board at #2/#3 and having Texans GM Rick Smith know that Falcons also like Mack and that Falcons front office has strong relationships with Rams/Jags GM erodes leverage for Texans w/ Falcons. Bottom-line, Falcons have leverage and an array of top 10 targets as Falcons draft board probably looks as follows: Jadeveon Clowney (trade-up to #1 or #2) Khalil Mack (trade-up to #3 or #4) Greg Robinson (trade-up to #4 or stand pat and hope he falls) Jake Matthews (stand pat) Taylor Lewan (stand pat or trade down a few spots) Aaron Donald (trade down to #10 or #11) Anthony Barr (trade down to #11 or later) Yes, I am bringing Aaron Donald back - why you ask? think about it. QUESTION: What is Falcons #1 need? Answer: Pass rush. QUESTION: Who is the #3 passrusher in this draft? Answer: Aaron Donald. QUESTION: But Aaron Donald does not fit the 3-4 system, why would Falcons draft him? ANSWER: Jadeveon Clowney does not fit the 3-4 either, but supposedly we are very interested in him. Falcons are going to play 4 down linemen more than people think. I really believe Smitty/Nolan are going to be very "multiple" in their defensive structures. Falcons were smitten with Aaron Donald at Senior Bowl and I don't think they needed private workouts or interviews to extract more - when your coaching staff and GM are with those players all week - you know all you need to know. WWGDD? My #1 goal would be "Get Jadeveon Clowney" - however its a "soft" #1 because it would be at my price only. Whether deal was made before the draft or Texans took Clowney and we picked their favorite player - don't care how it happens. FINAL OFFER: The most I would give up if I was Falcons would be #1-006, #4-103, 6th rounder and 2015 1st rounder. That's it.....Houston will initially reject that deal but might come back around to it when they realize the Falcons are not the stooge in this draft and will hold firm. Tandem Target: JuWuan James, LT/RT-Tennessee at #2-037 My #2 goal would be to "Get Khalil Mack" - I don't see him as a player that will get past Jacksonville - Jags will probably avoid QB in 1st round, draft a "top 5" player, get a QB in 2nd/3rd and get a high pick for 2015 when QB class could be stronger at the top. What is most Falcons should give up to move in position at 2 or 3 to get Khalil Mack? FINAL OFFER: The most I would give up if I was the Falcons would be #1-006, #4-103, #5-147 and 2015 2nd rounder. Obviously the Rams might want more than the Jags and in all of these deals, there would be haggling but the above is what I would be willing to give up-think its very important to preserve the 2nd and 3rd round picks. HOU, STL, JAX would only do these deals if they truly valued 2015 picks as Falcons aren't giving much value otherwise.Tandem Target:JuWuan James, LT/RT-Tennessee at #2-037. STAY PUT - My #3 option is to just sit still and quiet and see if Greg Robinson falls to #6. If he does, I think he is the one player that epitomizes toughness, strength and "winning the line of scrimmage". If Robinson dropped to #6 and Falcons did not execute #1 or #2 (or the unthinkable that Clowney/Mack dropped to #6) - then I think this would be excellent move and tremendous value. I cannot see trading up for G-Rob though with two other excellent left tackle prospects who are more pro-ready for pass protection - so I could not justify trading up for G-Rob. MOVE: Stick at #6 and select Greg Robinson, OT-Auburn. Tandem Target: Best Passrusher on the board at #2-037 TRADE DOWN: I like the rest of the draft board in this order: Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan, Aaron Donald(in that order) - none of those guys are "must haves" for me but all would be "plug-n-play" starters with long-term pro-bowl potential. I believe you could drop down as low as #10 and still be guaranteed of getting one of these guys. ACCEPTED OFFER: I would not move down for less than a "top 80" pick(mid 3rd) plus maybe a 3rd round pick in 2015. Tandem Target: Aaron Donald(JuWuan James), Matthews/Lewan(Best Passrusher on the board) at #2-037. TRADE DOWN: I threw in Anthony Barr as a target but still not enamored with him - I do think he has a high ceiling but he is very risky pick - also the problem with him is I think he should be about #20 on the draft board but if you dropped down that far in the draft somebody might take him in front of you. ACCEPTED OFFER: I would need to drop far enough to get a 2nd rounder this year and 2nd rounder in 2015 for it to be worth my while. Tandem Target: JuWuan James, LT/RT-Tennessee.
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